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Indonesia: Critically Endangered Sumatran Elephants Head Hacked Off By Tusk Poachers. Sign Petition for Action and Justice.



SIGN: Justice for Sumatran Elephant Brutally Decapitated, Tusks Hacked Off By Poachers

Posted by Ashley Locke | December 5, 2019


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SIGN: Justice for Sumatran Elephant Brutally Decapitated, Tusks Hacked Off By Poachers


Poachers left the corpse of a 40-year-old Sumatran elephant to rot on an Indonesian plantation after hacking off the majestic animal’s head.

“The elephant’s head had been cut off and its severed trunk was found a metre away from the body,” said Suharyono, head of a local conservation agency, in a statement. “We suspect the elephant was hunted and killed, and then its head was cut off to remove the tusks.”

The Sumatran elephant is listed as “critically endangered.” According to the World Wildlife Fund, “nearly 70 percent of [their] habitat has been destroyed in one generation.”

Poaching has also skewed the breeding rates for these magnificent creatures, making it even more difficult for the species to survive.

Asian Species Expert Dr. Barney Long notes, “we could possibly see the Sumatran elephant be restricted to just a few remote populations within our lifetimes.”

Sign this petition today to urge the Indonesian government to do everything in their power to bring these poachers to justice, and work to protect the remaining animals. The Sumatran elephants must be protected before all hope is lost.

Australia: black christmas fires like 2001


Sydney disappears in the smog – triggered by bushfires that have been raging in Australia for months. Today at the news it said, the fire is out of control, the fire department can do nothing!



Sydney disappears in the smog – triggered by bushfires that have been raging in Australia for months. Today at the news it said, the fire is out of control, the fire department can do nothing!

It is the longest period of air pollution Sydney has ever experienced and there is no sign of recovery.
With a total area of ​​300,000 hectares in flames, the fire department could do nothing more to extinguish the fires, said New Rogers Deputy Fire Commissioner Rob Rogers.
“They will burn until conditions improve, then we will do our best to get them under control.”

Sydney, about an hour’s drive from the fire, is again enveloped in a toxic cloud of smoke.
Many people in the state capital of New South Wales only use masks to hit the streets. The New South Wales Department of Health warns against inhaling the harmful smoke!
Many people even fear that things will get worse, like the Black Christmas fires of 2001!

The Sydney area is now drier than it was before the Black Christmas fires of 2001. These were the most terrible fires Australia had experienced so far.

On December 24, 2001, the bush fires began and lasted 23 days. The fires started in the Cessnock, Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury and Penrith areas, destroying almost 800,000 hectares.
During this time extreme weather conditions prevailed in all affected areas. These included temperatures up to 45 ° C, wind speeds of 90 km / h and a very low humidity, which led to a very high risk of fire.
More than 11,000 people had to be evacuated from their homes.

But what Australia 2019 experienced, will far exceed the ‘Black Christmas’ fires “, because the real summer is yet to come. The water is running out. Sometimes some places have no water at all, not even for showers, because they have to be economical with what they have left.

SidneyProtest on November 8, 2019 in Sydney – due to water scarcity…


While the people in New South Wales are losing everything, even their health, the NSW government has provided mining companies with $ 2019 million in October to “harvest” raw materials just where it is burning, like lithium!

From the Walkabout Wildlife Park, as a precaution, 300 animals have been brought to safety, including lizards, peacocks, marsupials and Australian wild dogs.

Pandas are burning while sitting in the trees

In addition, thousands of animals have been killed since the end of October. The numbers on the koala population are alarming. In the Lake Innes Nature Reserve alone in New South Wales, the Koala Conservation Agency estimated that 350 out of a total of approximately 600 animals were killed in the Hell of the Flames.

verbranntes Coalajpg

Association President Sue Ashton told the “Sydney Morning Herald” on Monday, “We believe that most of the animals are burned – it’s a huge cremation, like in a crematorium. They are burning in the trees. “

Biologists fear that some populations of Koalas will not recover from it.

“Many just do not want to believe that humans are responsible for this development,” says Lesley Hughes, climate expert.

Australien4sheep mired in drainage canals at Lake Cawndilla.CREDIT:NICK MOIR


Up to the highest government circles, it is small talk or completely denied. “Climate change is merely sold as a newfangled invention”.

The coal industry is booming and is being defended by the conservative head of government. A few days ago Prime Minister Scott Morrison dodged the question of whether climate change and the current bushfires are related. “I’m now taking care of people’s needs. The bluster of a few pure, enlightened and awakened big-city ecosets is inappropriate,” he said curtly.

Australia-768x576On November 08, 2019 at 3 pm in Port Macquarie, New South Wales. Locals say they have never seen such a thing so early and are afraid of the upcoming bushfire summer. Photo by Marc Dodd


My comment: The welcome media spectacle Greta Thunberg is arrived in Madrid to take part in the UN Climate Change Conference, and announces in big words: “Today we write history”.

gretha thunberg

Meanwhile, the forests in Amazon, in Australia, in Indonesia burn for the meat the participant of the conference.
They also write history, in the negative sense. And with our help.

Because billions of human animals can be manipulated by the brainwashing of economic fascism and contribute to climate change, environmental degradation, global warming and animal suffering with their meat and milk consumption.

For climate change, the cause number 1 is factory farming, but about that the meat mafia silences, Greta too.
The world produces 40 billion tons of CO₂ each year. 51% of all greenhouse gases emitted worldwide are caused by livestock.

If mass livestock farming continues, all livestock will consume about 80 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas budget by 2050.
And the greatest sinners are:

JBS, the largest meat company in the world, from Brazil
Tyson Foods, a meat company from the USA
Cargill, a meat company from the USA
Dairy Farmers, a milk producer from the USA
Fonterra, a dairy producer from New Zealand

Can Greta talk to them directly?
That would be more effective, because until now, her actions have eradicated nothing more than a climate hysteria, while the world dictatorship of the mega corporations destroyed climate, nature and animals.
If we want to prevent a world catastrophe with media spectacle then we write no history but we only expire to panem et circenses ( (bread and circuses) as in ancient Rome.

My best regards to all, Venus

Australia: Cattle Station Abuses Exposed – With Live Exports, A Farming Nation at the Top of the Tree When It Comes to Animal Abuse.



WAV Comment – you keep asking yourself if it can get any worse, after watching footage after footage of the way Australian animals are treated; live exports and the rest. Well yes, it does continue to get worse, and here is another example – taken at 4 different cattle stations in Norther Australia.

Fortunately, these industries are driving lots of nails into their own coffins by what they are doing. We hope they are dead and buried very soon; they do not deserve to exist. As you can hear in the video, it is all a matter of cost – the stations do not want to invest in veterinarians – so they do botched killings of cattle (some shot in the head 4 times; and they still survive !) and the value of the animal is weighed against if it is even worth getting any veterinary treatment !

And it all goes on in the stations which are i9n the middle of nowhere; where officials never go or do not want to go. This is the Australian government approach to ALL animal issues; also especially those of live exports – they do not care as long as financial gain is at the top of the tree.

We will continue to support the work of brave investigators who risk a lot to expose these abuses; be they on cattle stations, sheep stations or during the long export journeys around the world.

Looking forward very soon to watching them drive the ultimate nail into their own coffin – scum humankind like this do not deserve to exist.


Warning – Disturbing Footage




Israeli-based investigation agency, Sentient, has captured harrowing footage of cattle having their horns cut off without pain relief and animals being left to die on Australia’s remote outback stations.

The shocking footage taken from four cattle stations in Northern Australia has aired on prime-time television in Israel and renewed calls to shut down the live cattle trade to the country.

Investigators witnessed cattle undergoing surgical procedures including dehorning and castration, without any pain relief; animals being punched and kicked; botched euthanasia attempts; and sick or injured animals left to die without veterinary intervention.

The only thing more shocking than the systemic abuse exposed through this investigation, is that some of it is entirely legal.

We were amazed to find out that some of the worst practices we have seen, including dehorning without using pain relief, are legal in Australia.Investigator, Sentient

Demand better treatment of Australian cattle and hold the industry accountable for the welfare of these animals, by taking action now:

Action link:

USA: US House Passes Bill to Ban Cruel Shark Finning US House Passes Bill to Ban Cruel Shark Finning.



US House Passes Bill to Ban Cruel Shark Finning

Posted by Katie Valentine | November 27, 2019


US House Passes Bill to Ban Cruel Shark Finning

In an important step toward an animal rights victory, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act (H.R. 737) last week.

Representatives Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan of the Marianas Islands and Michael McCaul of Texas introduced the bill in January. It amassed 288 cosponsors and passed by a vote of 310-107.

If the act passes through the Senate, it will effectively ban the sale, possession, and purchase of shark fins within the United States. Nearly 200 restaurants throughout the country offer shark fin products, despite prohibitive legislation in several states, according to a database maintained by the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI).

Canada passed a similar ban in June, as the world’s largest shark fin importer outside of Asia. The legislative move speaks volumes about how people around the world are increasingly valuing the welfare of animals over profit and culinary tradition.

Every year, 73 million sharks lose their lives to the global shark fin trade. Fins are often harvested from sharks while they’re still alive, and the helpless animals are tossed back into the ocean to bleed, suffocate, fall victim to a predator, or otherwise suffer and die.

“Sharks have existed for hundreds of millions of years on this planet, and yet these remarkable apex predators now face one of the biggest threats to their survival because of the demand for their fins,” AWI President Cathy Liss remarked in a recent press release.

Twelve states and three U.S. territories have already banned shark fin sales. By enacting this commonsense legislation, Congress would demonstrate an unwillingness to contribute to the threats facing sharks worldwide — a cause that politicians from “both sides of the aisle” have gotten on board with.

Lady Freethinker’s petition to ban the cruel shark fin trade has garnered over 20,000 signatures so far.

dead shark no fins


SIGN: Ban Cruel Shark Fin Trade in the U.S.

Petition Link –

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Sea Shepherd Germany


On 28.11.2019, a sperm whale stranded and died on the beach of Seilebost on the Scottish island of Harris.

wal in shottland

The male cub unfortunately could not be saved. At the weekend, the dead whale was examined, with a frightening result: According to the Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme report, this included a range of plastics such as fishing nets, rope bundles, plastic cups, bags, gloves, harnesses and tubes.

wal in shittland 2pgOpening the stomach showing some of the material balled up inside


The whole material was like a huge bullet in the animals’ stomach and part of the mourning. The general condition of the sperm whale was not that bad. And although this stomach content certainly caused problems, it could not be proven that the garbage was responsible for beaching; The gastrointestinal tract was not clogged with garbage.

wal shottland 3All this plastic rope and debris was in the stomach


What in the end has always caused the death of the sperm whale, so these pictures and test results again clearly show what people are doing to the oceans and the animals with their littering.

wal shottland 4oStomach, containing ropes and other marine debris. The multiple small black ‘beaks’ are from squid, sperm whales usual prey.


wal shottland 6jpgSection of net recovered from stomach


100 kg plastic garbage in the stomach, of all kinds and origin, which no living thing deserves.


And I mean…There is the # COP25 in Madrid, where delegations from 196 countries arrived by plane and participate in the UN Climate Change Conference 2019.

Since 1992 this circus takes place annually – and in the end it is called bla – bla – bla! We talked about the climate, it was a nice company and good food.

Meanwhile, rainforests are being flared, jungles are being turned into palm oil deserts, natural disasters are taking place everywhere, and while the well-paid idiots are enjoying their expensive meat menus of murdered animals fed with soy from poor countries in the Third World, the Planet clock beats five past twelve!
This is how it is done year after year – and while the ice thaws in the Arctic, Greenland becomes green again, these delegates and their companies are happy that the ice releases the raw material that the industry needs!
We are experiencing the dictatorship of criminal oligarchs.

My best regards to all, Venus


Turtle Island Restoration Newsletter – November Newsletter.

turtle island

Website – 


November Newsletter

As 2019 comes to end, we at Turtle Island Restoration Network hope you know how much we appreciate your support. We are a small organization, so it’s only with people like you by our side that we are able to leverage and amplify our voice — to make those in power listen and take action. When you sign an action alert or make a donation, you are taking a critical step to protect our planet and all the animals and others who depend on healthy ecosystems to survive. We can’t do it without you!

VICTORY! Council Votes Against Opening New Longline Fishery off California

We won! Because of you, the agency responsible for proposing fishery regulations in U.S. waters voted to NOT open a new longline fishery in the Pacific Ocean. This is a big win for our oceans and all marine wildlife, and it was not possible without your support! Turtle Island Restoration Network attended the Pacific Fishery Management Council meeting in Costa Mesa, California — where your government considered opening a new longline fishery in the Pacific Ocean. We stood proudly with environmental activists, eco-tourists, recreational fishermen, divers, surfers, animal lovers, ocean enthusiasts, and more to demand the council say NO to opening up this deadly fishing practice off California.


First Cold-Stunned Turtles of the Season Rescued

Our team in the Gulf of Mexico saw the first cold stunned sea turtles of the season mid-November. When the water temperature drops drastically and rapidly, juvenile green sea turtles that have been foraging in the bays cannot find their way out to warmer water. As cold blooded reptiles, they rely on the surrounding temperatures to maintain their body temperature and will act very lethargic when too cold. They might be found floating or washed up on shore and are susceptible to boat strikes, predation, pneumonia and death. If you find any along the coast, please call your local animal rescue hotline for instructions. Thank you Justin Williams for assisting and sending in photos!


turtle dec5


Groups Renew Push for Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban

Turtle Island Restoration Network and the Galveston Chapter of Surfrider Foundation unveiled new signs in November that showcase the Bring the Bag campaign and remind customers to bring their reusable bags when grocery shopping to reduce single-use plastic bags in the environment. The program aims to eliminate waste from single-use plastic bags in Galveston, despite a ruling by the Texas Supreme Court in 2018 that declared it a violation of state law for local governments to impose bans on plastic bags. We’re hoping to install the signs in other places around Galveston Island to prevent a source of single-use plastic from entering our ocean.


Ask Congress to do the RIGHT Thing for Right Whales

North Atlantic right whales (Eubalaena glacialisare) are dangerously close to extinction. There are less than 400 individuals remaining on earth, and only 95 are reproductively active females. In order to prevent extinction we must work to recover these numbers and halt any actions that lead to right whale mortality. Right now, the U.S. Senate has the opportunity to prevent extinction by supporting bipartisan legislation that seeks to target and alleviate the main threats to right whales—entanglement in fishing gear and ship strikes—before it’s too late. Ask your Senators to vote in favor of SAVE Right Whales Act.

turtle 2


Shop to Support: A New Way to Help Save Species

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our online store! Shark shirts, turtle hats, and many other delightful items are available now for purchase on our website. All proceeds will directly support our species-saving campaigns around the globe. As lovers of nature, we believe it’s vital to consider the environmental quality and impact of the products we buy, which is why every item in the store was carefully selected to adhere to our own eco-conscious standards. Make it a green holiday season and give the gift of our planet’s future!


Second Ghost Town Transformed to Salmon Habitat

In October, our California-based initiative that is dedicated to protecting endangered coho salmon completed the second phase of our floodplain and riparian restoration project at the ghost town of Jewell in Northern California. The project is re-creating floodplain wetlands along Lagunitas Creek to help recover key populations of endangered Central California Coast coho salmon and other threatened species.

Fire in Australia: a huge crematorium for Coalas


Koalas ‘functionally extinct’ after Australia bushfires destroy 80% of their habitat!



Toni Doherty, the woman who rescued a badly burnt and wailing koala from an Australian bushfire was reunited with the koala now known as Lewis on Wednesday (November 20) at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

Coala pg

Doherty told local broadcaster Network Nine that it was ‘just natural instinct‘ for her to rush to Lewis’ aid, wrapping the animal in her shirt and a blanket and pouring water over it.

At the hospital, Clinical director Cheyne Flanagan said he was badly burnt but was on fluids, oxygen, eating and enjoying the five-star service.

The koala populations around Port Macquarie have been a major victim of the flames, with more than 350 of the marsupials feared killed in a major habitat.

As Australia experiences record-breaking drought and bushfires, koala populations have dwindled along with their habitat, leaving them “functionally extinct.”

The chairman of the Australian Koala Foundation, Deborah Tabart, estimates that over 1,000 koalas have been killed from the fires and that 80 percent of their habitat has been destroyed.

“Koala Conservation Australia” President Sue Ashton told the “Sydney Morning Herald” on Monday: “We think most of the animals are burned – it’s a huge cremation, like in a crematorium. They burn sitting in the trees. “

verbranntes Coalajpg

However, some researchers call into question whether koalas are actually functionally extinct, noting how difficult it is to measure total koala populations and populations could be a much larger than estimated by the AKF.

Recent bushfires, along with prolonged drought and deforestation has led to koalas becoming “functionally extinct” according to experts.

australische feuerkarte jpgIn Australia, a heat record of 125 years ago is expected to be broken


Functional extinction is when a population becomes so limited that they no longer play a significant role in their ecosystem and the population becomes no longer viable. While some individuals could produce, the limited number of koalas makes the long-term viability of the species unlikely and highly susceptible to disease.

coala gerettetjpg

Deforestation and bushfires destroy the main nutrient source of koalas, the eucalyptus tree. An adult koala will eat up to 2 pounds of eucalyptus leaves per day as its main staple of nutrients. While eucalyptus plants will grow back after a fire, it will take months, leaving no suitable food source for koalas and starvation a likely scenario for many.

Many are urging the Australian government to enact the Koala Protection Act, written in 2016 but never passed into law and molded after the Bald Eagle Protection Act in the U.S. The Koala Protection Act would work to protect habitats and trees vital to koalas as well as protect koalas from hunting.

Recent viral videos of Australians rescuing koalas has led to increased donation to support hospitalization and help for burned koalas.

To draw attention to these threats, theAustralian Koala Foundation” calls for the “Save the Koala” month each September.
The aim should be to raise people’s awareness of the issue and to persuade them to do something about the destruction of plant and animal life.

rettet den coala Monat pg

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital setup a Go Fund Me page seeking donations to help the hospital treat injured koalas. To date, they have raised $1.33 million, well over their $25,000 goal. This comes from over 30,000 donors.


My comment: The fire department had already warned in April.
Twenty-three former fire chiefs and chiefs of action published a letter cautioning the government against “increasingly catastrophic extreme weather events.”

They demanded a meeting that was rejected by the government.
Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack even outrageously went so far as to dismiss climate change completely as a web of “crazy, inner-city leftists.”
“We have always had a fire in Australia,” he told media representatives.

Australia is known for its lack of environmental protection. Time and again, the government is being asked to do something about environmental protection, especially since Australia is suffering the most from the effects of climate change.

Australia has over 160 million sheep and 24 million cattle – so it does not take much imagination to understand what these millions of animals can do to the fragile ecosystem of dry soil.
Anyone who has ever traveled through Australia has seen it with their own eyes.

The agricultural lobby is also very strong in Australia, as the first pillar of Australian agriculture is sheep farming, followed by cattle breeding.
Industrial agriculture needs a lot of water, so large dams are built to drain the rivers in Queensland.
They not only pump water from the rivers, they also pollute it with their pesticides and other chemicals.

What if the last water reserves are running out, the rivers are dehydrated or so polluted that any life is impossible ?
Nowhere is it more evident than in Australia.
The earth is burning and we are the culprits.

My best regards to all, Venus