Hungary: 3.5 million poultry were killed.


Avian flu is spreading further and further. Now it has caught 226 companies in Hungary.

Hungary grunge flag. Item from my vintage, retro flags collection

3.5 million animals had to be culled in the southern districts of Bacs-Kiskun and Csongrad, senior veterinarian Lajos Bognar said on Monday.


In areas where farms were too close together, 870,000 poultry had to be culled to thin the population and prevent the virus from spreading.
Damage to farmers is in the millions (!!!)

The damage to the farmers amounts to several billion forints. One billion Hungarian forints is around 2.8 million euros.

Bognar said that bird flu was usually brought into the country by migratory birds. Hence the current ban on free-range poultry.


My comment: And again it’s only about the damage that have the farmers.

The mass murder of animals who are not to blame for the epidemic and who live a miserable life on the fattening is a matter of course.

Because the meat consumption of the human carnivores must continue undisturbed.

Hühner massentierhaltung

Indirectly, the article turns the tables and exclusively accuses the wild bird as the cause of the disease.

Although 99% of all chickens – at least in Germany – don’t even see daylight, let alone have contact with wild birds.

In areas where the farms were too close, 870,000 poultry had to be killed to reduce the population and prevent the virus from spreading.”
One has to imagine this: 870 thousand helthy animals are executed preventively!!

This theory, namely that bird flu is usually spread by migratory birds, is increasingly being questioned because it has considerable gaps and is not compatible with the current findings.

The much more likely cause of the regular bird flu epidemics is commercial animal husbandry itself.

What is certain is that avian flu has always been found among wild birds. However, scientists assume that the highly pathogenic, deadly germs only develop in industrial bird houses.
The virus originates from these stables, in which 10,000 birds, which are tightly packed in a confined space, stand on their own excrement – despite the so-called hygiene standards, despite the obligation to lock the animals in the stable.

trutz über Hühner_o

We mustn’t forget the international trade in poultry and poultry products. This also increases the risk that pathogens will spread globally.

As bird flu spreads further, the risk of zoonoses, that is, the transmission of disease from animals to humans, increases. Wild birds, including rare species, are also particularly at risk.

As long as the actual causes and transmission routes are not researched in detail, including the key role of industrial animal husbandry, the risks remain and the authorities are pure administrators of the epidemic.

30 million chickens die in Germany each year before slaughter, due to poor housing conditions.  And over a million chicks  are shredded every day.

Not because of bird flu.
Because they came with the wrong sex in a world which uses the fascist right of killing all animals lives, who serve its consumption.

Huehner in einer Huehnermast von Wiesenhof

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “Hungary: 3.5 million poultry were killed.”

  1. All the animals which they call: farm animals, live in hell and die a violent death. This is what to them do animals which call themselves: humans.


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