Austria and its medieval habits

Incredible ‘tradition’! Cattle heads nailed to the wall again!

kuh schädel jpg

We are talking about the barbaric placement of a pig or cow skull in front of a bachelor’s house who is about to marry his 30th or 40th birthday. This ritual has been held in the region since memory, mostly carried out by rural youth.
There is actually a scaffold erected right in front of the ‘recipient’ ‘s home, decorated with colorful balloons … and, oh how funny, as a’ main attraction ‘: a severed cattle head!
To avoid misunderstandings, these are not artificial heads, but those of recently killed animals!

kuh kopf respektierepg

The sight is reminiscent of the darkest Middle Ages, you feel transported back to a Viking village, where violence and mortality dominated everyday life. What is the message, what is being conveyed to the children here? One day they will turn away in disgust, and deeply ashamed of such a procedure of their fathers and mothers.
And completely right!
Everyone has to endure such a sight, whether they like it or not. It has nothing to do with tradition anymore, it is just ugly.
A thoroughly incomprehensible ‘tradition’, which in a modern society – because highly life-contemptuous and above all animal-contemptuous – something like this should no longer find a place … emphatic passers-by simply lack the words.

kuhkopf 2 pg

We had to testify to the current cases, two in number, today. Both in the same village, each at the entrance and exit! The first is already full of flies, it smells horrible, the decay is in full swing. Under the second head, attached to a table by screws through the ears, one can see coagulated blood that has flowed in thick streams.

We repeat ourselves – in the 3rd millennium, it is just unbelievable !!! How far we as a society really have moved from barbarism, in view of this, the inevitable question arises.

The association RespekTiere has created a petition (translation below) against this barbarish habit, please sign it.

Dear Sir or Madam,

We demand an immediate ban on exhibiting dead animals or animal heads for whatever purpose.
Such ‘traditions’ are cruel, inhumane and completely unworthy of a modern society – which is also committed to animal welfare according to the constitution.

‘If you don’t respect the dignity of animals, you can’t take them away, but you will lose your own. ”


And I mean…This has nothing to do with tradition or national culture.
It only shows how little intelligence the villagers have.

How primitive and anti-social people can be in the middle of Europe, you can also see from the fact that traditions from the Middle Ages are perceived with enthusiasm, which only deter and dislike any other educated person.
We can only hope that the Austrians will actively and massively mobilize against this shameful rituals, and that we won’t need a new petition next year.

My best regards to all, Venus

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