USA: Visiting the “murder” hornets

asiatische hornisse JPG

Asian giant hornets (known as ‘murder hornets’) have shown up in the US for the first time, giving Americans a “refreshing” change of pace and something else to worry about other than the deadly Covid-19 pandemic

In any other year, reports of murder hornets being in the US for the first time ever might instill some fear in people, but with the news dropping in the midst of a pandemic that has crippled the economy and left people under strict lockdown orders, it appears to have been greeted mostly with humor.

The worry now is these hornets could spread in the US and have a serious effect on the bee population, which in turn negatively impacts the many crops that need bees for pollination.

The WSDA has started an “aggressive trapping program” to stop the spread of the hornets and, hopefully, another potential crisis.

How have people responded to the news? Battleworn from Covid-19, the potential for a crisis with ‘murder hornets’ has been taken surprisingly well.


And I mean…They say it’s definitely a spying horn-like drone !!!
Has China been sanctioned?
Or Russia?

lachen emoticonng

Monsanto and Bayer have been contaminating the bee world with only A FEW MILLION TONS of glyphosate for years, which is not only harm but also a crime.

And this crime goes on.

Since the United States is the main user of Monsanto and pollutes its environment with pesticides,  not only bees but millions of other insect species have died, which will lead to the inevitable hunger of the “murder” hornets.


The WSDA’s aggressive trapping program is therefore unnecessary!

We have always thought that insects are the animals that survive best.
We thought wrong.
We did the calculation without to considere the professional environmental criminals Monsanto, Bayer and other giants.

My best regards to all, Venus

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