Meat production is a machine for demolishing limits.

The following film shows terrible Jewish slaughtering in the USA – an undercover film by the international animal welfare organization PETA from a slaughterhouse in the American state of Iowa. It is a bit older, from 2004, and is the short version of a very long video that is almost unbearable to watch.



Dr. Erwin Kessler, who made the video known in Europe, is the President of VgT (Association against animal factories, Switzerland) and he has as follow reported about it:

schächten pg

“I have seen and experienced a lot. I felt sick with these recordings. What these “religious” beasts do to the cattle is unspeakable, unbearable. Words are missing. It is unbearable for a mentally healthy person and he will be followed by these recordings for a long time. You should just know that there are such documents – for those who still don’t believe it”.


My comment: Before the anti-Semitism argument is raised, I would like to say the following:
There is no human culture that has not embodied some morally indefensible practices at some time or another.
Progress would never have been brought about if people were complacent about religious practices.

Criticizing the religious practices of others is much easier than criticizing one’s own.

But this does not mean that criticizing the rites of others is impermissible.

While the slaughter of animals in abattoirs is wrong, the dismembering of a live cattle is still worse and thus deserves special criticism.

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “Meat production is a machine for demolishing limits.”

  1. Using and killing living beings of any kind is a crime. Every crime must be accompanied by an appropriate punishment, in this case: we lack the legalized death penalty.


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