the cowardly murder

Stier eingekesselt in Menschen Meute n

The execution soon begins, with a thousand cowardly killers waiting for the show.

The victim, alone, as always, alone against the raging mob and their weapons, alone because alone it is easier to persecute, torture, and impale.

Alone, but not anonymously, because it is a planned, announced and approved crime.
It is a legal lynching and is therefore also called tradition.

A few hours later, not only the victim’s body will be lying on the street.
The corpses of compassion, ethics, and progress will be on the street.

Because bull “fight” is nothing more than a cowardly murder

Regards and good night from Venus

One thought on “the cowardly murder”

  1. Murders, uses, abuses, killings of other sentient beings cease to be a tradition, with the legalization of the death penalty for all participants in murder, torture, abuse.


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