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The real victims on this Earth…




Animals are the real victims_n

“Human rights are innate and say that all people are free and equal in dignity”! says the UN Human Rights Charter.
Article 3 says: “Everyone has the right to life, freedom and security of the person”.
Article 4 says: “No one shall be kept in slavery or serfdom; Slavery and the slave trade in all its forms are prohibited. ”

Why should the human species alone have the right to life, freedom and security, and deny the same rights of other not human beings?

Bär angekettet und versklavt_n
Who gives us the right to still keep animals as slaves, to torture them and thus to decide that animals have no right to life, freedom and happiness?
And if human rights oppose slavery, torture, discrimination and violence, under what law can it be the daily routine for billions of chickens, pigs, cattle, fish and countless other non-human animals?

Gorilla verletzt wegen Palmöl
But even if all of this is not totally abolished with respect to people, and massive human rights violations are condemned, the criminal handling of animals is taken for granted.

“Who has rights is respected.
Who does not have rights is despised”! (Bertold Brecht)

Regards, Venus



International: Animals Life Network.

dog bandadge head

Animals Life Network.

A project that brings together animal rescue organizations and people that care about the fate of animals.

An international list of shelters which currently ask for help –

News –

Videos –

About the project –

Join the project –

Sponsorship –

Vacation Time…

As long as there are IDIOTS who use their money to finance animal tormentors and animal exploiters, so that, as tourists, they make “spectacular” vacations in distant or European countries, the animal slavery for tourism will never end, and nothing will change.

touristen-reiten-auf-elefant-durchs-wasserElephants are chained and tortured throughout their lives to serve “adventure” tourists

Arschlöcher schlagen Elefantthe workout

monkeys and bears kept under torture already as children to provide a ridiculous Show for tourists,

Affe mit Transport_n

Affe in Kettenthe workout

Moon Bär auf Fahrrad


Bär mit Strich_othe workout

Donkeys in Santorini

Kutsche Pferd_n

Donkeys and horses collapse helplessly, because they have to transport lazy and stupid tourists into cities or islands until late at night…

These are just a few pictures from the slavery in the name of idiots tourists.
Do not join in, use your bikes or your legs to explore nature and cities.
Do not assist the tourist industry on suffering of the animals.

Best regards to all, Venus










India: Video shows ‘shocking cruelty’ towards elephants at Jungle Book themed resort.

INDA0001 shows Video

Video shows ‘shocking cruelty’ towards elephants at Jungle Book themed resort sold by top UK travel agencies

Leading travel agencies have been booking UK tourists on trips to a Jungle Book themed resort in India where the treatment of elephants amounts to animal cruelty, according to a leading welfare charity.

A video taken by The Independent shows a captive adult Asian elephant being forced to shower tourists with its trunk, driven to do so each time by a handler wielding a large stick.

Elephants at the resort in Kulem, eastern Goa, were kept chained by both their front and back legs, and tourists were also offered rides on the animals, which were expected to carry as many as three people at a time.

Kartick Satyanarayan, the founder of Wildlife SOS, said the video captured by The Independent was “shocking”.

EU tolerates slave traders

tschechei flaggepng

EU- Flagge


Shocking truth: ruthless tiger trade in the EU uncovered!
Our ongoing research and recent police raids in the Czech Republic show that tiger trade  is not only an issue in Asia: The lucrative commercial trade with a highly endangered species and their parts is happening right in the centre of Europe as well!

FOUR PAWS has discovered that tiger traders operating in Europe are willing and able to sell and facilitate the transfer of tigers to Asian countries where demand for their parts for traditional medicine is causing mass cruelty and a decline of the species.



At the same time Czech Authorities made a strike against wildlife traffickers and conducted a series of raids, because of the suspicion of killing of tigers in a zoo and the possession of tiger products by the Vietnamese community. One of the target facilities of the raids belonged to a well-known circus leader.


FOUR PAWS research conducted in June show a meeting with this person where he proudly showed his tiger breeding facility near Prague and discussed the sale of tigers to Asia. The trader offered to sell the tigers to Asian buyers and to help facilitate the documents and transfer.

Tigers: A highly endangered species

In the 20th century the world already lost over 90 per cent of its tigers with current estimates indicating that there are only 3,900 tigers left in the wild. The relentless demand for tigers traded for their parts but also to be displayed commercially significantly contributes to this decline of the species. Legal trade facilitates illegal trade and causes a real threat to the wild tiger population.

Shockingly, tigers born in Europe in captivity can still be traded for commercial purposes like circuses or for private keeping and for photo opportunities. In some European countries you can even rent a tiger for a private party!!!

Read more about this in our official press release.

The EU should take a leading role in protecting these endangered species and ban all commercial trade ensuring tiger traders and businesses have no place in the EU!

Check out the details and sign our petition here:…/campaigns/tiger-trade

I have signed the petition, please do it too!
Sometimes miracles happen, and it may be that a “Business” – called EU – with a thousand incompetent, disinterested and fat-paid employees, but passed a law against the criminal slave trade of these animals, at least in our own continent, Europa !!

We must not give up hope and our fight to save the rest of the tigers in the world.

Best regards, Venus







Negligent arson of a Hunter and its consequences!


österreichische Flagge


The 79-year-old hunter wanted to fight in his high seat a hornet’s nest with fire – while his clothes began to burn. For him any help came too late.
Graz – A hunter is burned while trying to drive insects out of the vicinity of his high seat. According to the police from Friday, a hornet had stung the 79-year-old at his high seat in Graz.



Then he wanted to burn with a torch the hornet’s nest, which was in a doghouse under his high seat. His clothes should be on fire. The exact circumstances are still unclear. Neighbors had noticed a smoke column at 3 pm in a wooded area.

The man’s body was later found in the fire debris of high seat and doghouse.


gekippter Hochsitz

An autopsy was ordered. Hornets are under protection of species in Styria, where the incident happened! (APA, dpa)

(Translation, Venus)

Objective description of the “accident”

1)He has received the attack of a single animal and for that he wanted destroy its whole family, including its house.

2)He was on a foreign territory. The hornets had their home because they lived there. The hunter had a murderous seat there to murder other animals.

3) Fire in the forest is prohibited. Lighting the hornet’s nest could have caused a fire. Especially because there was an official warning about the heat in recent days.

4) Hornets are under protection of species, hunters not.

Considering these objective factors, I would comment this message as follows:

I have no moral inhibition to say that the death was the just punishment of a murderer with clear intentions.
If a murderer wants to burn a whole family because a member of these family wanted to protect its house and its family, then… I also have the right to rejoice over the fair punishment of the murderer.

Best regards, Venus



Time Square displays the chickens slavery




Together, Animal Equality and a coalition of other animal welfare organizations launched a sensational video campaign against McDonalds a few days ago.
A giant screen at New York’s famous Times Square reveals the suffering of broiler chickens suffering and dying for McDonald’s meat production.


Times Square is one of the busiest intersections in the world it is crossed by over one million people every day. The 10-second video will be played at least 60 times a day until 31 October 2018.
It aims to spread Animal Equality’s campaign and petition: with these, our team in the US calls on McDonalds to end tormenting practices and finally implement sustainable animal welfare policies that would reduce the suffering of a hundred million chickens.
Continue reading “Time Square displays the chickens slavery”

USA: Turtle Island Restoration Network July News.


turtle 3

Turtle Island Restoration Network

July Newsletter

An End of California’s Driftnets in Sight?

For two decades, we’ve been on the forefront of fighting to protect sea turtles, whales, dolphins, sharks, and many other species from drowning in driftnets off the coast of California. In recent months, our dogged efforts (bolstered by the thousands of emails sent by you) have helped a bill advance through the state legislature. Step-by-step we are getting closer to shutting down this destructive fishery.

Read more here.

We are Challenging Trump over Protecting Wetlands

America’s wetlands and waterways are crucial habitat for many species. In Northern California, the endangered coho salmon that we have been protecting for decades rely on protected streams and waterways. Without healthy creeks the future of coho salmon is at risk. Read more here.

turtle 2

Save Sea Turtles, Save the World: An Interview with Todd Steiner

“I believe the future of sea turtles is intricately tied to the future of the planet and the wellbeing of humans. What is good and healthy for sea turtles is good for us and all living things.”  Read the full interview here.

Join the Team: We’re Hiring!

Turtle Island Restoration Network has several job opportunities open that might be a perfect match for you or someone you know. Explore our opportunities here.

Adopt a Sea Turtle Nest: Makes a Great Gift

Want an easy way to help support our conservation work from the beaches of Hawaii to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Then Adopt a Nest. We have several convenient and affordable packages that will work for you… Adopt a Sea Turtle Nest today!

turtle dec5

Spots Filling Up: Cocos Island Research Expedition

Join us to save sharks while having the experience of a lifetime! This unique conservation research expedition at Cocos Island National Park in Costa Rica is part of TIRN’s ongoing, long-term research and conservation efforts in Latin America. Cocos Island was recently named the “best place to dive with sharks” by CNN and our vessel the “best liveaboard” in the world by Dive Magazine. Come see why!






Turtle Island Restoration Network
PO Box 370, Forest Knolls, CA 94933


We fight back!!


deutsche flagge


It has been observed for some time now that hobby hunters in children’s gardens and schools run a sect-like image campaign with the aim of introducing our animal-loving children to the cruel hobby of hunting.

Hunters are aware of the fact that the sneaky and mendacious hunt, and the atrocities associated with it, are finding much greater rejection within society, the hunters are visiting educational facilities with the aim of gaining prospective hunters and violence for the future.

The manipulation of the children follows a playful method and is advertised as a nature conservation project, playing down the real backgrounds and outgrowths of hunting, falsifying or simply concealing them.


As a means of influencing ideology, hunters make use of prepared wild animals, which are used to stroke the children, who are usually interested in animals. Common games are popular, as well as the promotion of craft skills such as the construction of a high seat.

The hunting violence, the fact that millions of wild animals and pets are killed cruel, cowardly and sneaky remains unappreciated.
The construction hunt, motor hunts in which only every third to fourth animal is fatally hit while the other game with tattered limbs trying to escape, sometimes only after hours or days is tracked or goes unnoticed to his injuries, remain unmentioned, as well the terrorist genocide of hundreds of thousands of foxes and other species that stand in the way of the hunter as a prey – rival.



Hunters, who belong to a small minority of society and who claim that the desire to hunt, to capture animals, to kill, is a fundamental human trait that one simply has to live out, which the hunting and killing impulse portrays as normal, take as Non – educators influence thousands of children.


Jäger im HochsitzHigh Seat = murder seat

Schools and out-of-school education offer uncritically a platform for hunters to introduce children and adolescents to the killing and “looting” of animals as a respectable pastime and to offer the use of firearms as an acceptable way of solving problems.

Hunters, for example, looked after children between the ages of 8 and 14 during an adventure week. One of the children, ten-year-old Marty enthused, “This was not a normal summer camp. We killed two roebucks together with hunters. For this we have already got up at 02:10 o’clock … ”
The militant amateur hunters also violate the charter of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child: protecting children from violence.


Kind erschießt Waschbär_n

Based on this example, it becomes clear that the inhibition threshold of gun violence is deliberately exceeded if the inclusion of significant children in joint killing is practiced.

It cannot and should not be the aim of a society to glorify and depict the unilateral war that millions of wild animals suffer each year as a necessity to our children.

We fight back. We say NO to teaching our kids by hobby hunters.

** your signature ** (Please sign the petition, below is the link)

(Translation of the Petition-letter: Venus)


First of all, one thing must be said: the hunting law in Germany is a law of empowerment in the sense of 1933 !!!
It authorizes hunters to assault foreign property.
When did hunters earn merits in nature conservation? They just do not want to be pushed to the margins of society.

But they have themselves gone there.

They only make themselves more ridiculous than they already are.
And because they can no longer find acceptance in society, they creep now (cunning as they are) in circles of children, so that they, with new murderers, improve the future of their psychopathic hobbies.

They are the heavily armed animal killers, who think they can do and leave in the woods what they want. And everyone who disagrees is intimidated by force of arms.

These times are finally over.
Hunter: Shoot yourself, and your stupid fellow-travelers in politics equal to.

Best regards to all, Venus




Psychopaths Population


deutsche flagge


Cruel killing of a young she-wolf: 10.000 Euro reward for the capture of the offender exposed!


Wölfin ermordetjpg

The young she-wolf, who was shot first on June 10th and thrown into the lake of Mortka in Saxony with a rope around her body and a concrete weight, was only a year old.

A wolf child, at best a teenager measured by human standards. She had her whole life ahead of her. Maybe she even helped as a yearling she-wolf in rearing the new puppies?

During the salvage of the carcass, it was found that the womb had cavities and a rope was tied around the belly of the dead wolf. At the other end of the rope a concrete weight has been fastened, with which the carcass has been sunk in the open pit.

On suspicion of illegal killing, the police were called in to rescue them.

The reward of 10,000 euros was increased by a hunter again from 7,000 to 10,000.

Were offenders identified? No! a wall of silence spreads around all the wolf killings.

They run among us, they are among us.
The psychopaths with the murder urge.
In that case, I think it’s very likely that the psychopath (s) are hunters.
For such a well-prepared removal of the corpse can only make hunting psychopaths.
And so are the hunters.
Professional killer with psychopathic disposition.
It is high time that this society, by law abolishes a criminal minority of 0.50% psychopath hunter.

My best regards, Venus