Negligent arson of a Hunter and its consequences!


österreichische Flagge


The 79-year-old hunter wanted to fight in his high seat a hornet’s nest with fire – while his clothes began to burn. For him any help came too late.
Graz – A hunter is burned while trying to drive insects out of the vicinity of his high seat. According to the police from Friday, a hornet had stung the 79-year-old at his high seat in Graz.



Then he wanted to burn with a torch the hornet’s nest, which was in a doghouse under his high seat. His clothes should be on fire. The exact circumstances are still unclear. Neighbors had noticed a smoke column at 3 pm in a wooded area.

The man’s body was later found in the fire debris of high seat and doghouse.


gekippter Hochsitz

An autopsy was ordered. Hornets are under protection of species in Styria, where the incident happened! (APA, dpa)

(Translation, Venus)

Objective description of the “accident”

1)He has received the attack of a single animal and for that he wanted destroy its whole family, including its house.

2)He was on a foreign territory. The hornets had their home because they lived there. The hunter had a murderous seat there to murder other animals.

3) Fire in the forest is prohibited. Lighting the hornet’s nest could have caused a fire. Especially because there was an official warning about the heat in recent days.

4) Hornets are under protection of species, hunters not.

Considering these objective factors, I would comment this message as follows:

I have no moral inhibition to say that the death was the just punishment of a murderer with clear intentions.
If a murderer wants to burn a whole family because a member of these family wanted to protect its house and its family, then… I also have the right to rejoice over the fair punishment of the murderer.

Best regards, Venus



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