Time Square displays the chickens slavery




Together, Animal Equality and a coalition of other animal welfare organizations launched a sensational video campaign against McDonalds a few days ago.
A giant screen at New York’s famous Times Square reveals the suffering of broiler chickens suffering and dying for McDonald’s meat production.


Times Square is one of the busiest intersections in the world it is crossed by over one million people every day. The 10-second video will be played at least 60 times a day until 31 October 2018.
It aims to spread Animal Equality’s campaign and petition: with these, our team in the US calls on McDonalds to end tormenting practices and finally implement sustainable animal welfare policies that would reduce the suffering of a hundred million chickens.



“Almost 90 companies – including many of McDonald’s competitors such as Burger King, Subway and Jack in the Box – are committed to implementing sustainable animal welfare policies that will reduce the suffering of broiler chickens,” said Ollie Davidson, Animal Equality Business Campaign Coordinator in the USA. “These intelligent and social animals deserve something better. When will McDonalds finally stop lagging behind and commit to abolishing animal cruelty practices? The time has come for a change.


Sterbende HÜhner

The coalition behind McDonalds’ chicken disease campaign is Animal Equality, The Humane League, Mercy For Animals, Compassion In World Farming, Compassion Over Killing, and World Animal Protection.


https://mcchickencruelty.com/ (see the Video and please sign the Petition)


We are on the side of the organizations that have planned and realized this really sensational campaign!
We sincerely hope that this will produce good results: primarily the abolition of broiler chickens and, in the future, the development of a moral consciousness in relation to animals in society.

Best regards, Venus

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