We fight back!!


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It has been observed for some time now that hobby hunters in children’s gardens and schools run a sect-like image campaign with the aim of introducing our animal-loving children to the cruel hobby of hunting.

Hunters are aware of the fact that the sneaky and mendacious hunt, and the atrocities associated with it, are finding much greater rejection within society, the hunters are visiting educational facilities with the aim of gaining prospective hunters and violence for the future.

The manipulation of the children follows a playful method and is advertised as a nature conservation project, playing down the real backgrounds and outgrowths of hunting, falsifying or simply concealing them.


As a means of influencing ideology, hunters make use of prepared wild animals, which are used to stroke the children, who are usually interested in animals. Common games are popular, as well as the promotion of craft skills such as the construction of a high seat.

The hunting violence, the fact that millions of wild animals and pets are killed cruel, cowardly and sneaky remains unappreciated.
The construction hunt, motor hunts in which only every third to fourth animal is fatally hit while the other game with tattered limbs trying to escape, sometimes only after hours or days is tracked or goes unnoticed to his injuries, remain unmentioned, as well the terrorist genocide of hundreds of thousands of foxes and other species that stand in the way of the hunter as a prey – rival.



Hunters, who belong to a small minority of society and who claim that the desire to hunt, to capture animals, to kill, is a fundamental human trait that one simply has to live out, which the hunting and killing impulse portrays as normal, take as Non – educators influence thousands of children.


Jäger im HochsitzHigh Seat = murder seat

Schools and out-of-school education offer uncritically a platform for hunters to introduce children and adolescents to the killing and “looting” of animals as a respectable pastime and to offer the use of firearms as an acceptable way of solving problems.

Hunters, for example, looked after children between the ages of 8 and 14 during an adventure week. One of the children, ten-year-old Marty enthused, “This was not a normal summer camp. We killed two roebucks together with hunters. For this we have already got up at 02:10 o’clock … ”
The militant amateur hunters also violate the charter of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child: protecting children from violence.


Kind erschießt Waschbär_n

Based on this example, it becomes clear that the inhibition threshold of gun violence is deliberately exceeded if the inclusion of significant children in joint killing is practiced.

It cannot and should not be the aim of a society to glorify and depict the unilateral war that millions of wild animals suffer each year as a necessity to our children.

We fight back. We say NO to teaching our kids by hobby hunters.

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(Translation of the Petition-letter: Venus)



First of all, one thing must be said: the hunting law in Germany is a law of empowerment in the sense of 1933 !!!
It authorizes hunters to assault foreign property.
When did hunters earn merits in nature conservation? They just do not want to be pushed to the margins of society.

But they have themselves gone there.

They only make themselves more ridiculous than they already are.
And because they can no longer find acceptance in society, they creep now (cunning as they are) in circles of children, so that they, with new murderers, improve the future of their psychopathic hobbies.

They are the heavily armed animal killers, who think they can do and leave in the woods what they want. And everyone who disagrees is intimidated by force of arms.

These times are finally over.
Hunter: Shoot yourself, and your stupid fellow-travelers in politics equal to.

Best regards to all, Venus




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