Iditarod: Psychopaths on sleds who torture dogs to death!




For all, who do not know it yet.

Iditarod is a Dog sled race in Alaska, once a year in March, which lasts up to two weeks and gives the dogs a total of only 40 hours rest.




In reality, Iditarod is a homicidal race run carried by dogs guides (called mushers), as fun and “adventures” in nature.
Unofficially, the length of the route is set at 1,049 miles.

That’s about the distance between Berlin and Madrid.

During the race, many dogs suffer cuts, bruises and abrasions when over this extremely long stretch on frozen ground. For many, the race ends with death!



Most of the animals used in sled races are kept on the chain.
Dogs that are not the best runners are often treated as faulty equipment.
Such dogs have been beaten, shot, abandoned or dumped in animal shelters in the past.



After the Canadian documentary “Sled Dogs”, published in 2016, on the attitude of sled dogs and their use in racing and tourist tours, an important sponsor of the race, the US bank Wells Fargo, ended his support in 2016, after 29 years. Therefore, the prize money has been one third lower this year with a total of $ 500,000!!

Costco, Jack Daniel’s, Maxwell House, Nestlé, Pizza Hut, Rite Aid, Safeway, State Farm, and Wells Fargo have dropped their sponsorships.

Now… Millennium Hotels and Resorts’ Lakefront Anchorage hotel needs to get with the times and ditch this archaic, exploitative event.

To this purpose PETA has a Petition, please sign and share.


“Sports events” such as these, in which animals suffer for the amusement of bored psychopaths, belong just as little to the 21st century as bullfights, cock fights or polo.

Best regards, Venus

One thought on “Iditarod: Psychopaths on sleds who torture dogs to death!”

  1. Thanks for attention to this shameful unconscionable flagrant torture of innocents. Folks who think it is cute are stupid beyond comprehension.

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