Cesar Millan: the Dirty Dog Boy.




The story of Cesar Millan is often seen as a typical rags to riches tale, one about a young man breaking away from a simple life on a Mexican farm and crossing the border in pursuit of the American dream.

Cesar millan mit 2 Hunde

In 1990, at age 21, he came illegally from Mexico to the United States. He first got involved in California as a dog hairdresser, vet assistant and dog groomer, so he got in touch with movie stars and eventually Cesar Millan was only the dog expert in Hollywood.

Millan entered the United States with no money, no friends, little to no knowledge of the English language, and nowhere to live. He spent his early days in America living homeless on the streets of San Diego, sleeping under a freeway and surviving on nothing but convenience store hot dogs. Millan recalled that he could get two hot dogs for 99 cents at the time, meaning all he had to do to survive was somehow make a dollar a day. He found work as a dog groomer. Then the naturalization, TV shows, millions of people. A TV show casing Millan’s techniques, is picking up from National Geographic Channel for 26 episodes.


Milan no 3jpg

Millan is a star in the USA today. In Germany, his program “The Dog Whisperer” is running on TV-Sixx.

A training for dog trainer Millan does not have. “Some say I have a gift,” he says in a dpa interview.  Then the naturalization, TV shows, millions of people. The perfect Plate Washer-to-Millionaire Story!!!
Millan is a star in the USA today. In Germany, his program “The Dog Whisperer” is running on TV-Sixx.

Maybe Cesar Millan has become so famous because he is another living proof of how the “American Dream” can still be translated into reality today. But not because he a good dog trainer!

Millan is not a dog trainer, he is an animal abuser who uses outmoded, dangerous methods that lack any scientific foundation.

There have been numerous allegations of animal cruelty

They referred to several instances of “cruel and dangerous” treatment of animals, flagging an episode in which Millan asphyxiates a dog by hanging it with choke chain before pinning it to the ground by its neck. Another letter from the director of the Animal Behavior Clinic at Tufts University accused National Geographic of setting dog training back 20 years.


Millan in TV Show

Other critics of Millan’s methods include certified animal behavior consultant and pet journalist Steve Dale, who refers to Millan as the Dog Screamer, and Alan Titchmarsh, who berated Millan over his “barbaric” techniques during an interview on his afternoon TV show.

“His pack leader theory is absurd and long refuted, it has long been known that dogs do not form hierarchically structured packs – and certainly not with humans. So it’s not necessary to subject them to brutal rank-reduction measures to make them socially acceptable – which does not work anyway.

This also applies to what he calls the so-called “red zone” dogs: Millan does not resocialise, he forcibly breaks his will:

He adds pain and fear to kicks, gimmicks into the genitals, beatings, electricity, choking to panic, threatening, frightening body language and the like. v. m. – with the effect of leading the dogs into learned helplessness or turning them into unpredictable time bombs. Many dogs “treated” had to be euthanized afterwards because they were less bearable for their owners and the environment than before”. (Text, Caroline Hofmann)


Cesar MIllan No

Read More: https://www.looper.com/27532/untold-truth-dog-whisperer/s/his-reputation-grew-quickly/?utm_campaign=clip

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