Brussels: Thank you!

Great success against animal testing!

Brussels Region bans animal experiments on monkeys, dogs and cats as well as in education

berberaffe03Foto © Norbert Fenske – Photografically

The Belgian region of Brussels has announced concrete measures to reduce animal testing. From 1 January 2020, animal experiments on monkeys, dogs and cats are prohibited, from 2025 there will be a ban on attempts in training.
The Capital Region also wants to launch animal testing for safety assessments, e.g. Toxicity tests, prohibit, “unless there are no alternatives”, animal experiments in applied research should be reduced by 20%. The nationwide association Doctors Against Animal Testing congratulates on an important step in the right direction.

The success is due to the years of intensive work by the Belgian GAIA Association, a partner association of doctors against animal testing. Brussels had initially targeted a reduction of about 92,000 animal experiments by 30% by 2025. “Due to the massive resistance of the animal experiment lobby, the goal has been weakened, yet a great success and a good start, that parts of the law are prohibited by law. med. vet. Corina Gericke, Vice Chairman of the Doctors Against Animal Testing.

Belgium consists of the three regions of Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia. In Brussels, very few dogs (2-4) and monkeys (0-5) and no cats have been used in trials in the past two years. The training trials amounted to about 470 per year (0.5%).
The regulatory animal experiments were around 14,000 animals and applied research, which is to be reduced by 20%, in 10,000-12,000 animals. Since it is still unclear how much the regulatory tests will be reduced, a total of 2.7 – 18% reduction is achieved, which corresponds to 2,500 – 16,000 animals less suffering from animal testing and dying.

MPI AffeIn memory of the Max Planck Institute victims

“Germany is unfortunately still a long way from such concrete measures. We do not even banned attempts at great apes by law, although they have not been carried out since 1991, “explains Gericke. “With the constitutionally certified freedom of research in the back every backdoor should remain open. And that, although the state goal animal welfare since 2002 is anchored in the Basic Law. “

In addition to the Netherlands, which has given itself an exit timetable, now Belgium is a role model, as far as concrete steps against animal testing. Doctors against animal testing is committed to its complete abolition for ethical reasons and because of the lack of scientific relevance of animal testing, but also welcomes concrete political steps on the way there. (Translation, Venus)


Germany is the dirty arm of the animal experiment lobby

Directive EU / 2010/63:
“From an ethical point of view, there should be an upper limit for pain, suffering and anxiety that must not be exceeded in scientific procedures.
This should be precluded by the implementation of procedures likely to cause prolonged and unpalatable severe pain, distress or anxiety. “

And here lies the devious tactic of the EU: it forbids this tip of the iceberg, but allows the Member States exceptions.
And that is exactly what the Federal Government has done in the new version of the Animal Welfare Act: It has made use of the exception of the animal experiment lobby and has allowed even the worst animal experiments.
And that of a country, that has supposedly set one of the best animal welfare !!

We want Germany to implement the EU’s ban on the severity of “heavy” animal experiments and to ban these attempts by law.
Germany: follow the example of Brussels!
Legally, this is not only possible, but even necessary, because animal welfare is enshrined in the Basic Law and can restrict the freedom of research, which is also constitutionally guaranteed.

My best regards, Venus

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