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England: 1/2/23 – Remembering Jill. A Brief Insight – The Live Exports Battles of SE England to Be A Voice for the Voiceless.

Above – Jill.

On February 1st it will be the anniversary of the death of Jill Phipps; an animal activist who was murdered at Coventry by a truck carrying live baby calves into Coventry airport for export.  I remember it very well as at the time I was entirely involved with animal exports campaigns from the port of Dover, Kent; England.

But the campaigns, protests and anti export feelings at Dover had reached a real fever pitch; as you can see in the following video – a typical day around Dover re live export – and as such, many of the ferry companies which used to take live animal transporters as part of their daily business decided to say ‘no more’ to accepting the trade and thus rejected it.  The exporters were becoming isolated with their sordid trade and were trying every port (big or small) in Southern England to get their animals over the water. 

Video – a typical protest day at Dover and the surrounding area:

At 27+ seconds you can see a ‘Gilder’ export truck – operated by brother GG Gilder – see Peter Gilder below.

The exporters and hauliers were in utter crisis as Dover port turned its back on the trade and would not accept it – aka people power !, and as a result the export industry had to turn to using other ports in Southern England and other means (ie by air) of getting live animals into Europe. 

Also, at the same time, one of the main exporters / hauliers who constantly used Dover, named Peter Gilder, took Dover port to the high court for refusing the trade.  The exporters and hauliers wanted to get Dover open again for their trade of death.

In the meantime whilst Dover was refusing the trade, small port towns such as Shoreham, Brightlingsea, and Ipswich were all used (as well as a few others) as trial ports in which the exporters attempted to continue their business.

In this next video you can see the huge public outcry and resultant protests at Shoreham (near to Brighton) about this small port being used for the export of live animals.  For each shipment, huge numbers of police from London (the Met police) had to be shipped in to join local police for every export consignment – this is where the saying ‘I’ve met the Met, and got the bruises to prove it’ was originated.

This film below (and dedicated to Jill) follows weeks of daily demonstrations by hundreds and, at times, thousands of everyday people, who converged on a small harbour port in West Sussex, England, to protest and show their disgust about the export into Mainland Europe of thousands of calves, cattle and sheep.

Thousands of young calves were also destined for the veal crates, a system which was already banned in the UK where calves are kept locked into tiny boxes, only able to lay or stand, and are chained or tethered, forced to drink iron deficient milk substitute so as to satisfy those who like their flesh (veal) light rose coloured and tender. This system was already banned in the UK and so farmers were exporting these baby (male) animals to Europe where crating was still legal.  How hypocritical !, the UK government banned the crates and then allowed male calves to be exported to Europe for crating !! – it was only the males which were exported, as male calves do not produce milk and thus are not used as replacements in the herd; they are essentially a ‘by product’; one which was used for veal meat production.

The film demonstrates the power of ordinary animal supportive people, when they get together and fight for the rights of those who do not have a voice.

Within weeks, these advocates for animals across Southern England managed to stop in their tracks, the big business who were profiteering from what people saw as a trade in suffering. Other harbour ports across Southern England also saw these exports stopped, due to persistent, big and daily demonstrations. Ordinary folk, from all walks of life, young and not so young, put their own liberty and personal safety at risk to try and protect animals as well as to highlight this issue of live animal exports.

Video – 1995 – the protest at Shoreham.


… and also at Brightlingsea,

Daily protests by the entire town folk of Brightlingsea in Essex against live animal exports in 1995, involved the crazy sight of hundreds of police officers (sometimes in full riot gear) forcing trucks full of sheep through narrow streets against a massive human blockade of outraged local residents. This is as good as people power gets, and the trade was eventually banned.

Video – the battle of Brightlingsea:

It was very hypocritical and involved a government exporting live calves from the UK to be incarcerated into ‘veal crates’, a system which the British had already banned.  So here we were, a ban on veal crates, and a government which allowed calves to be exported to the very systems that they had banned – was it any wonder that people were bummed off (to put it mildly !).

Above – crated calves.

The exporters also attempted to air freight animals to Europe.  Coventry airport, where our Jill was murdered, was one such airport.

Above – BJ – Calf Exporter, Arms Dealer and Drug Smuggler – all round no good.

The live calf shipments from Coventry airport were operated by a fellow named Barett Jolley (BJ).  He was operating an aircraft from Coventry, which crashed in bad weather on the return flight, killing all five crew members.  I wrote more about it recently:

England: There Is More To The Jill Story When You Have the Facts. – World Animals Voice

After the tragic events at Coventry which included the death of our Jill, BJ was handed a 20 year jail sentence due to his attempted smuggling of £22 million of Cocaine into Southend airport which is on the SE coast of England.

He smuggled arms, he exported live veal calves; he attempted to smuggle drugs into the UK, and yet he was given police protection constantly at Coventry during the calf export protests, at which our dear Jill was killed.

I include another link to Jill which covers several posts you can read at your pleasure if you wish ::

Search Results for “jill phipps” – World Animals Voice

There is still, and always has been a lot of anger in the AR movement about the death of our Jill.  28 years on and it still hurts bad.

I hope this gives you a very brief insight to activities in Southern England you now know and understand why I fight the disgusting export trade anywhere in the World !

Please remember Jill on 1/2/23 – thank you.

Regards Mark

England: Monday 12 December 2022.

Hi all,

well there have been a few computer updates (and the rest) happening over the last few weeks, but now hopefully things are finally getting more resolved.

Many thanks to Susie for her very kind supportive words and also her appreciation of the ‘MS’ issue. Yes, it can be difficult often.

You will notice now that rather than give lots of information in individual posts, I am mainly supplying a direct link which will take you to another source of information. Hopefully this will cut the time taken on compiling each post and may increase the amount if issues I cover. It is a trial but I think this will be the way forward; and only when I deal with personal campaigns and issues, for example (live transport investigations, –

Paradise lost –

Russian seal pup slaughter etc) I will be able to give them more time and attention.

Regards Mark

UK: Tin-eared Truss is about to embark on the greatest betrayal of animal rights imaginable.

WAV Comment – I am sticking a bit with the issue of the new UK Prime Minister, Liz Truss, as although it is a matter of weeks since she was elected (by Conservative Party members only rather than the national majority) into the position of PM, we (the animal rights movement) are already at war with her for her attitude to changing policy in both animal rights and with environmental issues; much of which was originally promised as positive / progressive law changes in the last Conservative manifesto !

If she wants war, she is going to get it. Simple.

I think in the last few days alone we have seen the RSPB (for example) come out and declare that they are not happy.

With more time, I will try and check some other animal rights groups and publish here what they are saying.

The following ‘voices’ article by Jane sums up the situation and feeling of many in the AR movement.

Lets face it, Boris Johnson (despite other faults) was attempting to move forward with animal welfare improvements – putting them formally into national legislation (law).  The Conservatives currently have a fairly large majority of MP’s in Parliament, (that is why they are in government) over other parties.  It should be relatively easy for them to push through legislative actions relating to animal welfare and a host of other important issues – planning, disabled people legislation etc.

But it all kind of came tumbling down during the Covid crisis, and the failures of Johnson to act in stopping the Downing St ‘Partygate’ issues where Conservatives seemed to think they were different to ‘the ordinary people’ and could still get together for drinks whilst the law abiding citizens had to stay at home and could not even say goodbye to relatives dying of Covid in hospital.

Well, probably they are different to most normal people, and the removal of Boris by his own MP’s; and the subsequent election of Truss to the position of MP simply shows how ineffective Boris and the others in his cabinet had / were.  Boris did not address the issue from the very start; now he is out as a result and we are all blighted with a Truss led government.

By now taking on the animal rights movement, let alone pushing aside all the other issue in her in tray, she has already annoyed so many of the voting public.

WAV is not affiliated to any political party; we don’t ever want to be; we just attempt to tell what we know and hear, and then let you, our loyal supporters, take it further.

Personally though, I think with the current situation, the Tories have as much chance of winning the next General Election as a chocolate fireman becoming the firefighter of the year – rather remote I would say.

As Jane;s article below portrays, the Conservatives are in a perfect position to improve welfare and most importantly, do big moves to help improve the environment.  But they are not; Truss is ensuring that; with support from Foie Gras Rees Mogg and the rest of the anti environmental cabinet.

They want a war ? – they are gonna get it.  It almost makes you feel like standing at the next general election as an animal rights / environmental rights campaigner.  I think we are going to witness this feeling rising up all over the country.  Brits are big time animal welfare supporters, they are big environmental campaigners; and they detest what this government is now doing to put them down.  Lets see what the next few months brings.

Regards Mark

Photo – Mark

Phot – Mark – Be good or Mrs plod will have you !

Voices: Tin-eared Truss is about to embark on the greatest betrayal of animal rights imaginable

By Jane Dalton

The new prime minister, Liz Truss, has a funny relationship with animals. She says she’s a cat lover, but she has previously called for the return of foxhunting.

As a former environment secretary, she should be aware of animal sentience – the capacity non-humans have to feel emotion, pain and suffering. But as a Tory leadership candidate, Truss held up a vision of a neoliberal administration that she was convinced would appeal to the party faithful.

Now, as part of that single-minded deregulation mission, she looks set to embark on the greatest betrayal of people and animals anyone could ever have imagined. At a stroke, the new prime minister is reportedly set to arrogantly ditch reforms that would have eradicated the suffering of thousands of animals in the UK and abroad.

Party insiders believe she will axe the Kept Animals Bill, which bans primates as pets, tackles puppy smuggling and gives livestock greater protection from dangerous dogs. It also bans live exports.

Years ago, I joined protesters at Dover docks who were horrified by how sheep were crammed into lorries in the most appalling conditions, for hours on end, without water, only to be shipped abroad for slaughter. In 2019, at least 6,000 animals were exported this way – a monstrous toll of misery.

As outrage snowballed, even Boris Johnson spoke out against live exports. The ban was pretty much the only benefit of Brexit. Now it looks set to be sacrificed on the great altar of Truss free-market capitalism.

But it’s not just animals that will suffer. Some people have spent literally decades working to achieve the reforms in the bill, and to have that thrown back in their faces is more than frustrating – it’s offensive.

To make matters worse, the Kept Animals Bill was probably only days or weeks away from becoming law. The day it was due to be debated in parliament became that of the Queen’s funeral, and the chances of Truss reviving the bill seem remote.

Given that a live export ban was promised in both the Tory manifesto and the party’s grand animal welfare action plan, scrapping it is an enormous, symbolic breach of trust – and a disaster for progress.

Truss showed her colours in 2016 when she tried to dump statutory farm animal welfare codes. Her idea fizzled out, but now she has rewarded Mark Spencer, one of the MPs who this year blocked measures to halt elephant torture abroad, with a job in Defra. You couldn’t get much more farcical.

Then there are the foreign deals she negotiated as trade secretary that fund cruelty that would be illegal here. Instead of helping the UK to become more self-sufficient in food, she signed up to financing systems that use 48-hour transport, barren battery cages and sow stalls among other things.

Boris Johnson, together with Zac Goldsmith and before that Michael Gove, achieved more than any previous government for non-human creatures: introducing compulsory CCTV in slaughterhouses, increasing sentences for cruelty to five years and banning the ivory trade.

A lot remained to be done – especially after Jacob Rees-Mogg sabotaged bans on fur and foie gras – but credit at least where it’s due. It’s clear that sacking Lord Goldsmith, who was perhaps just too effective for the new PM’s liking, is a taste of what’s to come.

After all, even George Eustice, a former environment secretary not especially beloved of animal rights supporters, admitted he had difficulty in getting Truss “to recognise the importance of animal welfare in particular” in trade talks.

Hard-right Tories are ideologically opposed to banning things, but they fail to understand that often things are banned for good reasons. After all, we no longer send children up chimneys or let people carry guns in the UK.

In the current climate, however, the future for all sorts of animals looks bleak in Truss’s Britain. Campaigners for their welfare are counting the days until the general election in the hope of ousting this tin-eared leader. Three quarters of respondents in one survey wanted more laws to improve animal welfare and prevent cruelty, not fewer.

As Claire Bass, executive director of Humane Society International UK, puts it: “Animals are so important to the electorate, and will matter at the ballot box; [it is] mystifying if Downing Street fails to see that.”

It’s hard to believe Truss actually wants animals to suffer, but unless she pulls some surprises out of her hat, she’s doing an extremely good impression of it.

Regards Mark

Reproduced from ‘Voices’, The Independent newspaper, England.

Voices: Tin-eared Truss is about to embark on the greatest betrayal of animal rights imaginable (

Below – me fighting the live animal export trade at Dover, England. 35+ years of this, to now have it thrown back in my face. Yes, insulting.

Germany: A Request To Find A New Forever Home for ‘Same’; – Owned By Animal Buddy Di, Who Has Saved Many Heavy Horses From Slaughter In the Past. Details and Contact Below.

WAV Comment – as Di says, we (her and I) have worked together on many animal issues in Germany and the UK for years.  Di has saved many heavy horses from going into the meat trade, and being slaughtered in the past, and now sadly, Same, her own horse, has to be found a new home.  Di provides details below for you.  We need to get Same re homed within the next few weeks if at all possible.

Please use the contact link  Contact – World Animals Voice if you need to follow up; and I will assure that all requests are forwarded over.

Regards Mark

Same’ currently lives in the Greater Stuttgart Area, North; Germany.

Baby ‘Same’

Samme now.

I seek a new home for my 6-year old Noriker gelding “Same Silver Elmar” due to, sadly, financial difficulties after repeated job loss. “Same” has been with me since he was a foal, coming from Kaernten, in Austria, in 2016 – that is, directly from the breeder near Jenig (“Leopard” only breeder).

“Same” is a few-spot leopard, with both parents being spotted, one “Wendy” (since passed), and the reg. stallion “Satan Elmar” (

Above – Same’s Dad – Satan Elmar.
Same with his mum.

He is not yet trained, but knows a little groundwork, likes going for walks. Hooves, leading, transporting are no problem. He is a good-natured, inquisitive, non-aggressive, human-oriented and very willing. Much like a big dog, who follows his Human around and is willing to please 🙂


I would like, for him, the right person, a friend and partner for life. Someone who can devote time and love into his careful training, and the building of a lasting friendship with him. He deserves no less.

Unfortunately, I am under pressure timewise (end of September – stable notice), after various parties abandoning their “very keen interest in that beautiful horse” recently, and hence I am stuck for options. I want to find the right place and people for him, as he is such a sweet guy, and handing him on to a trader will simply not do.

I have been involved with animal welfare, like Mark here, for many years, and “Same” is my 10th horse, saved from slaughter. I had hoped to be able to keep him, at least, but sadly that is not an option anymore.

The pot. price is a matter of discussion if the right offer comes along. I am also, of course, interested in other options, if someone can offer to help.

Thank you very much.

Diana H.

We are looking for a safe forever home for Same – please pass this link

Germany: A Request To Find A New Forever Home for ‘Same’; – Owned By Animal Buddy Di, Who Has Saved Many Heavy Horses From Slaughter In the Past. Details and Contact Below.

… on to anyone who you feel may be keen to help – Thank you.

England: Aerospace to Stray Dogs and More. My Years at SAV, By Mark.

Serbian ‘shinters’ catch stray dogs.

I have given the link to this in the past, but for newer visitors you may wish to drop by and check it out sometime.

Back in 2005 I founded ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ (SAV) to try and get a lot more attention in the way that the Serbian government was abusing and killing stray animals (dogs and cats).

We had many long battles with the government over this issue of abuse and killing; and often it resulted in us taking our issues to the EU, as Serbia (was not and still is not) a nation which wished to become an EU member state.  Basically, Serbia is unable to implement the rule of law (relating to its own national legislation) which is one of the core fundamentals for any nation wishing to become an EU member state.

So, I decided to close the site months ago due to the requirements of WAV, but you can still access all the site and read up on all our issues and fights by visiting the archive section on the left hand side.

Here is the site link:

Home – Serbian Animals Voice (SAV) | a voice for the voiceless

About Serbian animals – About Serbian Animals. | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

You change sometimes – a great 25 years in aerospace; but now an even better time doing animal rights !

About Us – About Us. | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Don’t forget that you need to go to the archive section on the left to get a month by month documentary of our fight for Serbian strays; and other issues such as farm animals and live exports from Serbia.

For example, you can see our expose of Serbian sheep being exported live to Israel here:

Serbia: Breaking News – Serbia Exports Live Sheep To Israel. | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Please check out the SAV site sometime if you wish, and see what we have been up to (pre WAV) in the past;

Regards Mark

England: 8//22 – Back.

Hi all; hope you are good.

18/8 – well back home tonight as I have been released from hospital which I have been in for the past week.  It relates to an old accident I had with a motorbike and rider when I was on my bike about 40 years ago doing some time trials.

Some of you have commented that that you are not getting ‘new data’ through – well there has been none due to situation described.  Venus has moved on now so resources are limited and posts stop or are minimal until thins get back on track. I think this is the main issue with people as they think something has happened.

It is simply that circumstances over the last week have caused issues.  I hope to start pushing out posts for you very soon; in the next day r so.

Sorry for the delay but hopefully tings are now getting back to more normal;

Regards Mark


England: Message From Mark.

Hi all;

This is just a word to let you know that things will be slowing down, or stopping, for a while.

I thank you for your support and kind messages, but as always, there are just a few which arrive and make no serious comment, but do contribute to how one feels about things. 

I have personally suffered from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for over 23 years now; that, plus the constant work of fighting for animal rights, which I have done for over 40 years now, kind of drags you down a bit sometimes – and now is one of those ‘real’ times.  In order to improve my health and get back to a better situation, I need to take some time out.

Please keep sending anything through the normal channels (Stacey (Our Compass ) and Erika (Animal Aid Unlimited ) as always); I am not going away, just lightening up for a time.  If and when I want to do posts, then they will be done; but at the moment I cannot go on researching and keeping the site going on a daily basis.

So you will see some reductions for a while; a period of re charging batteries and getting back to strength.  This is not the end for sure; but it is a time for closure until things improve.

There is the ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ site also which you can visit at

This gives an insight into what campaign work has been done in the past; especially huge fighting for the strays and fur bearers of Serbia since 2005; the Russian seal pups fight which was eventually stopped, and as always, live animal transport anywhere ! The Serbian site has been archived now but is still fully open for visitors. Check out some of the videos and our huge work in the archive section links on the left side.

There are also a few memories I share on the site from past campaign days:

A whitecoat pup netted by the Russian seal pup hunters.
Beautiful Whitecoat pup.
Doing our bit outside Downing Street, London (home of the brash, outrageous and free !) – Mark is Russian sealer on left. Read the campaign stories link below for more about this.

The crew hit Brussels to speak for the seal pups.

Thanks for understanding the situation and I will be back with you hopefully in the near future.

Regards Mark

Australia: The Australian People Have Given Their Opinion On Climate Change, Live Animal Exports, and More.

I have been personally involved with anti live animal exports for the last 30+ years, probably more like 35+ when I think about it.  It was during the anti export campaigns from English South coast ports that Phil and I became friends all those years ago.  He is now the CEO of Compassion In World Farming (CIWF) – Compassion in World Farming | Compassion in World Farming (

CIWF Patrons and high profile supporters:

United against factory farming | Compassion in World Farming (

Part of the SE England anti exports campaign:

England: I Met the Met, and Had The Bruises To Prove It. – World Animals Voice

The live animal export trade has always been top of my real hate listings; and regardless of where it happens; I will try to give additional support to locals who are attempting to make a difference and get the trade stopped.

Check out some/all past posts here if you wish:

Search Results for “live exports” – World Animals Voice

So, personally the very recent news in from Australia can only be positive for animals as far a I am concerned.  I am English, not Australian, but follow the happenings in the Aus export trade very closely through the work of Animals Australia and others.  The election results for Australia have only just started to arrive in the last day or so; but with a change in government now, it would appear that the (fed up) people are having their say about issues such as climate change, by putting ticks in boxes to attempt change.  The feelings of most Australians about live animals exports was obviously another issue which influenced how some people voted.

Mr Philip Wollen is our WAV Patron; and he is an avid vegan and anti export campaigner; you can see him speak about the trade here:

Kindness Footprints – Phil Woolen – WAV Patron. – World Animals Voice

Lets kick off with a video from our friends and fellow (anti live export) campaigners at Animals Australia to show you a little about the Australian live export business;

Live Export Ships Exposed – Animals Australia

Here below I am supplying you with some links relating to the trade and the recent election in Australia.  Some are pre election articles, but they are all associated with the trade in some way.  I quoted our good friends at Animals Australia earlier, and by being involved like them as an activist against the suffering, cruelty and abuses, I know they have the tenacity and never give up approach to getting a positive result for Australian animals.  I wish them more than the very best; their work is tireless.  Good victories never arrive overnight, and the live export trade is one of those massively long and drawn out battlefields.  I am confident that in this year the UK will pass legislation that will completely stop the trade overseas in live animals.  I know that the same will happen in Australia very soon due toy the endless endurance and work of good Australian citizens, some politicians and the masses of ‘normal’ citizens who have the balls to get up and speak out against the trade.  People vote, and they have in the last few days made their feelings clear about animal exports and the very important issue of climate change.

The battle in Australian exports is nearly over; it is now simply a matter of time to submit this abysmal record of suffering and abuse into the history books where it should have been placed many years ago.

Be yourself, no matter what they say !

We have presented the undercover footage; we have taken to the streets and we have put our tick in the voting box.  Governments either act and change things, or like the coal digger, you get removed by the electorate.  They have a choice, listen and act on it, or maintain the status quo and face the consequences.  Anyone with anything between their ears will listen to the people and act.

Regards Mark

Labor confirms plan to end live sheep exports if Albanese becomes PM – ABC News

Australians taking a stand against live animal export this election | World Animal Protection

Australia Might Be About To Ban Live Sheep Exports For Good (

Live sheep export is cruel, unpopular and unsustainable. | RSPCA Australia

Live export policy position of Labor not clear say WA livestock producers – ABC News

In memory of Mike Tucker and our beloved Jill:

The brilliant Mike Tucker – devoted anti export campaigner.

Jill – murdered attempting to save British calves being exported.

With Liza and Ellie at Dover; fighting the calf export business.

With Nanda and Monica on a well below freezing day in the Netherlands ! – cold, very cold.
Warmer ! – Summer tour against intensive animal farming in the Netherlands.
The tour truck parked up in central London.

England: I Met the Met, and Had The Bruises To Prove It.

I said recently that I would try and write a little more about live animal exports from England.

‘I’ve met the Met, and got the bruises to prove it’.

The history of live animal exports from the UK has been a long and troublesome one; with most Brits supporting a ban on the export and consequent suffering of animals, whilst the exporters, hauliers and those involved in the business / trade sat strongly on the other side of the fence.

I (Mark) come from Kent county (SE England); and with Dover port being in Kent, it was for years a battleground for anti export campaigners and the pro export lobby.  At one point, due to relentless and very effective campaigning by good people, Dover harbour banned the export of live animals.  As a result, hauliers and exporters turned their attention to other facilities in Southern England to try and get the animals into Europe.  Live calves were even flown out of Coventry airport to be crated in Europe; what with the UK boasting a ban on the use of veal crates, was it somewhat hypocritical for UK farmers to then send their calves to Europe to suffer a fate that had been banned in the UK on cruelty grounds ???

Live calves being exported to mainland Europe – Mark (WAV).

and the crating that resulted …

Banned in the UK on cruelty grounds, UK calves were still exported to Europe for crating ! – hypocritical ??

It was during the anti export protests at Coventry that Jill was run down and killed by an export truck:

February 1995:

Exporter Christopher Barrett-Jolley

Exporter Christopher Barrett-Jolley was behind the calf flights from Coventry; he was later jailed for being a Cocaine dealer which resulted in him being given a 20 jail sentence – read about it here:

England: There Is More To The Jill Story When You Have the Facts. – World Animals Voice

I personally journeyed many times to Shoreham to take part in anti export protests whilst Dover (my patch) was closed down.  There was a massive opposition to the trade as you can see in the film; the Met police from London had to be transported down to the SE port (at huge costs) every time there was a shipment – and in the end, it was these massive costs that stopped the trade from Shoreham.  There is an old saying in animal rights protester circles that they met the Met (police) and have the bruises to prove it – please watch the video and decide for yourselves.

In the end after the High Court ruling which was undertaken by live animal exporter Peter Gilder; the trade returned to Dover.  But, Shoreham and the unity of locals and the anti export protesters has and will always go down as one of the great stands by the Brits to defend the animals that cannot defend themselves.

April 1995 – Fury as live exports ban is lifted

Wednesday 12 April 1995

Dover is facing the threat of major disruption by protesters against the livestock export trade after a decision yesterday by the High Court that the port authority had acted illegally by banning the live animal traders from the port.

The court also ruled that Coventry airport and Plymouth City Council must allow live animal exports.

The landmark judgment, which in effect ensured the future of the trade for the foreseeable future, was greeted with glee by exporters and horror by animal rights campaigners. Mark Glover, of Respect for Animals, who orchestrated the original mass protests which led to the recent ban, predicted civil disobedience would close Dover to all traffic.

“The judges were calling for the rule of law to be upheld but they’ve wholly ignored the consequences of their judgment. We’ll be calling on all our supporters to take part in all the demonstrations against the trade and that will include Dover,” he said.

Jonathan Sloggett, managing director ofDover Harbour Board, said that when the trade restarted – probably after Easter – he feared there would be disruption for 99 per cent of Dover’s customers for the sake of the 1 per cent of animal export traffic.

He added: “The board has been, and remains, very concerned that the admission to the port of Dover of the trade in live animals for export will cause considerable disruption to all the other users of the port.

“The board very much hopes that all those who sincerely object on moral grounds to the exportation of live animals for slaughter will accept that Dover has a legal duty to admit this trade and cannot lawfully refuse to do so.”

Kent police have previously warned Dover that, in the event of any serious disturbance, the A2 and A20 approach roads to the port would have to be closed, causing widespread disruption. They are now drawing up plans for dealing with fresh protests.

Lord Justice Simon Brown and Mr Justice Popplewell ruled that Dover, Coventry and Plymouth had no right to surrender to “mob-rule” and they must accept the trade regardless of the protests that will ensue.

The judges ruled that the port and airport authorities must accept all lawful trade despite their determined opposition to accepting livestock exports.

The judges severely criticised the authorities for acting out of “narrow self-interest”. Dover and Coventry had warned the court that their operations would be severely hampered or halted by animal welfare campaigners, who would take their protest wherever the trade was conducted.

The authorities argued that the interests of existing port and airport users must take precedence over newcomers. Dover warned specifically that a 250-strong demonstration could be capable of closing Britain’s busiest port.

The judges said the demonstrators should now recognise it was “impossible” for the ports to submit to unlawful protest and accept “the limitations upon their lawful right to protest”.

Lord Justice Simon Brown said: “If ever there were cases demanding the courts’ intervention in support of the rule of law, these are they.

“It may indeed be doubted whether there remains any logic in protesting at the ports: the only body properly able to ban this lawful trade is Parliament itself – unless indeed the Secretary of State is advised that even that would be unlawful under Community law, in which event the only solution lies across the Channel.”

The decision marked a victory for the livestock exporters Peter Gilder & Sons and Russanglia Ltd, who argued that Dover’s decision to ban the trade was unlawful because the port was duty bound to accept all lawful cargoes.

Their victory was shared by Phoenix Aviation, which argued that Coventry City Council acted unlawfully by trying to block the trade, and by Associated British Ports, owner of Plymouth’s Millbay docks, which argued that it had no power to unilaterally ban the trade despite the claims of the city council.

Liberty, formerly the National Council for Civil Liberties, also joined in the criticism of yesterday’s judgment.

Andrew Puddephatt, its general secretary,said: “A Private Member’s Bill to stop live animal exports was introduced into Parliament in February but ran out of time when one of William Waldegrave’s aides spent 24 minutes reading chunks from the Encyclopaedia Britannica to furious MPs.

“In the face of antics like that, it seems both ludicrous and insulting to claim that people should trust in the parliamentary process rather than engaging in protest that has been largely peaceful.

Fury as live exports ban is lifted | The Independent | The Independent

Shoreham – the film:

This film follows weeks of daily demonstrations by hundreds and, at times, thousands of people, who converged on a small harbour port in West Sussex, England, to protest about the export into Mainland Europe of thousands of cattle and sheep.

Thousands of young calves were also destined for veal crates, a system where calves are kept locked into tiny boxes, only able to lay or stand and are chained or tethered, forced to drink iron deficient milk so as to satisfy those who like their flesh (veal) light rose coloured and tender. This system was already banned in the UK and so farmers were exporting these baby animals to Europe where it was still legal.

The film demonstrates the power of ordinary people, when they get together and fight for the rights of those who do not have a voice. Within weeks, these advocates for animals managed to stop in their tracks, big business who were profiteering from what many people believe is a trade in suffering. Other harbour ports across the UK also saw these exports stopped, due to persistent and daily demonstrations. Ordinary folk, from all walks of life, young and not so young, put their own liberty and personal safety at risk to try and protect animals as well as to highlight this issue. Watch this film and be inspired.

View the film – Shoreham live export demonstrations 1995

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Live animal exports have been a subject of tension between animal rights and welfare groups, the public and the farming community since the late nineteenth century. Alun Howkins (1947-2018), a founding editor of History Workshop Journal, and Linda Merricks explored changing attitudes towards live animal exports, drawing extensively on material from the Mass Observation Archive at the University of Sussex which aims to record the everyday lives and opinions of ordinary people. They found that campaigns against the transport of live animals had their origins in the late nineteenth century, corresponding with the growth of the antivivisection movement and environmental activism in Britain. Eight animal protection groups had been established in Britain by 1900 and another eight by 1944. While only one more group was formed before 1960, there were a further fourteen by the end of the 1980s. This suggests that interest in animal protection peaked in the late nineteenth century and then, again, after 1960 with the advent of modern animal rights. In the nineteenth century, concern about animal welfare in Britain was associated with religious-inspired moral reform which raised awareness of animal cruelty, whereas from the 1960s it reflected growing public consciousness of the relationship between humans and animals. Interest in animal welfare and animal rights has since become more central to public and political debate in Britain, but it is important to distinguish between the two. Animal welfare permits the use of animals by humans as long as they are provided with adequate food, shelter, veterinary treatment and other needs to prevent suffering, whereas animal rights advocates share the belief that it is morally wrong to exploit animals.

The past and future of live animal exports – History Workshop

Moving on to current times; live animal exports to be banned in England and Wales

Published 3 December 2020

Live animal exports to be banned in England and Wales – BBC News

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Shaking him warmly by the throat – Mark (WAV) and Barb protest at Dover against live calf exports – a liberated calf and the Prime Minister (then John Major) is shoved in the veal crate; for experience type of thing !!!