USA: Should An Advocate of Big Coal and Chemical Companies Be In Charge of the Environmental Protection Agency ? – Petition.




An advocate of Big Coal and chemical companies could soon be in charge of environmental protection in the United States.

Andrew Wheeler’s beliefs about climate change and the environment make him unfit to lead the EPA.

Is he fit to run the EPA ?


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Sign this petition to ask the Senate to reject this unqualified and utterly inappropriate nominee.


Target: Senator John Barrasso, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works

Goal: Do not confirm polluter ally Andrew Wheeler as the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Andrew Wheeler does not prioritize the environment. His track record as the acting head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proves this. We need the new head of the EPA to uphold the EPA’s mission statement of protecting human health and the environment. Wheeler is not the man for the job.

Andrew Wheeler became the acting EPA administrator in July 2018, when Scott Pruit resigned amid a serious scandal that he misused federal funds for personal gains. He is before Congress this week for his congressional hearing to officially lead the agency.

Wheeler has a history as a coal, chemical and uranium lobbyist. He vehemently defends the Trump administration’s rollback of environmental regulations. He does not think that climate change is a crisis caused by humans that requires a swift response. His attitude and policies do not protect human health and the environment. He is unfit to lead the EPA.

Senate Democrats spent much of their time during a confirmation hearing pointing out how far out of sync Wheeler’s track record is with the mission of the EPA. They accused Wheeler of tipping the scale in favor of the fossil fuel industry. Unfortunately, Democrats hold a minority in the Senate and will not be able to block the confirmation of Wheeler alone. They need Senate Republicans to take a stand for the environment.

Join us in demanding that the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works remember what the EPA was designed to protect.

Do not confirm Andrew Wheeler as the new head of the EPA.



Sen. John Barrasso,

In your capacity as chairman of the committee, you hold a good deal of power and influence when it comes to confirming the next head of the EPA. Andrew Wheeler is before your committee seeking confirmation. Please do not confirm him.

The EPA was designed to protect human health and the environment. Wheeler’s track record proves that he will not uphold the mission of the EPA. He repeatedly works to deny climate change, lobby for fossil fuels, and repeal regulations that safeguard human health. Wheeler is not the person I want in charge of environmental regulations.

I am asking you to not confirm Andrew Wheeler as the next head of the EPA.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: U.S. EPA


India: Introduction to 2019 With Some Amazing Rescues. Please Donate If You Can.



WAV Comment

There are some Trumped up narcissists who survive only on the amount of money they have and by ensuring that everybody calls them ‘Mr President’.  These are the same folk who are supposed to run a nation and keep people in employment paid a monthly, living wage.  On the other side of the coin, there are many folk who are not financially rich; but who do hold that special trait of being ‘compassionate’ people; trying to help other living. sentient beings.  In the following videos you will witness actions from such people.  In our opinion; these folk are the real ‘heroes’ of any nation; they do not seek self glorification from the media; instead they just get on doing what they do best – in this case saving desperate animals in need of help; providing care for their survival.  We salute them; not the jumped up egomaniacs living in their ‘fake’ world that says they think everything they do is correct whilst everything others do is wrong.

Welcome here to the world of compassionate, normal; sensible people:


aa 2019 header

From Animal Aid Unlimited; India:

Last week we welcomed special dignitaries to visit our shelter and to honour some of Animal Aid’s most active community volunteers. The special guests included the previous Rajasthan Home Minister and now Rajasthan Opposition Leader, Gulab Chand Kataria; an MLA and senior police officer and local business leader.

We were greatly assisted by Dr Jinendra Shastri, a political leader in Udaipur, who helped organise the event and ensured that the media covered activities of Animal Aid throughout the week, including a special feature about two of our most stellar volunteers, Anca Gheorghe from Austria and Ayala Melki, from Israel. We loved the publicity, the awareness raised about street animals’ problems, and the opportunity to celebrate Udaipur residents who have helped save so many lives


10 incredible rescues will make you cry tears of joy

Harrowing rescues all with happy endings, 10 unbelievable close calls will bring you from “Oh No!” to “Yesssss!” within the same breath.

When all hope is lost, with your help, we’re there.

Please donate today.


Sweet Prince walks again

We got a call for a dog who had been hit by a bike and was unable to walk. He had somehow dragged himself to the side of the road but was unable to stand or to walk. He was so happy to see his rescuers that he wagged his tail despite the pain of his injuries. We brought the dear boy back to Animal Aid’s hospital and began his treatment and 6 weeks of bed rest.

Please donate today to save the lives of precious street animals like Prince.

Baby calf drowning in well, rescued

His mother cow was frantic. She paced back and forth at the edge of an open well in heart-breaking agony because her calf had fallen in. We could barely distinguish his face looking up from the floating garbage as, exhausted and ice cold, he took his last breaths. Our rescue team arrived just in time. Watch a beautiful mother get her most desperate wish fulfilled.

Please donate for animals, and for those who love them most.


Mr Teddy Bear was starving and riddled with mange

He cowered under a porch, weakened with agony after what must have been weeks of maddening itching from mange. His scab-encrusted body was also attacked by maggots that had entered the skin which he had scratched open in desperate confusion. Too ravaged by the mange parasites to eat, this precious dog was in the final stages of his life. But watch what happened next.

Even extremely ill animals can be saved. But they need your help. Please donate.


Celebrate the Care-givers:
Bhagat Singh  

bhagat aa 2019

7 years ago Udaipur animals got a new guardian angel with rescue team leader Bhagat Singh. As a our ambulance driver, Bhagat has led his team in literally thousands of life-saving missions, guiding rescuers down winding lanes, calamitous construction sites, busy freeways and into the back rooms of private houses–wherever animals hide in pain, or are stopped in their tracks by urgent health problems. Bhagat cheerfully tackles near-impossible distances and every hour makes critical judgments about which animals need to be treated as the highest rescue priorities. Bhagat Singh has set the highest standard for life-saving rescues.

The real Heroes –  every one of them ! – please try and donate today, Thank You – WAV.


“We are all one …”


affe hinter gittern_n

Man has no or at most only a few unique abilities.
There are many living beings who can learn a language, enter into complex social relationships, renounce their own wishes for the good of the community, use tools, imagine things and dream. There are many creatures that can remember certain information, play with their friends, enjoy intimacy, talk and grieve for their dead.
Some creatures have abilities that far surpass our own – be it in terms of navigation or stamina, communication or the early detection of natural events.

affen baby schlafendn

We still do not know exactly how all living things think or what they think. But dismissing their world of thought as less developed, less rational, less ethical, or less intelligent than ours is clearly a mistake.

No living thing deserves to be mistreated

No matter what skills it has. We all know that tormenting children or disabled people is just wrong because they do not have the same skills as adults.
In the same way, all living beings on this earth have a right to freedom and respect – not because they have abilities that we admire, but simply because they are living beings.
We all have the same evolutionary roots, we all live on the same earth, and we are all subject to the same laws of nature.

kleines mädchen mit hund

“We are all one.”

Translation: Venus – from

My best regards to all, Venus

USA: Who Now Is More Cruel ?




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WAV Comment – we always have said that hunters are sick in their very warped head.

Question now is, who is the cruellest ? – USA or China ?

This Wyoming coyote is one of thousands who are being persecuted by human killers in the state, who practice ‘Yote Whackin’. It includes coyote killing contests and snowmobiles. This coyote is plastered in the snow under a snowmobile after just being chased until she/he could no longer escape. The hunter arranged his camera on the snowmobile to film himself running over the coyote several times before grabbing the coyote by the tail and swinging the animal to beat her/his head against the snowmobile, again and again, until the job is done when he tosses the coyote, as he smiles into the camera.

You can read more about this animal cruelty, and also watch a video here (warning, the video is extremely graphic):

The photo and video above “ … offer brutal glimpses at reality, and they speak not only truth on the ground but to the fact such behaviour is condoned by political and social leaders in Wyoming, who let them happen without comment.” (Todd Wilkinson).

Coyotes in WY and other western states have no protection at all … everything goes. We also have anecdotal evidence that hunters in Montana enjoy chasing and running over coyotes with their recreational vehicles.

No animal deserves this type of the suffering and cruel death.

No animal deserves to be treated with such aggression, brutality and violence.

Please take immediate action and contact WY’s officials to prohibit predator killing contests and killing coyotes with vehicles – now!

Please sign this petition to demand that the state of Wyoming immediately provide protection for predators and prohibit atrocious behavior such as coyote/predator killing contests, and chasing and running over coyotes (or any wild animal) with any vehicle, including aircrafts, ATVs, ORVs, cars and snowmobiles.

You can also write your own letter denouncing this unhinged cruelty, or you can personalize the letter below, and send it to the officials listed below. We must stop the pathological torture of our wildlife.

Public Photo: “Coyote snow camo”, and “that face you make when a snowmobile runs you over”.
Public photos and videos under Fair Use for educational purpose.

Petition Link –



Dear official,

I was shocked to learn that Wyoming allows ‘yote whackin,’ a practice that include coyote killing contests and killing coyotes with snowmobiles.

In just one video posted online, a hunter can be seen chasing a coyote to exhaustion in deep snow, deliberately running the animal over several times, and then grabbing the coyote by the tail and slamming the animal onto his snowmobile while smiling into the camera. You can read more about this issue and also watch a video here:

Videos like the one above “ … offer brutal glimpses at reality, and they speak not only truth on the ground but to the fact such behavior is condoned by political and social leaders in Wyoming, who let them happen without comment.” (Todd Wilkinson).

Predator killing contests and killing wild animals with vehicles goes against the ethical standards laid out by the North American Wildlife Model and directly violates fair chase, respect for and humane killing of wild animals.

What gives hunters the right to engage in behavior that otherwise would be punished with a felony animal cruelty charge? No animal, whether domestic or wild deserves to be treated with such outrageous aggression, brutality and violence.

I am asking you to immediately provide protection for predators and prohibit atrocious behavior such as coyote/predator killing contests, and chasing and running over coyotes (or any wild animal) with any vehicle, including aircrafts, ATVs, ORVs, cars and snowmobiles.


Image result for warped coyote hunters

Above – Member of Team Warped Head.

The stronger determines the life of others





It is not the first time that we see burning elephants. The habitat of Asian elephants is shrinking. A crowd of people in an Indian village brutally attacked an elephant and his cub and shot the couple with firebombs. After getting close to humans, they were shot at with firebombs. The problem: Indian elephants roam huge areas. There is a conflict: human against wilderness.

Elephants stubbornly follow their old ways because they know they will not destroy a single habitat. When the villagers plant a tea or coffee plantation in their route, they’ll just go through it. If someone scares them off with a blast or a fire, they’ll run amok.

Due to the rapid deforestation of forests in India, wild animals have less habitat and this is increasingly driving them into conflict with humans. The angry villagers mercilessly attack the elephants, as you can see in the photo.


If the villagers do not have firebombs to disperse the elephants, they use flaming torches. As in the following photo, here a group of men are chasing a herd of wild elephants.

elefanten- werden mit feuer bejagd

This happens because the villagers have to save their crop, said the photographer Hazra the news agency Caters. His photo won the first prize in the Sanctuary Nature Foundation Photo Contest. Now he shows new photos to illustrate the conflict between elephants and humans.
This week, another elephant mother was detonated with her calf!

Indian elephants are considered endangered. Their stock numbers have fallen by over 50 percent since the 1940s.

The big animals have to spend up to 19 hours feeding daily and produce about 100 kg of manure per day. Especially these men who attack elephants with firebombs benefit from this crap.

elefanten-über einen zuggleisAn elephant mother and her calf are trying to cross the railroad tracks that lead through their natural habitat.


Photographer Biplab Hazra said the goal of his documentary photos is to raise awareness of the population, and to draw attention to these problems, which put the habitat of elephants under danger.

elefanten-6herde durchquehrt bahngleisjpgA large elephant herd crosses a railway line built in Bishnupur, India, into its natural habitat.

Photographer Biplab Hazra, who took the heartbreaking pictures, said, “There are many elephant corridors in human villages.”

That`s India too!

elefant-gefesselt als trainingsobjekt

We have already reported that not only in Thailand are the elephants captured. 30,000 euros is worth a cub. Therefore, many elephants are also imported from other countries, for example from Myanmar!

This terrible industry is booming because foreign visitors ride elephants or pay a lot of money for the elephants to do tricks.

Elephant babies are ripped off by their mothers, and when the elephants defend the young animal, other herd elephants are shot dead. Locked up in a small cage or hole in the ground, tied up and cruelly maltreated, the elephant baby is taught to fear and obey people.

The attack has terrified online communities, and many have engaged in social media to condemn the heartless attack.

My comment: The human species are becoming more and more and the animal species are becoming less and less.
The conflict between man and beast is artificially made by human hands and is based on the fascist belief that only the stronger has the right to life and habitat.
Whoever is the weaker and its existence disturbs the Stronger, loses his home, his family, his freedom, his life.
This is the justice of the ruling species.
And those who disobey are destroyed.

Best regards, Venus

Singapore: Poor Kittens – Authorities Bust Man Trying to Smuggle Kittens In His Pants !



Singapore Authorities Bust Man Trying to Smuggle Kittens In His Pants

On January 2, immigration authorities caught a man trying to smuggle four kittens into Singapore — in his pants.

The suspect drew the suspicion of authorities when they heard meowing coming from the direction of his crotch.

In an act that has been lauded as “fur-midable,” the officers apprehended the subject at a border checkpoint as he tried to enter the country in a car coming from neighboring Malaysia. Before making the discovery, the officers asked the 45-year-old man if he had anything to declare.

It’s common for people to smuggle items into the country underneath their clothing, according to a spokeswoman, but the contraband typically consists of items less noisy than a kitten, such as cigarettes. In fact, it was the first time they found illicit feline cargo concealed in this way.

The kittens were quarantined but appear active and well, and the case is being investigated by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority.

While the authorities are unsure why the kittens were being smuggled, they suspect the man may have intended to sell them as pets.

Despite the humorous twist on this story, this offense is something to take very seriously. This helpless kittens could have easily been hurt or killed.

Unfortunately, pet smuggling is a cruel and highly lucrative industry that’s growing as people around the world are willing to pay high prices for animals with the “right” breeding. According to the Scottish SPCA, for example, some criminals switch from drug dealing to pet smuggling because they can make the same amount of money with less legal risk.

To avoid contributing to the problem, never obtain a dog or cat online, or from anyone who cannot verify with absolute certainty that the animal came from a humane source. The best policy is to adopt your next companion animal from a rescue shelter — you’ll save a life and avoid lining the pockets of puppy mills and smugglers.