Denmark extends the ban on mink breeding for another year

This is an important decision: Denmark is extending the ban on mink breeding for another year to protect against the corona virus, i.e. until 2023.
This was announced by Agriculture Minister Prehn in Copenhagen.
The mink is the only animal in which it has so far been established with certainty that it can both become infected and infect humans.

The current ban should only apply until 2022.
It was imposed after the coronavirus spread to nearly 300 mink farms in Denmark and prematurely killing all 15 million animals in the country.

The Danish government believes that mink farming could still pose a public health risk next year – hence the extension.
Because mink farms are not only an absolute horror for the animals, which are kept in tiny cages until their painful death.

Fur farms also represent a potential reservoir of disease, because viruses can spread quickly in the crowded confines.

And I mean…Denmark was once the world’s largest exporter of mink – that’s over now.
When the country ordered the unnecessary mass murder of 15 million minks in 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture announced that the mink industry would now de facto be shut down for several years, but not be banned.

The breeders could actually be very satisfied: Because around 1,000 companies with a total of 2,700 jobs were able to receive the equivalent of up to 3 billion euros in 2020.

The compensation does not exclude a subsequent resumption of breeding. Only in this case would the breeders not be entitled to the total compensation, which is intended for a loss of earnings until 2030.

In other words: the industry was showered with money, although none of the companies had been profitable since 2019 and one in four was even about to go bankrupt.

All fur farming must be banned forever!!!
Not to prevent the next pandemic (because it did not come from the mink farms), but to end this unspeakable animal suffering.

My best regards to all, Venus

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