Day: September 11, 2021

Serbia: There is no excuse for cruelty to animals!

The Green Animal Welfare Forum and the RespekTiere association from Salburg (Austria) demonstrated against the unbearable animal rights situation in the Balkan state in front of the Serbian embassy in Vienna.

Animal rights and animal welfare are not part of the Serbian government’s agenda.
The policy of the Balkan state is attested to inactivity in animal welfare.

Dogs, cats, etc. are being hawked and are condemned to a dreary, unlawful life that is at the mercy of any human arbitrariness.
Like domestic animals, wild animals in private zoos, large and small, are condemned to all the agonies of pathetic animal husbandry.

“It’s great that Serbia wants to join the European Union.
Now is the perfect opportunity to prove that this country is ready for real change, “explains Cosma Stöger, chairwoman and spokeswoman for the Green Animal Welfare Forum, a network organization of Green Vienna, on the sidelines of the demo.
She adds: “I was allowed to accompany ‘RespekTiere’ to Serbia last year to get a picture of the situation.

What I saw there was at times indescribably shocking.”

“RespekTiere” Association has now* written a letter to the Serbian government in the Serbian language that supporters can send to Belgrade!

Serbia, the II. – concrete cases! Letter to the President, NOW !!

Now, after several protests in front of the embassy or consulate of Serbia, let’s move on to the next stage of the campaign!
We have drawn up a friendly but specific letter which is to be addressed to the decisive points; to the embassies in our countries, to the President of Serbia, to the Prime Minister and to the veterinary authority!
Please help everyone, from now on every vote counts!

Here is the letter to copy, please send it in the Serbian version!

Ladies and gentlemen!
Have a wonderful, good day!

I would like to ask you to finally give animal welfare a higher priority in your country!
The reward is certain: for people will know how to appreciate any such effort! Animal welfare is a major concern of the population – don’t look the other way and take action!

As a candidate for accession to the European Union, it must be high time to introduce the corresponding reforms.
Take the appropriate steps and you can be sure of applause from all sides!

If you do not do it, the protests against Serbia’s accession to the EU will not subside.
There is no excuse for cruelty to animals, you will surely agree! Stop Cruelty to Animals Now !!!

with best regards
Please put your letter in your own words or copy the template (wording as above):

Poštovane dame i gospodo!
Želim Vam prelepi dan!

Ovom prilikom bih želela da Vas zamolim da pružite svoju pomoć, da bi zaštita životinja u Vašoj zemlji konačno dobila veći značaj. Nagrada za to je izvesna: drugi ljudi će znati da cene svaki takav trud! Zaštita životinja je važno pitanje za stanovništvo – nemojte skretati pogled, nego budite aktivni! Za državu koja je candidate za pristupanje Evropskoj uniji sada je krajnje vreme da se pokrenu odgovarajuće reforme. Napravite odgovarajuće korake i biće Vam osiguran aplauz sa svih strana! Ako to ne učinite, protesti protiv pristupanja Srbije Evropskoj uniji neće utihnuti. Ne postoji opravdanje za mučenje životinja – sigurno ćete se složiti s time! Zaustavite mučenje životinja – zaustavite ga odmah !!!

Sa srdačnim pozdravom

Please write today !!! ** The animals have no voice, they need us !!!

Serbian Embassy in Vienna:
Serbian Embassy in Berlin:
Serbian Embassy in Bern:

President Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic:

Prime Minister Serbia, Ana Brnabić:

Ministry of Veterinary Affairs (Uprava za veterinu, v.d. direktora: Emina Milakara) e-mail:

P.S: (Incidentally, this “now *” means a while ago, exactly two years. But the letter remains as a good letter to those responsible and can be sent at any time. The same applies to the “today !!! **”)

And I mean…The street dogs in Serbia (perhaps with the weak exception of Belgrade) are among the poorest of the poor: the city does not take care of them or catch them, the residents complain about the strays, they are run over or mistreated in rows.
The status of four-legged friends in Serbia is rather low in terms of legislation.

The urban dog catchers, who continue to go about their “business” despite the Corona crisis, collect stray dogs and bring them to the urban institutions, a practical hell for animals.

All measures that endanger the life of the stray animals are actually illegal, because the stray problem was created by humans.

But there is also one thing to keep in mind: it’s not that people don’t like dogs, it’s that they are scared of them. In a country like Serbia, problems with dogs quickly become political problems.
Fear is deliberately stoked in the population in order to justify government actions.

It is very likely that the catastrophic situation with the stray in Serbia will be interpreted as a reason to refuse the country entry into the EU.

For the Serbian government it is still a national disgrace, which became known thanks to the massive protests across Europe, and is considered a grave disgrace for a country that has been standing at the EU door for a long time and begging to come in.

My best regards to all, Venus

France: in spite of the ban ortolane are still drowned and eated!

Before the law one could achieve a victory and enforce a ban on the questionable “culinary delights” after previous animal cruelty unparalleled, but unfortunately this un-tradition is still practiced illegally.

We are talking about a custom from France in which protected songbirds – Ortolane or garden bunting – are mistreated and eaten.

The garden bunting is a songbird that overwinters in Africa and flies thousands of kilometers to breed with us. The slightly larger than sparrow-sized bird with the yellow throat, also called Ortolan, was never common in Germany – and is becoming increasingly rare.
One reason for this is its flight route.

On their strenuous journey around the Mediterranean Sea, the animals have to make a stopover in southern France to recover.
That will doom for thousands of them.
Because the French love Ortolans. Not because they are beautiful to look at or because they sing adorable.
But because they taste good.
The animals end up as a precious specialty in the palate of wealthy gourmets.

The well-heeled French upper class has these animals caught and fattened for 3 weeks in the dark so that the little birdies put on fat and mutate into so-called “fat bangers”.

They are then drowned in Armagnac so that the birds can take in plenty of it.
Then the birds are fried in fat in a special saucepan and put into their mouths whole by gourmets with skin and bones and chewed.

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