Day: September 8, 2021

England: ‘Geronimo’ and the Badger Cull. Claim and Counter Claim. Lets See What the Press Say on 9/9/21.

Hi all – 2000hrs GMT 8/9

I started to write a post re Geronimo and the (Defra organised) unnecessary badger cull demo in London today, but there are already counter claims from Defra about Geronimo not testing positive for bTB.

Probably a face saving, and job saving exercise by those who claim to know better than everyone else. Reputations, their Defra reputation is at stake.

I decided to halt and instead wait and see what the press have to say about it on 9/9/21.

So nothing more tonight as the scene is changing all the time.

Hopefully more tomorrow;

Regards Mark

Primates as Pets – The victims of a multimillion dollar industry

Did you know that primates kept as pets often suffer from malnutrition, deformities and mental anguish?
In the U.S. alone, it is estimated that up to 15,000 primates are being kept as pets.

Unlike dogs and cats, apes and monkeys are not domesticated animals.
They belong in the wild with their mothers and family groups to develop normally and to live fulfilling, healthy lives

Social media enables illegal activity

We’ve all seen viral videos and images of pet primates. Although they may seem cute and we all know people who share these images, every one of these animals is a victim of a multimillion dollar industry founded on suffering.

Baby primates are torn away from their families, their teeth are ripped out, and after they’re sold online they may never see another member of their own species again.

These photos and videos need to be reported as cruelty.

Demand that Facebook and Google make it easier to report that videos and images featuring pet apes and monkeys are cruel.
Also ask them to remove all reported content featuring pet primates.

The Letter

To Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai,

“I am shocked and disappointed about how difficult it is to report posts featuring animal cruelty on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. I am even more appalled that posts containing animal exploitation remain on your social media sites even after they have been reported by concerned users.

While videos and images featuring wildlife as pets may appear cute or funny, they depict animals who are suffering.
Animals who are taken from the wild or ripped from their mothers days after birth.
Animals whose teeth have been ripped out and are suffering from health problems and psychological damage.

Sadly, apes and monkeys frequently feature in these posts. Due to their high level of intelligence and their similarities to humans, primates are popular as exotic pets.
The traits that make them desirable as pets are also the reasons why they should never be kept in captivity. Primates are highly social animals and need to be with their families to live happy and healthy lives. Keeping them as pets is depriving them of their basic needs.

I respectfully urge you to implement the following measures to show you do not condone the mistreatment of animals:

• Provide a clear way to let the users of your social media sites easily report content containing primates, and other wildlife, as animal cruelty.
• Take action when such content is reported, by removing content showing wildlife as pets.

I beg that you help to stop the horrendous pet trade and show you care about the suffering of animals”.

Will you help us get to 150,000 signatures to remove suffering apes and monkeys from social media?
Sign the letter and share it with animal lovers like you.

And I mean…Everything is offered on social networks.

Little is reported about the trafficking in monkeys as pets.
In contrast to the flourishing ivory business.
But this trade is a terrible global criminal enterprise that catches, sells, or kills billions of monkeys of all kinds when they can no longer be sold.
Typically, privately owned monkeys start biting and get aggressive or nervous and start screaming, then they are simply thrown away, resold, or killed.

In nature, monkeys live in large groups and are considered very social. But they are wild animals and not domesticated like cats or dogs.
So they are not used to living with people.

Monkeys are very active animals and want to move around. Since they run, climb and jump a lot in the wild, animal welfare is simply not possible.

Cute monkeys are also in demand as pets in Germany.
In the German-speaking area alone, over 2,400 monkeys were sold in 2016, including over 800 marmosets!

Wild animals on sale are mostly caught with nets or traps and thus wrested from their natural habitat.

Baby monkeys that are offered for sale are often taken away from their mothers early and sometimes brutally.
During transport, the animals often die due to a lack of space and ventilation, stress or insufficient care.

Primates are among the most traded mammals.
The number increases steadily every year.
According to a 2011 study, an estimated tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of live animals are traded each year.

The animal and nature conservation organization Pro Wildlife searched the Internet for offers for exotic species over a period of five years.
They found offers for more than 10,000 exotic mammals with a total value of over eight million euros.
The way the traders do their business with monkeys makes the mafia look like amateurs.

Our message-Don’t keep monkeys at home!
Humans cannot keep monkeys as pets in a species-appropriate way, they belong in the wild and not in your living room.

My best regards to all, Venus

UK-Hunters love being criminals

Disturbing footage shows the moment a pack of crazed hounds appeared to savage a fox to death during a hunt.

Members of the Warwickshire Hunt were filmed by saboteurs allegedly using their dogs to tear the creature to pieces in Chadshunt, Warks., on Monday (6/9).

Graphic video footage shows dozens of hounds swarming around bushes in a field before clambering over each other to rip away chunks of flesh.

Meanwhile, huntsmen stand around and sit on horseback – appearing to do little to call off the attack as the dogs drag pieces of the dead animal away.

West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs said the prestigious hunt met in Kineton, Warks., at around 6am and claim they later deliberately sought out the nearby fox den.

A spokesperson for the group said: “This was no ‘accident’, the Warwickshire Hunt can’t claim they accidentally came across this fox.

“There was no pretence at even laying and following a trail. The huntsman has been at the Warwickshire Hunt for a long time now and will know his hunt country well.

“The fact that he headed across the road and straight up to what he would have known was an active fox den shows that this was very much a deliberate act of hunting.

Killed it
“He then let his hounds run up and down it until inevitably they found the fox and killed it.
“At no point prior to the hounds killing the fox did the huntsman or anyone from the hunt stop the hounds.
“Members of the hunt were all happy for the hounds to be running up and down an area that contained a fox den.

“What is most shocking about this apart from the fact that a fox was brutally ripped apart by a pack of hounds is the complete casualness and nonchalance of those involved and watching.
“No one rushes over to stop the hounds.
“The riders just stand watching before casually moving on to the next bit of land to hunt as if a fox being killed is an everyday normal occurrence.”

The Hunting Act has banned the hunting of mammals with dogs in England and Wales since 2004.
The Warwickshire Hunt and Warwickshire Police have both been contacted for comment.

And I mean……when hunters look for foxes in their only refuge where they breed their pups in order to brutally kill entire fox families as part of the construction hunt with dogs or to catch fox babies in order to shoot them ..

… when dogs or packs of dogs tear foxes break up family associations of foxes or wild boars and mangle newborns …
…when hunters massacre even highly pregnant wild animals ..
… when hunters armed with semi-automatic weapons, infrared or thermal imaging technology go to war against animals..

then… we speak of psychopaths who enjoy killing defenseless animals (negligent homicide = murder)

In practice, hunting is a conscious, knowingly, willful cruelty to animals that is guided by lower motives, and is solely for the perverse pleasure of some psychopaths.

Most of the alleged government are fox hunters themselves. They love being criminals.
The only illegal activity supported by the government and the police is that of the hunters.

My best regards to all, Venus

England: On Day of Defra Demo; Post Mortem Results Show ‘Geronimo’ DID NOT Have Bovine TB.

Breaking 8/9/21

Shit really hits the fan now;

On the day of the Defra demo in support of Geronimo and opposing the badger cull because of bovine TB; we are just hearing that from the post mortem on Geronimo, he DID NOT HAVE bTB.

This throws a total new light on the whole issue now.

More to come later

Regards Mark

Climate Change is Causing Animals to SHAPESHIFT. And Man ? – He Just Goes on Destroying and Killing.

Species of Australian parrot  have exhibited an average increase in bill size of around 4–10 per cent since 1871 — a growth correlated with shifts in average summer temperatures


Species of Australian parrot  have exhibited an average increase in bill size of around 4–10 per cent since 1871 — a growth correlated with shifts in average summer temperatures

WAV Comment:  Animals ‘get wise’ and adapt to needs.  Man ?, well he just plods on in the same way, Mr invincible; master of all ! – (so he thinks).

Climate change is causing animals to SHAPESHIFT: Warm-blooded creatures are evolving to have larger beaks, legs and ears to better regulate their body temperatures as Earth gets hotter, study finds

Read the article at:

Climate change: Some animals are changing shape to better regulate body temperatures as Earth warms | Daily Mail Online

Regards Mark