UK-Hunters love being criminals

Disturbing footage shows the moment a pack of crazed hounds appeared to savage a fox to death during a hunt.

Members of the Warwickshire Hunt were filmed by saboteurs allegedly using their dogs to tear the creature to pieces in Chadshunt, Warks., on Monday (6/9).

Graphic video footage shows dozens of hounds swarming around bushes in a field before clambering over each other to rip away chunks of flesh.

Meanwhile, huntsmen stand around and sit on horseback – appearing to do little to call off the attack as the dogs drag pieces of the dead animal away.

West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs said the prestigious hunt met in Kineton, Warks., at around 6am and claim they later deliberately sought out the nearby fox den.

A spokesperson for the group said: “This was no ‘accident’, the Warwickshire Hunt can’t claim they accidentally came across this fox.

“There was no pretence at even laying and following a trail. The huntsman has been at the Warwickshire Hunt for a long time now and will know his hunt country well.

“The fact that he headed across the road and straight up to what he would have known was an active fox den shows that this was very much a deliberate act of hunting.

Killed it
“He then let his hounds run up and down it until inevitably they found the fox and killed it.
“At no point prior to the hounds killing the fox did the huntsman or anyone from the hunt stop the hounds.
“Members of the hunt were all happy for the hounds to be running up and down an area that contained a fox den.

“What is most shocking about this apart from the fact that a fox was brutally ripped apart by a pack of hounds is the complete casualness and nonchalance of those involved and watching.
“No one rushes over to stop the hounds.
“The riders just stand watching before casually moving on to the next bit of land to hunt as if a fox being killed is an everyday normal occurrence.”

The Hunting Act has banned the hunting of mammals with dogs in England and Wales since 2004.
The Warwickshire Hunt and Warwickshire Police have both been contacted for comment.

And I mean……when hunters look for foxes in their only refuge where they breed their pups in order to brutally kill entire fox families as part of the construction hunt with dogs or to catch fox babies in order to shoot them ..

… when dogs or packs of dogs tear foxes break up family associations of foxes or wild boars and mangle newborns …
…when hunters massacre even highly pregnant wild animals ..
… when hunters armed with semi-automatic weapons, infrared or thermal imaging technology go to war against animals..

then… we speak of psychopaths who enjoy killing defenseless animals (negligent homicide = murder)

In practice, hunting is a conscious, knowingly, willful cruelty to animals that is guided by lower motives, and is solely for the perverse pleasure of some psychopaths.

Most of the alleged government are fox hunters themselves. They love being criminals.
The only illegal activity supported by the government and the police is that of the hunters.

My best regards to all, Venus

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