UK: Petition, UK Citizens Only – Tell the UK Government; Suspend Trade Agreement with Faroe Islands until ALL Whale & Dolphin Hunts END.

Faroe whale slaughter

WAV Comment: Recently; we have reported on the Marine mammal slaughter undertaken each year by the Faroe Islands, which are part of Denmark.

Link – Search Results for “faroe islands” – World Animals Voice

In opposition to the vast majority of the British (UK) public, disgusted by this unnecessary annual murder of intelligent marine mammals, the UK government has still refused to take action regarding the trade deal between the UK and Faroe Islands;

Link: UK: British Government refuses to halt post-Brexit Faroes trade deal despite whale and dolphin massacres. – World Animals Voice

News - EIA

So now, things are cranking up a gear; Brits are a little bummed off with the way ‘their’ government is acting in putting money before the welfare of marine mammals..

Campaigner Dominic Dyer has launched a petition calling for the Government to put its trade deal with the North Atlantic archipelago on hold following an outcry over the killing of 1,428 white-sided dolphins earlier this month. The slaughter was part of the tradition known as the grind which has been practised by the islands for hundreds of years.

We took to the streets about this massacre 30 years ago:

Tesco terrors

Here is the wording of the petition:



Suspend trade agreement with Faroe Islands until all whale & dolphin hunts end

In 2019 UK Government finalised a free trade agreement (FTA) with Faroe Islands which allows for £100 million of exports of wild caught and farmed fish to Britain per annum (20% of the Faroe Islands global trade). This FTA should be suspended until all whale & dolphin hunts on Faroe Islands end

The Free Trade Agreement with the Faroe Islands gives the UK Government significant leverage when it comes to ending the mass slaughter of pilot whales and dolphins on the Faroe Islands which causes huge anger and revulsion around the world. If the UK is to be considered a world leader in the protection of marine mammals it must use this leverage now

Only British citizens are allowed to sign.

If you are a UK citizen, then you can add your name to the petition – here is the link:

Suspend trade agreement with Faroe Islands until all whale & dolphin hunts end – Sign this petition – Petitions (

Currently there are 32,129 signatures on this petition.  Lets get it past 100k, as then it would be debated in the UK Parliament.

Please take a look at all the photos of the murders in the links provided above; and then ask yourself, what is more important; money or saving lives ?

Please add your name to the petition now; you can signinitially, but will then be sent back a link from the UK government in your e mails which you have to click on in order to get your name officially added to the petition.

Please do it now;

Regards Mark

Gruesome whale hunts in Faroe Islands exposed by activists - YouTube

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