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14/6/21 – Mr Philip Wollen Becomes The First WAV Patron; We Are (More Than) Delighted, and Welcome Him To The Group.

Today, 14/6/21 is a special day for us.

Purely coincidental that we had news through, today, on ‘Ban Live Exports Day’ – where global awareness and demonstrations are focussed towards ending this abhorrent trade in the transportation of live, sentient beings.

Philip Wollen is a Badass Vegan.

And the news is:

We welcome the great campaigner, speaker, writer and all round activist for so many causes, especially animal rights – Mr Philip Wollen, as our first WAV Patron.

Philip kindly responded to our request to be our Patron within a matter of hours, after

Like many of you, our friends and supporters; we have respected and admired so much about Philip over the years; the Ex Vice president of Citibank, who decided to get out of the race and put his money, knowledge and efforts into supporting good causes around the world.

We are delighted to have ‘Phil’ on board with us and welcome him into the World Animals Voice team.  We know this friendship will be effective and long lasting; especially as we as anti export campaigners and animal rights activists; like Phil; still have a lot to say and do with efforts to end this trade and so many other global animal abuses.

So, Philip; Venus and Mark warmly welcome you into our WAV fold, and us being welcomed into yours. 

Here is a link directly into the site run by Philip and his wife Trix, Winsome Constance Kindness :

You can read more about the work of the organisation by clicking on the above link; but here below is a summary of Philip Wollen as written for an introduction transcript for an MC (Master of Ceremonies) at a recent charity event:

Introducing Philip Wollen –

Philip Wollen, at 34 was Vice-President of Citibank. The Financial Press named him in the “Top 40 Brightest and Best” executives in Australia.

During his travels, by age 40 he’d witnessed cruelty so egregious he decided to do all he could to alleviate suffering, and give away everything he owned, with warm hands, and die broke. He jokes “So far, we are right on budget!”

Today, he is a “Venture Capitalist for Good Causes”, supporting some 500 mission-critical projects for children, animals and the environment in 40+ countries. Promoting “Ahimsa” (non -violence) and Veganism is his main interest.

He provides money for  Children, Animals, & the Environment with schools, orphanages, animal protection, shelters, clinics, medicines, biogas plants, ambulances, bore-wells and films; sponsored a married couple (cancer survivors) to run one marathon a day for 366 consecutive days around Australia’s coast, funded marine vessels, whale & seal rescue centres, primate sanctuaries, food, disaster relief, homeless people, victims of domestic violence, scholarships, the arts, health, forests and oceans, undercover anti-poaching operations through his operational “silos”, Kindness Farms, Kindness House, Kindness Oceans, Kindness Kids, Kindness Streets, & Kindness Mobile Restaurants for the Homeless.

Philip awards the annual Kindness Gold Medal & $20,000 Cash Prize to people who have devoted their lives in the service of others. Past recipients include Sir David Attenborough (UK), Dr Professor T. Colin Campbell (USA), Dr Ian Gawler OAM (Australia), Dr Jane Goodall DBE, Smt Maneka Gandhi MP (India), Captain Paul Watson (Canada), Dr Jill Robinson MBE (China), Dr Christine Townend (Australia), Captain Peter Hammarstedt (Sweden), Mr Christopher DeRose (USA), Rev. Dr Andrew Linzey (Oxford), Mr Damien Mander (Zimbabwe), Sri Pradeep Kumar Nath (India), Dr Chinny Krishna (India).

He has delivered speeches in the Parliament in The Hague, the Knesset Parliament in Israel, the European Parliament, the Parliament of World Religions, Universities, & international congresses and has discussed ethics with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Members of Parliament, Nobel Laureates & religious leaders from all the major faiths.

He is the Patron and Ambassador for many international groups; he has written Forewords for books by eminent authors on animal rights, health and ethics. His words have been read by millions around the world and his speeches have gone viral on the internet with over 60 million viewers and independently translated into over 20 languages.

Philip likes to be invisible.

  • The National Australia Day Council wrote: “Essentially a private man, Philip seeks no personal publicity. But he is not afraid to step into the limelight for a just cause”.
  • Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers accurately described him as “Reclusive”.

He has received the following awards:

  • The Order of Australia Medal in The Queen’s Birthday Honours.
  • Australian of the Year (Victoria).
  • Honorary Fellow of the Oxford Centre of Animal Ethics, UK.
  • Distinguished Alumni Award from The University of Adelaide.
  • Australian Humanitarian Award, Australia
  • Supreme Master Shining World Hero Award, Asia
  • Cottonian of Eminence Award, India
  • Humanitarian Award McKee Project, Costa Rica
  • Sea Shepherd Volunteer of the Decade, Australia
  • The Albert Schweitzer Award, USA
  • The Peter Singer Prize and Medal, Berlin, Germany

So here we are;  ladies and gentlemen; Mr Philip Wollen – Patron of ‘World Animals Voice’. We look forward very much to working with you in the future to end animal suffering.

England: 7/6/21 – Vegan Bites.

You can put the chicken before the egg, by choosing delicious, affordable, bird-friendly alternatives…

Re-thinking eggs | Animals Australia

Vegan Strawberry Muffins

Vegan Strawberry Muffins | A Virtual Vegan


Vegan Pasta e Fagioli

Vegan Pasta e Fagioli – Best of Vegan Pasta Soup

Top 3 CrossFit Competitors Are All Vegan: ‘My Body Doesn’t Need Meat’

Top 3 Crossfit Competitors Are All Vegan: ‘My Body Doesn’t Need Meat’ (

Ready Burger become latest opening to join London’s new wave of beef-free burger kings

Ready Burger restaurant: Joins London’s new wave of beef-free burgers | Evening Standard


One Great Vegan: Meet the chef who’s singing her way through recipes on TikTok

One Great Vegan: Meet the chef who’s singing her way through recipes on TikTok (


Rhubarb, Chocolate and Ginger Vegan Spread

Rhubarb, Chocolate and Ginger Vegan Spread – Animagus Eats

Supermarkets ‘misled customers over chicken cruelty and shut down social media objections’

Supermarkets ‘misled customers over chicken cruelty and shut down social media posts’ | The Independent

Pride Month Vegan Challenge

Pride Month Vegan Challenge (

Aldi Launches Plant-Based BBQ Range As Nearly Half Of Brits ‘Don’t Know How To Cater For Vegans’

Aldi Launches Plant-Based BBQ Range In UK | Plant Based News


 Regards Mark

Urge the COP26 Climate Summit to Serve a 100% Vegan Menu.

Urge the COP26 Climate Summit to Serve a 100% Vegan Menu

The 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) climate summit is fast approaching.

Urge the president of COP26 – Alok Sharma – to set a meaningful example during this time of climate emergency by serving a fully vegan menu at the event.

Eating Vegan Is Better for the Environment

The fishing, meat, dairy, and egg industries are not only cruel to animals but also cause catastrophic damage to the environment. For decades, the United Nations has identified animal agriculture as a leading cause of deforestation, pollution, ocean dead zones, habitat loss, species extinction, and zoonotic disease spread.

Plant-based foods have a far smaller carbon footprint than their animal-derived equivalents, even when comparing imported plant proteins to flesh from grass-fed, locally farmed animals. And a switch to vegan eating can reduce food-related carbon emissions by 73%. Quite simply, eating meat and dairy is part of what got us into this mess.

The COP26 Climate Summit Should Set an Example

Given everything we now know about the devastating impact of animal agriculture on the environment, serving meat, dairy, or eggs at a climate change summit would be like distributing cigarettes at a health convention.

Plants are the way forward, and a vegan menu would not only allow attendees to dine with a clear conscience but also set an important example for the world to follow.

Take action and tell Alok Sharma, president of COP26, to set an example and only serve vegan food at the event:


Urge the COP26 Climate Summit to Serve a 100% Vegan Menu | People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (

Regards Mark

England (London): First-Ever Vegan Sausage Roll Vending Machine Launches In UK – Giving Out Free Vegan Sausage Rolls to Celebrate ‘National Sausage Roll Day’.


Vegan Sausage Roll Vending Machine
‘They’re so flavorsome even meat-eaters will think we’re telling porkies!’ Credit: Meatless Farm

First-Ever Vegan Sausage Roll Vending Machine Launches In UK

Vegan Sausage Roll Vending Machine Debuts In UK | Plant Based News

The vending machine will give out free vegan sausage rolls from Meatless Farm to celebrate National Sausage Roll Day

A vegan sausage roll vending machine is launching in the UK

Created by plant-based brand Meatless Farm, the machine will debut in the South Bank area of London.

Vegan sausage roll machine 

It will dispense free vegan sausage rolls from 11.30 am – 7 pm on June 5 to celebrate National Sausage Roll Day. 

“Our sausage rolls have a herby sausage filling that is made using pea protein to create a meaty, succulent texture and taste,” Meatless Farm said

“[They’re] so flavorsome even meat-eaters will think we’re telling porkies! 

“Each sausage roll has a perfectly crisp and flaky puff pastry which will have even the die-hard sausage roll fans jumping for joy.”

Plant-based factory

Earlier this year, Meatless Farm announced it’s opening a plant-based factory in Canada

The brand launched a dedicated plant protein ingredients subsidiary dubbed Lovingly Made Ingredients. It will provide its global supply of textured plant protein and ‘expand into broader external supply operations’.

Lovingly Made Ingredients will operate out of a new flagship plant protein facility in Calgary, where it will be the first of its kind on this scale. Moreover, Meatless Farm describes the move as one of its ‘biggest investments to date’.

It has invested an initial $12 million in its manufacturing infrastructure with the 30,000 sq ft plant. By 2023, it will have the capacity to produce up to 14,500 tonnes of plant protein ingredients. 

The vegan sausage roll vending machine will be located at Observation Point, 56 Upper Ground, South Bank 

A brilliant way to convert even more to plant based !

Regards Mark

England: 23/5/21 Vegan Bites; Enjoy.

Hi all you little rascal fellow activists; here are some latest Vegan Bite issues which we hope you will enjoy reading – hit the road and be a voice;

For the animals;

Regards Mark

23/5/21 Vegan Bites

Australia’s Meat Consumption Hits Lowest For 25 Years, According To New Report

Australia’s Meat Consumption Hits Lowest For 25 Years, Says Report (

Greta Thunberg Calls For An End To Animal Agriculture In Biodiversity Day Film

Biodiversity Day: Greta Thunberg Calls For Animal Agriculture End (


Greta Thunberg in New Film: If We Don’t Stop Exploiting Animals, “We Are F*cked”  | VegNews


Soap Legend Dr. Bronner’s Is Launching Vegan Chocolate Candy Bars | VegNews


Ditch Dairy – Here are 10 Reasons to Ditch Dairy From Your Diet For Good (


Vegan Milk Alternatives – Let’s Discuss Your Options (

Crackd To Launch National Ad Campaign Showcasing Vegan Eggs, Eyes Global Expansion

Crackd To Launch Campaign Showcasing Vegan Eggs, Eyes Expansion (

Bryan Adams And Joanna Lumley Help Donate 100,000 Vegan Meals Amid India’s 2nd Wave Of COVID-19

Bryan Adams And Joanna Lumley Support Vegan Food Aid In India | Plant Based News

Viva ! – Our favourite chocolates on the shop…

Food – Tagged “Category_Chocolate” – Gifts for Life | Viva! (

UK – Not a happy Sausage !

(20+) Farms Not Factories – Posts | Facebook

(20+) Farms Not Factories | Facebook

World Champion Athlete Carl Lewis Says He’s Been ‘Mostly’ Plant-Based For Over 25 Years

Sprint Legend Carl Lewis Says He’s Been Mostly Plant-Based For 25 Years | Plant Based News

Chef Rene Johnson is Leading A Mouth Watering Vegan Soul Food Revolution! / Look: PicsVideos

Chef Rene Johnson is Leading A Mouth Watering Vegan Soul Food Revolution! / Look: PicsVideos | EURweb

Runner: My ‘superpower’ vegan diet helped me smash record

My ‘superpower’ vegan diet helped me smash running record (

Impossible Foods Has Just Launched Frozen Patties at Supermarkets Across the U.S!

Impossible Foods Has Just Launched Frozen Patties at Supermarkets Across the U.S! — Oops Vegan

Easy Vegan Lunch Wrap

Easy Vegan Lunch Wrap | The Green Loot


We have covered this recently but it is worth showing again – what happens in the milk business;

Disturbing moment dairy farmer beats baby goats to death with a metal pole – before dragging their convulsing bodies away in front of their mothers

Disturbing moment dairy farmer beats baby goats to death with a metal pole – before dragging their convulsing bodies away in front of their mothers | Animal Liberation Victoria | Fighting for Animal Rights (


The 32 Best Vegan Food Finds at Walmart: The Ultimate Guide | VegNews

… and the message is …

do something

I have been a Stranglers fan since I was young – a long time ago; Boom Boom !:

Please Read – ‘WAV’ or not ‘WAV’, that is the question !

Hi all;

This is important in a way; but will have no real effect on you as visitors to this site.

I (Mark) will try to explain;

A ‘domain’ is a internet ‘address’ which can be used for global access by anyone.  Here at WAV, our domain is ‘’; we pay each year to have and retain this domain.

We have recently been informed by domain registrars in China that applications have been made for at least 4 domains for ‘World Animals Voice’ and that they will vary from our address – as far as we know, they are  and

We have informed the registrar in China that these addresses applications are nothing to do with us (as we are UK and Germany controlled) or are they associated with us and that if they are taken out, then we will have no control over the content of same.

Our real ‘concern’ is that the name ‘worldanimalsvoice’; which we set up and use for this site, is / could be used (in China) when it has nothing to with us; having originated and been registered via the domain controller in China. 

Our domain is only ‘’

We hope that if these new domains are used, taking the name ‘world animals voice’; then they will be supportive of animal welfare / rights issues; and that their content will be positive towards animals.  But we cannot guarantee this, or any of the content on any of these sites.

So you, as supporters to our site, can visit us you always do; but please just be wary that there may be other ‘world animals voice’ sites, namely (  and possibly being used.  The info on them is not associated with us; has nothing to do with us and never will be controlled in any way by us.

There is no way to combat this and we have to accept the situation of world (computer) domains as it is.

Please put ‘’ somewhere safe on your system so that you know this is the only way to access us.  Any other address is outside of our control.

We trust you understand the situation and we will carry on with this site as always.

Thanks and regards

Mark and Venus;

Founders – WAV.

England: Dairy Still Kills – A 2021 Investigation Into Male Dairy Calf Slaughter.

Thanks as always to Stacey at ‘Our Compass’ for sending this info to us.

WAV Comment – (Mark):  As and English activist that has campaigned against the calf trade and dairy industry for the last 30+ years; I find this video very disturbing.  It is a complete and utter insult to all of us who have worked so very hard over the years to get this kind of thing stopped.  Cruelty goes on, no matter where you are on the planet; and what you do to effectively try to stop it.

Please watch the video – the UK prides itself (quite rightly) on being a nation that prides itself on the way it treats and cares for animals.  This video shows the dark side, the other side of the UK pride for animal welfare.   It gets to me hard; as it will get to you hard; mere babies cruelly separated from their mothers just hours after birth; the despearate calls from both sides for the want to be together. 

There is one simple way to avoid the situations you see in the video; and that is to completely ditch all dairy products and instead go plant based; it is so very easy nowdays.

We have fought over the years in the past; we fight now, and we will forever fight in the future until abuses like those shown here are confined to history books, and we have to explain to youngsters in future why we allowed such abuses to take place in the ‘recent past’.

mark 3

Regards Mark

Source Expired: Dairy Still KillsWhy do some promote cow’s milk and cheese as “humane”? Consuming animals as well as their “products” is never a victimless activity regardless of how humans define it, those anthropomorphized tv demonstrations of happy cows and cows going to school are delusional deflections from the reality of hell they experience: all exploited animals die, most after brief lives of pain, torment, bodily control, and mutilation.

If you agree that such incalculable suffering and violent death of infants “from other countries” is horrific, you should read about how many infants are violently, fearfully butchered in the US yearly, page 6, and also note that the US, just as one example, exports animals and animal “products” globally.

USDA: 2019 Commercial calf slaughter totaled 587,000 head

Mind you, that number includes calves and not the mothers or the chickens or the lambs or the pigs or the fish: globally and yearly, trillions of unwilling animals are butchered.

If you consume animals or the secretions of animals and refuse to watch the violence and cruelty required for you because you find it “too distressing”, can you imagine having to actually experience it? Would you promote “humane euthanasia” of your cats or dogs in a slaughterhouse?

This really isn’t difficult: next time you make a choice, choose the one that doesn’t require such violence and misery, reaching for plant-based milks or plant-based cheeses or plant-based foods in general takes no additional effort. Nobody selects cows’ milk because it’s “naturally healthy”, that’s just the spin to validate your money subsidizing suffering. Cow’s milk is fortified with those “naturally healthy” benefits – ie, those vitamins are artificially added to it after it is stolen from the infants who it is “naturally” intended for – and the USDA includes soy milk as a healthy dairy food.

It’s bizarre that people pretend that drinking another species’ breastmilk, beyond infancy, and with teeth, causing preventable death to infants and mothers, is “healthy” or “natural”. SL

Source Expired, Animal Justice Project

A staggering 65,000 male calves under a month old were killed in slaughterhouses in 2020 in the UK, more than the number shot on farms.

Latest figures show that 60,000 male dairy calves were killed on British farms – a part of the industry which often faces public criticism. With assurance schemes, supermarkets and dairy companies prohibiting the “routine euthanasia of healthy calves” – the shooting of calves on farms – what will be the fate of these previously killed waste products? Is this another ‘kinder option’ that the industry has created following on from the mass integration of the dairy and beef industries?

Red Tractor, Arla and Müller, plus many supermarkets including Tesco, Waitrose and Morrisons all have varying policies attempting to prevent this killing. But there are loopholes and calves will not always be protected. Some of these policies only protect calves for up to eight weeks old and others do not prevent calves being sold on at markets. Therefore, the fate of many of these calves is to enter the integrated calf rearing and fattening system, where they will be killed from 12 months old for their flesh. But thousands will still be unsuitable and unprofitable.

Oaklands Livestock Centre

‘Slaughter calves’ are bought by dealers from dairies and markets. Dealers are accountable for over half of all calves entering slaughterhouses.

We filmed calves being picked up from dairy farms, supplying Sainsbury’s via milk processor, Müller, by Oaklands Livestock Centre, owned by renowned calf dealer Derek Whittall.

Whittall buys and sells calves at Halls Shrewsbury Auction, as well as buying calves at Barbers Market in Market Drayton.

Whittall’s facility, Oaklands Livestock Centre, is in Shropshire. It is a busy hub for calves passing through. Centres like these are an integral part of the UK calf trade and aid the exploitation of calves. This site is also home to one of Blade Farming’s collection centres. Arla and Sainsbury’s have partnered with beef processor ABP through its Blade Farming operation. This aids the integration of the dairy and beef industries through rearing calves. Son of Oaklands’ Director, Josh Whittall, has been in charge of transport for some Blade Farming calves.

Some of the calves who arrive at Oaklands are destined to enter the integrated rearing system, and eventually be killed for their flesh. Many others will head straight to the slaughterhouse.

Arriving at the centre, calves were mercilessly unloaded. They were kicked and pushed down trailer ramps. Others were dragged up by their tails and ears.

We caught on camera the physical and verbal abuse of these vulnerable babies.

Gates were slammed on the calves, trapping their delicate legs. Plastic bags were waved around to scare the already distressed babies.

The violent culture of abuse amongst workers towards calves at Oaklands was normalised, condoned and seemed to be expected.

These incidents are highly distressing to watch, and not only do they breach transport and welfare legislation, they demonstrate a total lack of compassion and cause unnecessary pain, fear and suffering to the individual animals.

Molly Vasanthakumar Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery MRCVS

Naturally, calves drink from their mothers throughout the day and under legislation, those who are less than four weeks old must be fed two or more times in 24 hours. We filmed multiple groups of calves going without feeds for as long as 21 hours and others were fed only once in 29 hours. This was a regular occurrence during our filming.

Unweaned calves had no access to water.

Young calves paced and cried out. Being separated from their mothers and having milk restricted is highly distressing and dangerous for calves. When they were finally fed, they were often shown no patience. Some were thrown and hit and one was kicked in the face for not taking to the drinkers fast enough.

Some calves were loaded up and were left on a trailer for almost three hours. This is another clear breach of guidelines.

Oaklands takes many calves directly to slaughter. This is the heartbreaking, lesser-known part of the calf trade. Oaklands workers took calves to G. & G.B. Hewitt slaughterhouse in Chester, which they used to kill calves. Other agents including Livestock Supplies Ltd were caught on camera also taking calves there, taking almost 30 calves in February alone.

Calves are sent to the same slaughterhouses that kill larger animals such as sheep and adult cows. Their small frames are reflected in how tiny they look inside the walkways and holding pens.

We saw calves who were mercilessly stunned with a bolt gun before being strung up by their back legs and having their throats slit open to be ‘bled out’. The workers, desensitised to this horrific violence, took no hesitation in taking the lives of the calves. Curious and vulnerable babies were reduced to a mere profit-making product, hanging upside down and bleeding onto the slaughterhouse floor. 
Their flesh will be sold for human consumption and their skin for leather.

Their captive bolt gun failed to stun a calf FOUR TIMES blasted music and shouted loudly whilst they were next to young calves in the stun room. Frail, tiny babies, faced some of the worst parts of the industry.

There is no legislation covering the time between stunning and bleeding out but the Humane Slaughter Association (HSA) states that “if it is possible to stick [cut the throat] within 15 seconds, then this should be the case”. We caught calves being left for over 40 seconds after stunning.

Could this cruel fate inside the slaughterhouse increase now that policies have been introduced to prohibit the killing of male calves on farms? Will we see slaughter figures increase? Ending the shooting of calves on farm will not end the killing inside slaughterhouses.

Whether they are killed at 10 days old or enter the “integrated rearing and fattening system” …

Dairy Still Kills

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England: Another Terrible Loss – John Callaghan. – World Animals Voice

England: Vegan Bites 8/5/21.

lafemmevegan Tumblr blog with posts -

Hi all;

Here is your latest serving of the WAV ‘Vegan Bites’ – lots of super food and animal issues for you to take a look at.

Enjoy – Regards Mark


‘Absolutely Fabulous’ Star Joanna Lumley Says She Never Eats Meat Or Fish – Feels ‘As Fit As A Flea’

Joanna Lumley Says She Never Eats Meat Or Fish – Feels ‘As Fit As A Flea’ | Plant Based News

KFC, On your way, this is the future:

VFC | Vegan Fried Chicken | All Meat No Animal

Ready to take the Veganuary pledge ?

Try Vegan With Us | Vegan Challenge | Veganuary

6 Exciting New Plant-Based Products You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

6 Exciting New Plant-Based Products You Probably Haven’t Heard Of (

Famed dairy brand Boursin recently released a completely plant-based garlic and herbs cheese spread

Famed Dairy Brand Boursin Releases First Plant-Based Cheese Spread (

Members of Congress Send Letter Urging Investigation into Costco Cruelty

Members of Congress Send Letter Urging Investigation into Costco Cruelty (

Mercy for Animals Hope Gala:

Mercy For Animals Hope Gala (

5 Exciting New Plant-Based Options You Can Find at Trader Joe’s

5 Exciting New Plant-Based Options You Can Find at Trader Joe’s (

Epicurious ditched beef. Why stop there?

Epicurious ditched beef. Why stop there? | Canada’s National Observer: News & Analysis

Cooking oil/fat consumption and deaths from cardiometabolic diseases and other causes: prospective analysis of 521,120 individuals

Cooking oil/fat consumption and deaths from cardiometabolic diseases and other causes: prospective analysis of 521,120 individuals | BMC Medicine | Full Text (

Thai basil tempeh stir fry

Thai basil tempeh stir fry – Choosing Chia

Jack Black Says Vegan Is Best For The Planet And ‘Straight Up Delish’

Jack Black Says Vegan Is Best For The Planet And ‘Straight Up Delish’ (

Food for life global: 
240 Projects Serving Up To2 Million Meals Daily

Food for Life Global – Vegan Charity Food Relief Organization (

England / USA: Results of Top Universities Research – Plant-Based Foods are Good for Both Health and the Environment.


Plant-based foods are good for both health and the environment


New analysis by researchers from the University of Oxford and the University of Minnesota has identified a range of ‘win-win’ foods that both improve human health and have a low impact on the environment.

Plant-based foods are good for both health and the environment | University of Oxford

Foods associated with improved health (whole grain cereals, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and some vegetable oils high in unsaturated fats, such as olive oil) have among the lowest environmental impacts, they found. Foods with the largest negative environmental impacts—unprocessed and processed red meat—were consistently associated with the largest increases in disease risk.

The exceptions were fish, which is a healthy food but has moderate environmental impacts, and processed foods high in sugars, which can be harmful to health but have a relatively low environmental impact. Red meat (pork, beef, mutton, and goat) and processed meat had the highest environmental impacts of all foods and were also associated with the largest increases in disease risk. Other animal-source foods, such as dairy and poultry meat, had moderate environmental impacts and a small impact on disease risk compared to other foods.

Lead author Dr Michael Clark, of the Livestock, Environment and People (LEAP) project at the Oxford Martin School, and the Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford, says the findings could help consumers make better choices by equipping them with an understanding of the health and environmental impacts of different foods, and enable policymakers to issue more effective dietary guidelines.

‘Diets are a leading source of poor health and environmental harm,’ said Dr Clark. ‘Continuing to eat the way we do threatens societies, through chronic ill health and degradation of Earth’s climate, ecosystems, and water resources.

‘Choosing better, more sustainable diets is one of the main ways people can improve their health and help protect the environment. How and where a food is produced also affects its environmental impact, but to a much smaller extent than food choice.’

Using a comparison of an additional serving per day of 15 different foods, the researchers analysed collections of large epidemiological cohort studies—which follow populations of individuals through time— and life cycle assessments—which are used to estimate the environmental impacts per unit of food produced. The health and environmental analyses each incorporated five outcomes (total mortality, heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes, and colorectal cancer for health; and greenhouse gas emissions, land use, water use, water pollution, and acidification potential for environment), and the results were consistent when applied across nearly all combinations of health and environmental outcomes.

‘The study adds to the growing body of evidence that stresses that replacing meat and dairy with a variety of plant-based foods can improve both your health and the health of the planet,’ said co-author Dr Marco Springmann, of the LEAP project and Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Population Health.

The full paper, ‘Multiple health and environmental impacts of foods,’ is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 

Regards Mark