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UK: No chicken was eaten in this film.

No chicken was eaten in this film.

Quorn unveils 2023 marketing campaign to target chicken lovers – Marketing Beat (

Quorn has unveiled a new marketing campaign for 2023 in a bid to convince chicken eaters that Quorn products can act as perfect meat substitutes.

Produced by creative agency Adam&EveDDB, the ads showcase how takeaways after a night out can include Quorn meat-free products such as the brand’s Crispy Nuggets, Quorn Crunchy Fillet Burger and Quorn BBQ Sticky Wings.

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Vegan Foodies For Festive.

Don’t support this abuse at the festive season;

Mozza says no.

Watch here by viewing on Youtube.

For all you festive foodies, I have thrown together a few vegan nosh links which may give you some extra ideas for this time of year.

Being Vegan means rejecting ALL the industries which cause pain and suffering to animals.

And you will feel better in every way as a result of going vegan.

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Easy vegan recipes | Jamie Oliver

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Belgium: Stop The Cruelty, Buy FAUX Gras For The Holidays.

Faux Gras for the holidays!

Dear animal lover,

Foie gras will be more expensive this year following an epidemic of bird flu in the duck population.  As if these poor animals did not already suffer enough from the cruel treatment of force-feeding!

GAIA fights body and soul to put an end to this practice in Belgium. In addition to our lobbying actions with politicians and raising awareness among the general public via our video below, we have been offering an alternative with our Faux Gras that respects both gourmets and animals. It is now available in 2 certified organic versions :

  • Faux Gras and its delicate taste (1)
  • Faux Gras with cranberries with leaked flavors (2)

Enough to start your holiday meals in an original way and with a clear conscience and this, at the modest prices of 3.69 € (1) and 3.89 € (2) the box of 125g. You can order them for home delivery via the button below.  

You will also find our Faux gras at Delhaize, Colruyt, Aldi, Lidl, Carrefour, Match and Cora.

By buying our Faux Gras, you contribute to our fight to end force-feeding in Belgium. Help our duck friends and make the holidays no longer a nightmare time for them.

Many thanks for your support,

Michel Vandenbosch
President de GAIA

P.S.: Also take advantage of our Webshop to find many ideas for end-of-year gifts and thus financially help our fight for the defense of animals.  

UK: (The New UK) Eco King Charles BANS Foie Gras At All Royal Residences. A Positive Message Against Animal Suffering and Abuse.

King Charles: Foie gras banned at royal residences

King Charles: Foie gras banned at royal residences – BBC News

There will be no foie gras served in royal residences, a letter from Buckingham Palace to animal rights campaigners has confirmed.

King Charles is understood to have been a longstanding opponent of the food, made from the liver of a duck or goose, that campaigners say is cruel.

The King’s household wrote to the Peta campaign group that foie gras was not bought or served in royal residences.

There have been protests about force-feeding used to produce foie gras.

King Charles, when he was Prince of Wales, had been an advocate of higher welfare standards in farming and for over a decade had stopped the use of foie gras in his own properties and had been instrumental in a wider ban across royal residences.

Now as King he has reaffirmed this opposition – with the luxury food staying off the menu.

A letter received by Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) confirms that a foie gras ban is in place across the Royal Household and for all royal residences, which would include Balmoral, Sandringham, Windsor Castle, Hillsborough Castle and Buckingham Palace.

Above – Force feeding in foie gras production.

Ministers drop plan to ban foie gras imports

MPs fail in foie gras import ban bid

Elisa Allen, vice president of the animal welfare group, welcomed this saying others should “follow the King’s lead and leave foie gras off the menu this Christmas and beyond”.

“Video footage of birds being painfully force-fed is enough to make anyone lose their lunch,” she said, describing how the livers of animals are engorged to produce the food.

The animal rights group has backed a “cruelty free” alternative called “faux gras” and is sending some of this to the King, which it says is in recognition of his “compassionate policy”.

There is a ban on the production of foie gras in the UK, but not a ban on its sale or importation.

But it will certainly not be on the menu next week for the first state visit of King Charles’s reign, when he hosts a state banquet in Buckingham Palace for the South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa.

The Peta group is also campaigning for the use of fake fur instead of ermine for robes at the King’s coronation next May.

Regards Mark

USA: Animal Rights Activists Will Hand Out ‘Turkey-Free Roasts’ In Newark.

Advocates from Newark Animal Save and PETA said they’ll be handing out free Field Roast Celebration Roasts at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 19 outside the Whole Foods store in Newark, 633 Broad Street.© Shutterstock

NEWARK, NJ — Vegan turkey roasts are coming home to roost in the Brick City this Thanksgiving season.

Advocates from Newark Animal Save and PETA said they’ll be handing out free Field Roast Celebration Roasts at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 19 outside the Whole Foods store in Newark, 633 Broad Street.

According to a news release, the giveaway event is being held to encourage people to “keep intelligent, inquisitive and sensitive birds off the table” and celebrate “ThanksVegan” instead.

“Turkeys are gentle individuals who love their families, feel pain and fear, and want to live as much as humans do,” PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said.

“PETA is encouraging everyone to see the similarities among all sentient beings, eat vegan and spare turkeys – more than 45 million of whom who are slaughtered every year for Thanksgiving alone,” Reiman said.

Regards Mark

Animal Rights Activists Will Hand Out ‘Turkey-Free Roasts’ In Newark (

Enjoy – Shelties play day

I have always had the pleasure of Shelties as my pet dog friends – beautiful, super intellignet, amazing and loyal, devoted animals.

Below are a few pictures of my dog Golda


My wonderful ‘Golda’:

Above – Shelties and I go back a long way !

The amazing and oh so beautiful Sheltie.

Food Systems Transformation is Brewing at UNFCCC COP27.

Food systems transformation is brewing at UNFCCC COP27

17 November 2022

While food systems does not yet have the place it deserves on this year’s COP27 agenda in Sharm el-Sheikh, it was addressed in important side-sessions.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) held an event on ‘Climate Resilience in Food Systems – why act now?’ where it was recognised that food systems, despite their significant impact on emissions, have been lacking at the climate meetings. The panel projected that food systems would get a stronger place on the COP agenda next year. 

In fact, COP27 was the first time that the UNFCCC has endorsed food systems pavilions to be set up in the ‘Blue Zone’ and that 12 November was a thematic day dedicated to agriculture. The extensive programme in the Food4Climate pavilion, sponsored by a number of organisations including Eurogroup for Animals’ members’ Compassion in World Farming, FOUR PAWS and World Animal Protection, addressed a series of important topics related to animal agriculture and plant-based diets. 

Compassion in World Farming launched the new global petition ‘End of the Line for Factory farming’, calling on the UN and global leaders for a UN global agreement to end factory farming and reduce the consumption of meat and animal products.

Without ending factory farming, we simply cannot tackle the growing climate emergency” – Ben Williamson, U.S Executive Director of Compassion in World Farming

Above – CIWF Campaign Launch

Compassion in World Farming together with FOUR PAWS arranged the event ‘Tackling Climate Change through better Livestock Management Systems’. Martina Stephany, International Director Farm Animals and Nutrition at FOUR PAWS, gave examples of how the meat and dairy industry seeks to reduce methane emissions through techno-fixes such as feed additives.

It shows that the industry wants to further adapt the animals to a sick system rather than let the animals live the way they normally would live”, she said

Martina Stephany also called on governments to stop financing factory farms and to use public money to help farmers transition to better animal welfare systems or to produce more plant-based food.

World Animal Protection presented the new report ‘Climate change and cruelty – the true impact of factory farming’ in a session that showcased the impact of intensive animal agriculture on climate change in Africa as well as U.S farmers applying the principles of a just transition and showing that there are alternative ways of producing food.

Below – Food 4 Climate Pavillion 

World Animal Protection, together with Eurogroup for Animals, also hosted a side-event on ‘Transitioning agriculture systems for sustainability and climate resistance’ bringing together experts in food, climate and animal welfare to discuss why a Just Protein Transition to plant-based proteins and agroecological farming is critical. James Yeates, CEO of World Federation for Animals, spoke about how improved animal welfare and more plant-based diets have climate change mitigation benefits, stressing also the role of marine animal welfare.

Sophika Kostyniuk, Managing Director of Aquatic Life Institute, spoke at the Food Systems Pavilion event ‘Innovation and Technology in Water and Aquatic Food Systems’, emphasising that 2-3 trillion aquatic animals are killed for human consumption every year and that their welfare must be part of the food system transition.

Above – World Animals Protection and Eurogroup for Animals

Other signs that food systems are gaining traction at the climate talks could be seen in the Nordic Pavilion, hosted by the Nordic Council of Ministers, which had a ‘food systems take-over’ on agriculture day to bring food production, agriculture and diets to the front and centre of climate action. 

On the same day, the Singapore pavilion had an event on ‘Alternative Proteins: Boosting Sustainable Food Security Resilience through Science’ addressing both plant-based food and cellular agriculture. Singapore is the first country to have started serving cultivated meat and Low Teng Yong, Branch Head for Risk Assessment and Communications from Singapore Food Agency, spoke about Singapore’s innovation programme and the regulatory process for bringing cultivated meat to market.

In short, food systems transformation is brewing at COP27 but it still has to make its way up on the agenda to get the attention it deserves in order for the world to limit global warming.

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From Vampire To Vegan – Actor Paul Wesley Talks Animals and Veganism.

Paul Wesley, the vegan actor known for starring in The Vampire Diaries, discussed animal rights on the Plant Based News (PBN) podcast.

He spoke to PBN co-founder Robbie Lockie about a range of issues, including factory farming, the challenges of being a vegan actor, and the truth about dog food.

The two also discussed cultivated meat, with Wesley describing it as “the future.” He said that vegans “have a responsibility” to support the industry.

You can listen to the audio version of the podcast, or watch the full interview below:

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Netherlands: Haarlem Bans Meat Advertising In Public Spaces – Getting Low Quality Meat Off The Streets.

Getting low-quality meat off the streets: Haarlem bans meat advertising in public spaces

20 September 2022

In a historic first, the city of Haarlem in the Netherlands has banned advertising low-quality meat in public spaces, including on buses and billboards. While the finer details of this ban are still being discussed – namely, whether or not it will also apply to more sustainably-sourced meat, such as organic – it’s set to come into effect in 2024.

For the Dutch city, this is a fantastic step towards creating a better food environment, in which high-welfare options and sustainable alternatives to low-quality meat products are encouraged… mirroring the kind of action we’d like to see taken across the EU as a whole. It’s no secret that intensive livestock systems with low animal welfare standards produce greenhouse gas emissions on a staggering scale. In order to align the European food system with the planetary boundaries we should curb animal production and consumption by 70% by 2030 to slow the effects of climate change. 

Dietary change is a major piece of the puzzle

It’s critical to the future of our planet that industrial farming systems, especially those involving animals, are phased out. That’s why the concept of ‘less but better’ meat is central to the suggestions we’ve made to the European Commission for their Sustainable Food Systems Framework, and include:

Pushing low welfare animal products out of the market, such as fast-growing broiler chickens

Restricting advertising for animal products

Introducing compulsory animal welfare labelling – or ‘method-of-production labelling’ – in which information about how animals have been reared throughout their lifetime is made clear

By banning the advertising of low welfare animal meat, Haarlem will support its citizens in making better choices concerning the animal products they buy: championing better farming practices while supporting a more sustainable food system.

Haarlem is first… will the EU follow?

Beyond the horrible conditions animals face and the industry’s effects on the climate, intensive livestock systems are also connected to a host of other environmental and public health crises, related to pesticides, disease, food security and resilience, antibiotics, and more.

Its impacts can no longer be ignored. Haarlem has set the mark, and now it’s time for others to meet it. Because if one town can take the spotlight off cheap meat, why not the rest of the EU, too?

(5) Eurogroup For Animals on Twitter: “🇳🇱🍔 The city of Haarlem in the Netherlands has passed a motion to ban meat advertising in public spaces. This is a great step towards reduced meat consumption and the promotion of more sustainable food systems.” / Twitter

Well done Haarlem, great job !

Regards Mark

England. Animal Rights Activists Celebrate As Controversial Rabbit (Meat) Slaughter Farm Firm Ceases Trading. Activists Send Owner Box Of Vegan Chocolate Bunnies As Retirement Present !

Vegan Choccy Bunny – Happy retirement Mr Kerry !

Animal rights activists celebrate as controversial rabbit farm firm ceases trading

A rabbit farm in Rutland has closed after facing sustained pressure from animal rights activists – including alleged cases of vandalism. T&S Nurseries, ran by Phil Kerry, set up a rabbit farming site at Lyndon Top Farm, close to Rutland Water, and previously submitted plans to expand the farm to breed 10,000 rabbits a year for slaughter.

However, the company, which also had farms in Nottingham and Buckinghamshire, faced significant opposition and scrutiny from residents and animal rights campaigners, including PETA, as it attempted to expand the business.

PETA gathered more than 21,000 signatures on a petition to block Mr Kerry’s plans during a campaign which also won the support of comedian, TV, and film star Ricky Gervais.

Now, Mr Kerry has confirmed he has decided to cease trading because of that pressure and the repeated rejection of his applications to expand the business.

(Friday, August 19), that he was pulling out of the trade. He said: “We’re passing over the last of the rabbits from the farm over to the activists tomorrow and winding down the rabbit farm business.

“I was looking to retire next year anyway, so pushing it forward a few months doesn’t matter to me. But we’re diversifying into other things such as vineyards, orchards, as well as going into the ‘glamping’ business, so nobody is going to lose their jobs from the closure.

“The legal activism outside the businesses through the day was one thing, but we had a lot of activists at night that caused us a lot more issues, especially graffiti and vandalism. One staff member’s car was even covered with paint stripper.

“We were very much a small base of operations for rabbit farming compared to what gets shipped in from Europe. So maybe the focus should be on that now instead.”

In a statement regarding the business ceasing trade, PETA’s vice president of programmes Elisa Allen said: “Animal advocates are jumping for joy over news that T&S Nurseries has read the writing on the wall and will soon be closing up shop – meaning no more rabbits will be bred and killed at its facilities.

“On these farms, sensitive animals spend much of their lives confined to barren hutches, unable to socialise or explore. Then, after enduring a miserable life, they’re hung upside down and their throats are slit so their dismembered body parts can be used for pâté, pies, and other “products”.

“Business owner Phil Kerry revealed the decision to cease trading was made, in part, because local councils repeatedly blocked his applications for new butchering and breeding sites – applications which tens of thousands of compassionate PETA supporters spoke out against.

“In a true sign of the times, the public has once again reminded animal-exploiting businesses that the only viable industries are those which don’t harm other living, feeling beings.”

The animal rights charity also said that it intends to send Mr Kerry a “box of vegan chocolate bunnies to wish him a happy retirement.”

Vegan chocolates – wonderful and the very best !

Regards Mark

Animal rights activists celebrate as controversial rabbit farm firm ceases trading (