EU: EU’s farmed animal welfare rules need ‘serious and extensive review’.

Choosing your animal products consciously

It is very difficult for Europeans to find information on animal welfare levels of the animal products they buy. Some labels with animal welfare claims exist, but “some are more powerful and transparent than others,” says Ajuda.

“We do have the mandatory marking for fresh eggs which is definitely a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done,” she adds.

The EU consumer is lacking a model that would allow them to identify labels and make a conscious choice, such as when they choose to buy organic.

The label needs to be made mandatory, says Ajuda, and it needs to be across all animal products. She says it should also be imposed on imported products.

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The latter is important because it ensures the EU’s animal welfare standards are not undermined by “loopholes that make no sense whatsoever,” says Kikou. But also because higher standards should not fail to protect EU farmers from unfair competition, such as cheaper imports of meat produced under lower standards from abroad.

Labelling may also work as an incentive for farmers, fishermen and producers who are crucial in the implementation of the Green Deal, and in the mission to improve animal welfare.

EU’s farmed animal welfare rules need ‘serious and extensive review’ (

Is it worth watching or more EU Yukspeak ?

We remember the recent incidents, even if they dont !

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