Elbeik and EU: the absolute lowest point has been reached.

Spanish authorities find animals onboard the Elbeik in detrimental conditions

22 March 2021 AWF News

The Elbeik 1,600 bovines will be euthanized because of their detrimental health and welfare status

The animals on board the Elbeik vessel will soon be relieved from their sufferings. The vessels reached Cartagena (Spain) last Thursday with 1,600 animals still alive on board.

Since the vessel left Tarragona last December heading to Libya, 189 animals have already died.

10 dead bodies were still on board when the Elbeik docked at Cartagena, while another 179 were chopped during the journey and thrown into the Mediterranean sea, declared the vessel’s master. As uncertainty persists on the number of animals effectively loaded in December, the number of animals that died during the journey could even be higher.

The vessel’s master initially declared to the Spanish authorities that the animals were in a good health and welfare status, but then he acknowledged that their conditions have deteriorated progressively due to the long journey and that the mortality rate has increased significantly as the length of the journey expanded.

The Spanish veterinarian authorities, in the inspection report shared by our member Animal Welfare Foundation, confirmed that “The most remarkable thing at the time of the inspection was the bad general state of the animals in all the pens [..] it is possible to observe a considerable loss of weight, [..] ribs and vertebrae are visible with the naked eye, as well as an evident dehydration”.


Indeed, the veterinarian inspectors said that when water was offered, the animals competed to get access to it.

Additionally, “some of these cachectic animals have been found in a stuporous state, being unable to open their eyes and react to stimulus”. The veterinarians also reported that the vessel was overloaded and animals have their hooves covered by feces and urine with the consequent impossibility for them to lay down in a dry and clean area.

As animals show signs of prolonged suffering with the development of cachexia, and dermatological, ophthalmological, and mobility problems, the Spanish Government issued an order to euthanize them.

The nightmare of the animals on board the Elbeik, as well as the ones transported by the Karim Allah, clearly shows that animal welfare cannot be guaranteed during long-distance journeys and that, in case of crises, interventions are impossible or ineffective, especially when it comes to export outside the EU.

Demonstration by animal activists from the Animal Equality organization in Spain

We call on the European Commission to investigate this case and hold parties accountable for violating relevant EU animal health and welfare law, as well as maritime safety ones.

Additionally, we call on the EU Institutions to use the revision of the Transport Regulation to put an end to long-distance transport of live animals and favor a meat/carcasses and genetic material trade over live transport.


My comment…Certainly, now the dispute in Cartagena goes on who pays the costs for the killing and disposal of the corpses.

The euthanasia of animals, in fact, the murder of all animal passengers, would now only be an act of grace, as cruel and heartbreaking as that may sound.
And all of this, although the death of the cattle was a done deal anyway. Only more brutal-

It is not known whether the animals were even fed in their last days.
Rather unlikely because their fate has long been sealed, everything around would only cost additional money; …

The captain tries to get out of the affair first, the animals were in good health and welfare status … then why didn’t anyone want them?
Libya, Tunisia, Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus … nowhere a buyer!

Crime multiplied by 2,671, human language has no other word for it.

And now we ask the EU Commission … what for?
To ban the transport of animals, which is absolutely in line with their economic interests?
To investigate the Elbeik case and at least punish the main culprits?
Just as the EU Commission reacted in the case of Middia?

This story is only one case among several, the EU Commission speculates with time – tomorrow it will be forgotten.

Go on Eurogroup! a 48-hour vigil in front of the EU Parliament, that would be the minimum for the 2671 Elbeik victims.
And the minimum for what you get as a salary.

My best regards to all, Venus

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