Day: March 24, 2021

How the media manipulate public opinion

Shark alarm in Mallorca: two meters long animal washed up on the beach!!

March 22, 2021 –
Shock for locals and holidaymakers: a dead shark washed up on a beach in western Mallorca (!!!)

The animal was about two meters long and had a large wound on the head, as reported by the “Diario de Mallorca” portal.

Hai must have been dead for a few days

Presumably, it is a blue shark or gray shark, it says in the report.
He was found on the beach of the former fishing village of Sant Elm (municipality of Andratx) and has probably been dead for several days.
Strong waves could have washed the animal ashore.
Now we want to investigate what the shark died of.

Blue sharks are not uncommon in the Mediterranean

Adult blue sharks can grow to be around three and a half meters long. They are not uncommon in the Mediterranean and live at a depth of around 350 meters. However, they usually do not swim close to the shore – only when they are sick or disoriented.
The animals are also dangerous to humans but are not considered aggressive.

According to the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) conservation organization, blue sharks are critically endangered in the Mediterranean.
They died en masse on bait lines for swordfish and tuna or in trawls.

Great white shark caused a stir in Mallorca in 2018 (!!!)

Almost three years ago, a great white shark caused a stir in the Balearic Islands. A five-meter-long animal was sighted near the island of Cabrera (south of Mallorca) – for the first time in decades in this Mediterranean region.

And I mean…The desired attention is already generated in the first few lines: Shark Alarm in Mallorca (!)
Dead the shark is certainly very dangerous.

An alarm would be if 50 living sharks around the beach were disoriented and not if you were on land and photographed the carcass with others (by the way – what a bleak motif!)

If the alarm bells have not rung for some … the great white shark comes from 2018 and then … even the most animal-friendly holidaymaker should change his mind about the “Beast shark” and classify these otherwise harmless mammals as an ultra-risk for swimmers.  And above all, because he was in his living space!

This is how the press works: with falsehoods, psychological tricks, and opinion control, today’s citizen comes to a conviction that fits the system of the respective country.

So that we stay informed of the real facts


My best regards to all, Venus

EU: 5 Freedoms Was Not Enough; Now We Have 7 Demands !

WAV Comment:  I really wish I had an ounce of faith that all these Euro Yukspeak words actually meant something; but I completely lost faith in the Eurojargon about better animal welfare many years ago.  For me, over 30 years of live animal transportation investigations and experiences may have had something to do with the loss of faith in ‘the EU systems’ that ‘protect’ animals, in this case, during transport – EU Reg 1/2005 for the ‘protection of animals during transport’:

So now ‘the countdown is officially on’ ?

Now they talk about 7 key demands – and for so long over the years we have heard from the very same people about we the ‘five freedoms’ which should have applied to all animals within the EU:

The Five Freedoms include:

  • Freedom from Hunger and Thirst. By ready access to fresh water and diet to maintain health and vigour.
  • Freedom from Discomfort.
  • Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease.
  • Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour.
  • Freedom from Fear and Distress.

These Five Freedoms are globally recognized as the gold standard in animal welfare, encompassing both the mental and physical well-being of animals; and the five freedoms have existed within EU strategy (on paper anyway) for quite a long time.

With so much undercover footage being presented to the EU over the years from farms, slaughterhouses, animals in transport, etc, by welfare organisations, showing failures across all the 5 freedoms, I guess we can say that the EU does not practice what it preaches. 

Yet here we are being told that there will be 7 key demands that will ‘shed light on the failures and poor enforcement of the current animal welfare legislation and call on the European Commission to commit to revising the entire legislation, leaving no animal behind’.

I really hope that no animal is ‘left behind’; but as I say, with a few years experience, and running animal welfare websites since 2005, cynical me thinks this is simply another stalling tactic by the EU simply because certain member states are not enforcing the regulations.  Romania and the sheep transporting ship which overturned leaving Midia – Romania: Secret Decks of Sheep On The ‘Queen Hind’ Which Sank at Midia ??. We Still Wait For EU Action and the Report Promised by the Romanian Government. – World Animals Voice  – February 2021, and still we have no answers !  So much for 5 freedoms, let alone 7 key demands !

The EU lost the plot on all this ‘animal welfare stuff’ many, many years ago; and I think the very recent incidents relating to the livestock carriers ‘Karim Allah’ and the ‘Elbeik’; where live animals were shipped around the Med for over 3 months, just shows what a complete and utter farce the whole EU ‘animal welfare’ thing is.   And I mean; have a look at just 2 of our past posts:

Spain: 10/3/21 – All Animals On The ‘Karim Allah’ Have Now Been Murdered By The Spanish Authorities After 3 Months at Sea. The Reality of Live Exports. – World Animals Voice

Togo: Live Animal Transport: Elbeik Still At Sea with 1700 Animals and Over 100 Feared Dead – Expected to Dock In Cartagena, Spain Tonight. ‘Karim Allah’ Killing Team Still In Cartegena. What Happens Later ? – World Animals Voice

Do not have any trust in the EU and its yukspeak, because that is exactly what it is – Yukspeak; or to put it another way; a means to further investigate, delay any action and produce yet more endless reports on what is the bloody obvious, and which everyone in the animal welfare lobby has known about and has been shouting about, and providing substantial evidence on for decades.

The EU is an over inflated no good – if it had any intentions of promoting animal welfare, then it would have acted a damn site more on animal transport legislation alone when we first saw the 1/2005 of that year come into force.  They failed then, they fail now, and they will continue to fail in the future.  Sadly, as always; it is the innocent animals that are the pawns, and who suffer as a result.

Regards Mark.

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Amazon Frontlines: There Is More to Water Than Just A Drink.

Brazil Has Been Slowing The Destruction Of The Amazon Rainforest

I had this sent to me on world water day (22/3); but it was late and I did not have time to post; so here it is now:

Regards Mark


Dear Mark,

Water has material benefits– children can bathe in it, for example. But for us Siekopai, water is significant beyond its material use. Water embodies another world entirely; it has a spiritual identity.” – Siekopai Leader Justino Piaguaje

Today, on World Water Day, we’re excited to share a video in which Siekopai leader and water protector Justino Piaguaje explains the importance of water for his people.

In this video, Justino tells us that for the Siekopai, as well as for other Indigenous peoples, water has a spiritual significance that goes far beyond its material value. This spiritual connection is part of the reason why Indigenous peoples from Standing Rock to the Amazon are risking their lives to defend Earth’s most precious resource. 

And yet, while Indigenous peoples have been fighting to protect our planet for centuries, only a fraction of the less than two percent of all global philanthropy that is directed to stopping climate change is invested in them! Amazon Frontlines launched the Frontlines Challenge alongside our Indigenous partners to help change this. By becoming a monthly sustainer of the Frontlines Challenge today, you can help us mobilize critical and urgent resources to Indigenous peoples on the frontlines throughout the year. 

Justino explains that in order to truly understand the importance of the natural world we must learn to see it with different eyes. Let’s support Justino and all the Indigenous water protectors showing us a pathway towards greater respect and balance with our planet. 

For our water and all the añapëkë (water dwellers),

Chantelle, Nico, Sophie, Alex, Ylenia, Jerónimo and the rest of the Amazon Frontlines team

Frontlines Challenge (

22/3/21 Is ‘World Water Day’ – Prepare to Enter the ‘Dead Zone’; How Intensive Livestock Production Fuels Water Pollution Around the Globe. – World Animals Voice

Environmental terrorism – World Animals Voice

This is how meat production works in Germany

Press release:
-Systematic shafts uncovered /

-German slaughterhouse tortures animals to death /

-North Rhine-Westphalia authorities fail to protect animals

SOKO animal welfare investigators can use current images from the last few weeks to prove that animals were systematically slaughtered in full consciousness at the Prott meat center in Selm North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) on every slaughter day.

“The sheep were brutally slashed and thrown into a heap, cattle fought for their lives bleeding and dangling from chains and roared in pain,” says SOKO animal welfare investigator Friedrich Mülln, describing the situation.

The authorities had been warned for almost 20 years and failed to stop the shafts.

(The video is in German, but a detailed explanation of what you see is already in the report)

The shaft of animals is illegal in Germany and only possible under very strict conditions in exceptional cases.
However, there are no special permits in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The Prott slaughterhouse, which is run by Germans, on the other hand, has specialized in slaughtering without anesthesia (!!!)

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