Amazon Frontlines: There Is More to Water Than Just A Drink.

Brazil Has Been Slowing The Destruction Of The Amazon Rainforest

I had this sent to me on world water day (22/3); but it was late and I did not have time to post; so here it is now:

Regards Mark


Dear Mark,

Water has material benefits– children can bathe in it, for example. But for us Siekopai, water is significant beyond its material use. Water embodies another world entirely; it has a spiritual identity.” – Siekopai Leader Justino Piaguaje

Today, on World Water Day, we’re excited to share a video in which Siekopai leader and water protector Justino Piaguaje explains the importance of water for his people.

In this video, Justino tells us that for the Siekopai, as well as for other Indigenous peoples, water has a spiritual significance that goes far beyond its material value. This spiritual connection is part of the reason why Indigenous peoples from Standing Rock to the Amazon are risking their lives to defend Earth’s most precious resource. 

And yet, while Indigenous peoples have been fighting to protect our planet for centuries, only a fraction of the less than two percent of all global philanthropy that is directed to stopping climate change is invested in them! Amazon Frontlines launched the Frontlines Challenge alongside our Indigenous partners to help change this. By becoming a monthly sustainer of the Frontlines Challenge today, you can help us mobilize critical and urgent resources to Indigenous peoples on the frontlines throughout the year. 

Justino explains that in order to truly understand the importance of the natural world we must learn to see it with different eyes. Let’s support Justino and all the Indigenous water protectors showing us a pathway towards greater respect and balance with our planet. 

For our water and all the añapëkë (water dwellers),

Chantelle, Nico, Sophie, Alex, Ylenia, Jerónimo and the rest of the Amazon Frontlines team

Frontlines Challenge (

22/3/21 Is ‘World Water Day’ – Prepare to Enter the ‘Dead Zone’; How Intensive Livestock Production Fuels Water Pollution Around the Globe. – World Animals Voice

Environmental terrorism – World Animals Voice

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