Day: March 16, 2021

German trophy hunters-the third in the world rankings

German trophy hunters shoot hundreds of wild animals of endangered species

German big game hunters kill polar bears, lions, or giraffes and bring the skins, teeth, and other parts home as a trophy.

In the past year, 2020, amateur hunters from Germany brought home hundreds of animals listed in the Washington Convention on Endangered Species as trophies.

They imported 543 hunting trophies from Africa, Canada, Argentina, the USA, Namibia, Tanzania, Tajikistan, Russia, and Mongolia, according to a response from the Federal Environment Ministry to a request from Green MP Steffi Lemke.

“It is completely absurd, while more and more animal species are facing extinction, parts of protected animals are still being brought to Germany as hunting trophies – quite legally,” said Lemke, the nature conservation spokeswoman for the Greens.
“The destruction of their habitat, the climate crisis, illegal and also legal trade put entire animal populations under pressure.”

Among the trophies: 164 zebras, 109 baboons, eight elephants, 14 lions, three white rhinos, one polar bear – and 40 giraffes that have just been protected in the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Wildlife (Cites).
According to Cites, endangered animals are also hunted. In 2020, for example, a white rhinoceros from Namibia, four saber antelopes, eleven leopards, and three cheetahs were introduced to Germany.

“In view of the dramatic situation with the loss of species, the federal government must act and stop the practice of hunting trophies for protected species,” demands Lemke.
“The Germans are the greatest big game hunters after the Americans and Spaniards,” said Daniela Freyer from Pro Wildlife.

“It has to do with the country’s hunting tradition, but also with its ability to pay.”

According to the species protection organization Pro Wildlife, the giraffe populations alone shrank by 36 to 40 percent between 1985 and 2015. It is estimated that there are less than 100,000 giraffes across Africa. Habitat loss, poaching, and legal hunting threaten the animals, criticizes Pro Wildlife.

German hunters are among the leaders in trophy hunting after the Americans and Spaniards.

Some European countries have already banned the import of hunting trophies of certain species or are preparing corresponding laws.
The German government, on the other hand, is sticking to the approval of the import of hunting trophies and claims that these would provide a financial incentive to preserve hunted species.

In addition, The German government is currently funding development projects in Africa that “have points of contact with countries and areas with hunting components” with around 140 million euros.

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USA: A ‘Dishonest Attack’ By Vegan Activists. Actually, The Fishing Industry Lid Has Been Removed To Expose The Truth, And They Dont Like It.

This is a global abuse – not confined to just a few nations.

WAV Comment – So this is ‘propaganda’ (according to the NFI, is it ?

For decades, the fishing industry has globally plundered the seas and oceans, not just catching, but depleting the worlds oceans of its fish stocks; getting away with it all.  Now someone has come along and has been brave enough to expose it all; for what it is, the lid has been removed from the fishing industry, and they don’t like it.

Please have a look at the following and decide for yourself – reality or propaganda ?

Regards Mark

BREAKING: Leaked Documents From Fishing Industry Expose Plan To Attack Seaspiracy Netflix Release

Seaspiracy seeks to uncover ‘alarming global corruption’ – and is already facing backlash from the fishing industry before it’s reached screens, the leaked document revealed

A US seafood industry body is launching a campaign in response to the discoveries it labels ‘vegan propaganda’ showcased in the upcoming documentary, Seaspiracy – despite the fact the film is yet to be released.

It was revealed in a leaked document sent to Plant Based News.

Protecting the seafood industry

The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) is a trade group that represents the US seafood industry, and actively encourages people to eat marine life. Moreover, it claims to be committed to ‘sustainable’ fishing and ‘responsible aquaculture’.

In addition, the NFI says it works to ensure both the media and consumers ‘have the facts about seafood’.

The letter brands the documentary, soon to be screened on Netflix, a ‘dishonest attack’. This is in anticipation of its discoveries and claims it ‘disingenuously’ targets the fishing industry – despite not viewing it.

Seaspiracy branded a ‘dishonest attack’

NFI said: “But hijacking a lifestyle while disingenuously targeting an industry that provides billions of healthy meals and employs 1.7 million Americans is an unacceptable and dishonest attack.”

As a result, the organization is planning retaliation in order to protect the industry, the leaked private document confirms. The media strategy will ‘combat inaccuracies’ and ‘highlight Netflix’s lack of oversight when it comes to the presentation of facts’, it continues.

As a result, it is ‘reaching out’ to restaurant and retail customers in the seafood sector to arm them with ‘friendly talking points’ once the film debuts on March 24.

Letter to Netflix

It goes on to state that the NFI expects Seaspiracy to be an ‘unabashedly vegan activist production’ similar to that of hit Cowspiracy and What The Health?, as Kip Andersen produced all three.

Additionally, the NFI reached out to Netflix, accusing it of promoting ‘propaganda over facts’.

In a letter, it told the streaming service that both Cowspiracy and What The Health? contained a ‘litany of hyperbole’ over fears Seaspiracy will be similar.

The letter voiced grievances to Netflix’s Co-CEO, claiming the documentary is ‘masquerading’ as facts about seafood.

It reads: “The producers of this film are vegan activists… Veganism is a fine choice for some – but my heavens, they do miss out on the complete array of seafood options like enormous King Crab, buttery Maine lobster, succulent Iceland cod, and omega-rich Alaska salmon.”

In a separate press release, the NFI claims it called on Netflix to create a ‘propaganda’ tab on its website for ‘films based on exaggeration, fabrications and conspiracy theories’.

Plant Based News approached the NFI to comment. “We consider the film vegan propaganda and we’d like Netflix to start a whole new tab for just this type of content,” the organization said in response.

The NFI claims seafood industry workers’ welfare is ‘vital’.

It added: “Mistreatment of workers at any place in the seafood value chain should be exposed. And regulators, policymakers and law enforcement should engage where needed right away.”

This is despite the Seaspiracy documentary trailer showing snippets of a different picture. One clip includes the quote: ‘When the ships are in the ocean, they can throw you overboard’.

Yet the NFI continued to label Seaspiracy as propaganda.

“A documentary is designed to accurately and objectively document facts. That’s not the goal of this film. The producers set out to make a movie that promotes veganism.

“There’s nothing wrong with that at all, but audiences should know these filmmakers have an agenda. And that is to convince viewers not to eat animal protein,” the NFI added.

Defending animal agriculture

The NFI alerted the Animal Agriculture Alliance (AAA), an organization that claims to connect a range of figures in the industry, including farmers, and encouraging its members to eat meat.

On its website, it accuses animal rights advocates of ‘misleading consumers’ – in response to undercover footage obtained from farms.

AAA agreed to ‘push back publicly against Seaspiracy‘, the leaked document states.

WATCH THE TRAILER HERE – Click on the link below:

Seaspiracy trailer

Seaspiracy seeks to uncover ‘alarming global corruption’ and its trailer has already garnered hundreds of thousands of views on social media.

UK: Designers Including Stella McCartney And Vivienne Westwood Urge UK Prime Minister To Ban Fur Sales.

Designers Including Stella McCartney And Vivienne Westwood Urge UK Prime Minister To Ban Fur Sales

‘It’s time for our government to consign the fur trade to the history books where it belongs and ban the sale of fur’

Stella McCartney And Vivienne Westwood Urge UK Government To Ban Fur Sales | Plant Based News

Eight iconic fashion brands including Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood are urging UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ban fur sales.

Fur farming was banned in Britain in 2003. But, since then, Britain has imported more than £800 million worth of fur from countries such as Finland, China, and Poland.

Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood

Designers Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Katharine Hamnett, ERDEM, Shrimps, Christopher Raeburn, and Helen Moore are backing Humane Society International’s #FurFreeBritain campaign.

The brands have signed a letter addressing Johnson. It states banning fur sales would ‘enhance the UK’s growing reputation as a global hub for innovation in ethical fashion’. 

Moreover, it reads: “Our fur-free policies are informed by the beliefs and expectations of the majority of UK consumers, who reject animal fur on ethical grounds.

“We’re proud to support the growing fur-free movement… We know that the majority of British consumers want fashion items without fur.”

‘British consumers reject fur’

Claire Bass is the executive director of Humane Society International/UK. In a statement sent to PBN, she said: “By proudly flying the flag for fur-free fashion… These iconic British fashion designers have their fingers on the pulse. 

“They refuse to put cruelty on the catwalk. Because, they know there is nothing glamorous about mentally deprived foxes, anally electrocuted raccoon dogs, COVID-19 infected mink and wild trapped coyotes shot in the head. 

Bass then added: “The vast majority of British consumers reject fur. And, as the revolting cruelty of fur is exposed, a global decline in demand for fur fashion has sent this industry into a downward spiral. 

“Killing animals for fashion does not reflect brand Britain. Even her Majesty the Queen has stopped buying new fur. It’s time for our government to consign the fur trade to the history books where it belongs and ban the sale of fur.”

‘Long-standing no fur policy’

Luxury department store Selfridges has also backed the initiative and signed the letter to Johnson.

Moreover, Daniella Vega is the director of sustainability at Selfridge. She added: “We’re proud of our long-standing no fur policy which has been in place for more than fifteen years. 

“Our customers care about animal welfare and we are committed to providing ethical and sustainable products. 

Vega then concluded: “There are many alternative materials for brands and designers to use. The future is fur-free and we support a ban on the sale of fur in the UK.”

You can read the full letter here

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