P&G Sleigh Pig Unit in Scotland- Pigs ‘hammered to death’!

Animal Equality’s undercover investigation has revealed a number of serious legal violations at P&G Sleigh Pig Unit in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, a ‘quality assured’ pig farm which is owned by senior pig industry figure, Philip Sleigh.

Philip Sleigh

Animal Equality sent letters outlining the breaches of animal welfare legislation to the relevant authorities, urging them to take immediate action against this facility using the full force of the law.
A criminal investigation is underway.


As individuals, the best thing we can do to help pigs just like the ones we filmed on this farm is keeping them off our plates and encouraging others to choose plant-based alternatives to animal products too.

Animal Equality has investigated 10 British pig farms within five years, finding severe animal suffering and flagrant disregard for animal welfare in every single one.

This is yet another case of an accredited ‘high welfare’ farm flouting the law.

The recordings of the undercover research show:

● Female breeding pigs who are repeatedly artificially inseminated and are forced to give birth and suckle their piglets in cages so small that they cannot even turn around
● Piglets who routinely have their tails cut off with a hot blade and their teeth cut off with pliers, without any anesthesia or pain relief
● Piglets that are killed directly on the premises because they are classified as too small or too weak
● Animals hit with a hammer
● Pigs hit against the hard, concrete floor
● Sows with labia injuries and severe prolapses, in which the uterus or internal organs protrude from the body
● a pig with an extremely severe uterine prolapse that was forced to stand and walk for over a minute and a half before being killed
● Pigs raised in poor, dark conditions
● Pigs living in pens flooded with water and faeces without access to dry bedding

The indifference with which the workers acted is shocking.

One employee claimed that using a hammer to kill a pig was “as good as any bullet.” Investigators filmed pigs that showed signs of consciousness, such as wheezing and fidgeting, even after being hit on the head several times.

One piglet continued to show signs of life for over four minutes after the first blow of a hammer hit it.
The workers called a room that housed sick and underweight pigs a “black hole”.

After two months on this farm, the young pigs are taken to a fattening area where they stay for another three months. The pigs are then sent to Quality Pork Limited – the largest pork slaughterhouse in Scotland – where they are gasified with carbon dioxide and then slaughtered and cut up to be sold under the “specially selected pork” label.

The slaughterhouse works on behalf of “Pilgrim’s Pride”, which supplies around a quarter of British pork and is mostly controlled by the notorious agricultural giant JBS – the largest meat company in the world.

The British pig industry must not be allowed to continue to mislead consumers. We are pushing for improved enforcement of existing animal welfare laws as well as for increased legal protections to be put in place for pigs.

Help to protect pigs by signing our petition today: https://bit.ly/3eGCeWe


And I mean…Philip Sleigh helped to draw up welfare standards as chairman of the pigs standard setting committee of Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), a public body to which he had been appointed as a director by the Scottish government.

He resigned from QMS this month after being informed of this undercover footage shot at P&G Sleigh Pig Unit in Aberdeenshire that showed a worker hammering pigs to death and sows with severe injuries, including organs protruding from their bodies.

This is “high welfare”!!!

“A love of farming goes back several generations in my family,” said Sleigh on an interview of 2019.

“My father was a farmer, my grandfather was a farmer and my great-grandfather was also a farmer, so that runs in my blood.”

We don’t know what runs in his blood. But certainly on his hands are tons of blood from tortured pigs

Philip Sleigh describes himself as “advocate for keeping his pigs happy and to ensure his herd remains happy and healthy, he is fastidious about how they are cared for”!

“I talk to them every day,” he said (https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/lifestyle/food-drink/a-passion-for-pig-farming-1390678)

That is how psychopaths always talk!

To qualify for the Specially Selected Pork label, pork must be produced in a way which meets the strict standards required by Quality Meat Scotland’s quality assurance schemes.

QMS has now removed Sleigh’s farm from its quality assurance scheme.

The lowbreaker Sleigh, declined to comment when approached at his farm today.

The unit-concentration camp has not been closed down as far as we know.

My best regards to all, Venus

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