Day: October 26, 2019

Australia: Stop the Suffering: Protect Aussie sheep from a backslide in heat stress regulation.



Stop the Suffering: Protect Aussie sheep from a backslide in heat stress regulation

Since the horrific images of Aussie sheep on board a live export ship went to air last year, we have seen the Department of Agriculture swamp the issue of heat stress in review after review. These reviews have delayed a definite decision on protecting the welfare of sheep from occurring – but we will continue to fight until action is taken. The current review proposes a few options, but none properly protect Aussie sheep, so we need to make sure a new option is put on the table. Your voice is needed now and we know we can push for change with you by our side. We will not give up.





Please note: this is a copy of your email which was sent to RSPCA Australia, and if you have given permission, will also be sent as a submission to the Middle East sheep exports policy options discussion paper.


Submitted on Saturday, October 26, 2019 – 08:37.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide a submission to the Middle East sheep exports policy options discussion paper.

I support the RSPCA’s position that live sheep exports should end altogether because of the inherent and unavoidable risks the trade poses to animal welfare. I believe sheep farmers should be supported to transition away from the live export of animals, and access more sustainable markets for chilled and frozen meat instead.

But while the trade continues it is incumbent upon the Department of Agriculture to ensure the welfare of exported animals is protected to the fullest extent possible.


None of the options proposed in the discussion paper fulfil this obligation.

Based on the scientific evidence presented to the Department in the Independent Technical Committee’s Final Heat Stress Risk Assessment Review report (HSRA Report) and the advice of the Australian Veterinary Association, sheep exports to the Middle East should cease from May through to October, inclusive. Additionally, the revised HSRA model as recommended by the Technical Committee should be implemented for every voyage that crosses the equator, at all times of the year.

At the very least, Options 2 AND 3 of the discussion paper should be implemented to ensure that sheep are not subjected to the most dangerous months of the Middle Eastern summer AND the Department implements the revised HSRA Model as recommended by the McCarthy Review, the ASEL Review, and the HSRA Review.

Combining Options 2 and 3 would provide certainty to all stakeholders including the industry, trading partners, and the Australian community, and ensure a new approach is taken to heat stress risk assessment that is based on animal welfare, not mortality. Failing to implement the revised HSRA model, a fundamental component of the proposed reforms over the past 18 months, would represent a massive backflip on the Government’s commitments to evidence-based policy and animal welfare.

On 10 September 2019, the Minister for Agriculture, Senator the Hon Bridget McKenzie said the live export trade “won’t be conducted at the expense of animal welfare standards.”

The science and evidence is clear. I urge the Department to act upon it by implementing Options 2 and 3 and fulfilling the Governments commitments to the Australian public.

Thank you for considering my submission. I look forward to seeing decisive action from the Department that will protect animal welfare for as long as live animal exports continue.


Kind regards,

Mark Johnson

Kent, England

USA: Petition (Environmental) – Protect the Iconic Joshua Tree from Extinction.



I have had some great times in the Southwest USA in the past – and I love desert and mountains; and Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Nevada and Utah are places which are environmentally very special places which must be preserved and not mined in any way  – wild places especially for wild animals, the variations in wildlife and pure scenic beauty. The Joshua tree is part of that iconic set, and in no way must it be allowed to become extinct. I ask you please to support this petition. Thanks – Mark.

petition keyboard

Petition Link: 



Target: Charlton H. Bonham, Director, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Goal: Protect the famous Joshua tree from extinction.

The desert’s majestic Joshua trees may be extinct in as little as 50 years if they are not protected from climate change and development. Sign the petition to demand action by California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Droughts and wildfires spurred by climate change will be responsible for the destruction of roughly 80 percent of California’s Joshua trees. These iconic plants have had the strength to brave California’s scorching deserts for over two million years. Now, it is mankind that has sentenced them to their fate. Young trees, unable to store sufficient water, are extremely vulnerable. This means that as old trees die off due to wildfires and development, very few new trees will replace them.

Despite their significance, little action has been taken to protect the Joshua tree. Sign the petition to demand that the state of California intervene and enact regulations that will protect the Joshua tree and its habitat.


Dear Mr. Bonham,

The Joshua tree is one of the most symbolic plants of California. For millions of years, it has survived your state’s deserts. However, climate change, drought, and wildfires are set to kill off the plant species by the year 2070. The situation facing the Joshua tree is dire. Only your organization can help.

I demand that you enact immediate protections that will prevent further destruction to the Joshua tree population. Help this plant thrive for another million years.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: David Lamfrom


German government once again betrays the animals


banane rep deutschlandpg


On October 23, the agricultural committee of the German parliament voted against an application that certain species of wild animals in the circus should be banned.

Among other things, this petition called for a ban on monkeys, elephants, bears, giraffes, rhinos, big cats and hippos in circuses for animal welfare reasons.

Zirkus Akrobatik mit Leopardpg

Meanwhile, it is no surprise that more than half of the members of the Agriculture Committee have a post in the German Farmers’ Union and generally reject animal welfare initiatives.

The former “social” SPD, which has been campaigning for a ban on wildlife for years – especially before elections – and often fooled citizens with “animal welfare policy aspirations”, voted against!

Thus, this party again showed that it is just not the animal welfare at heart and their election promises sanctimonious lip service.

The results in details:

CDU / CSU: Christian Democrats / Christian Social Union: Rejection
Socialists (SPD): rejection
Liberals: rejection
Green: approval
Left: approval
AfD (right party): abstention

Only the Greens and the Left voted in favor of the motion.


My comment: Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Iran … have a general ban on wildlife in circus.
In Europe, all EU countries have a general ban on wild animals in the circus.

Only Germany not!
There are many countries that, although poor, have long since banned animal cruelty in the ring.

Yet, Germany now proves that this is the poorer country in terms of morale and competence, the government and its lackeys show themselves to be a corrupt and ridiculous circus lobby that decides to preserve animal cruelty, even though it has no direct profit from it.

“This socialism (SPD) is like a Judas without silver pieces,” Kurt Tucholsky said about the socialist party Germany.
He was right! the socialist party of Germany is the sold bride of politics!

Best regards, Venus


England: Short break – Rocking In The Free World.

From Mark – 26/10.


I have been telling Venus tonight that things are changing for me next week. I am moving location and so will not be doing any posts from 29/10 until 11 or 12/11; so Venus will be doing everything during this time. Things are busy for me now re organisation, but I am hoping to do a few things over the next few days before I go.


Here is one link with new from Fur Free Society – really good to see them back:


I will close now with a group meet which both Venus and I really like – a mass group session of ‘Rockin in the free world’ by Neil Young. Enjoy it and I hope to see you again in the next few days.



Regards Mark


“If slaughterhouses had glass walls…”



If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian …”
Do we really don’t know the truth about meat production?!

We know it!
Today, on a broad scale, we know how the meat and dairy industry works.
We know very well that farms and slaughterhouses is a bloody business.
Modern meat production is, for a few, one of the most inhumane practices in human history, a Dachau that has even surpassed the Third Reich in brutality and sadism.

Schaffen karikatur in KZ_n

But most people who consume animals and their products, do not even think about the subject, and keep unpleasant truth away from them.They soothe their conscience with the lies that the meat mafia sells, that means: the organic livestock, or the happy cows of the Farmer`s next door who live in the meadow.
This makes it much easier for them and their morality to justify a crime, and helps them turn feelings of empathy into apathy.


It is well known and even the public media very often report that 3.8 million animals per day are transported worldwide under unbelievable suffering. We know that 1.4 billion animals a year are transported like potato sacks on highways or ships for three weeks, without food, water, without protection from cold and heat, hurt, emaciated, to land half dead on the slaughterhouses of the world, where they are massacred under the hands of beastly workers.

Schwein unter Stiefel des Schlachters_n

This is a legalized crime that the meat consumer does not want to know about, and thus it makes it easier for the meat mafia to continue its criminal work with lies and dirty untruths.

Of course, the meat industry uses every means to keep the suffering of animals secret, and deceives us animal welfare and respect for the law.
But today, in the century of information and technological progress that we live in, everyone can find out what is hidden behind the animals’ concentration camp.
If he wants …
And here’s the tragic reason why Paul McCartney’s saying is not true:
We know it, but we do not want to take responsibility, and therefore we repress it.

We chose the path of denial, justification, not to make an important, binding decision: not eat animals because they are sentient beings who were not born to serve us as slaves, being abused and exploited.

Schafen, die schlachten beobachtenn

Then we come to the conclusion that the reason why we eat animals is not the lack of information and knowledge about the function of this system.

It is the indifference, the mutilation of our conscience, it is our system-controlled mental and moral disability that prevents us from recognizing animals als beings with the right to freedom, life, and joy, and finally drives us to cooperate with this fascist system of flesh mafia.
Fact that ultimately makes us collaborators in a political crime.

My best regards to all, Venus