“If slaughterhouses had glass walls…”



If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian …”
Do we really don’t know the truth about meat production?!

We know it!
Today, on a broad scale, we know how the meat and dairy industry works.
We know very well that farms and slaughterhouses is a bloody business.
Modern meat production is, for a few, one of the most inhumane practices in human history, a Dachau that has even surpassed the Third Reich in brutality and sadism.

Schaffen karikatur in KZ_n

But most people who consume animals and their products, do not even think about the subject, and keep unpleasant truth away from them.They soothe their conscience with the lies that the meat mafia sells, that means: the organic livestock, or the happy cows of the Farmer`s next door who live in the meadow.
This makes it much easier for them and their morality to justify a crime, and helps them turn feelings of empathy into apathy.


It is well known and even the public media very often report that 3.8 million animals per day are transported worldwide under unbelievable suffering. We know that 1.4 billion animals a year are transported like potato sacks on highways or ships for three weeks, without food, water, without protection from cold and heat, hurt, emaciated, to land half dead on the slaughterhouses of the world, where they are massacred under the hands of beastly workers.

Schwein unter Stiefel des Schlachters_n

This is a legalized crime that the meat consumer does not want to know about, and thus it makes it easier for the meat mafia to continue its criminal work with lies and dirty untruths.

Of course, the meat industry uses every means to keep the suffering of animals secret, and deceives us animal welfare and respect for the law.
But today, in the century of information and technological progress that we live in, everyone can find out what is hidden behind the animals’ concentration camp.
If he wants …
And here’s the tragic reason why Paul McCartney’s saying is not true:
We know it, but we do not want to take responsibility, and therefore we repress it.

We chose the path of denial, justification, not to make an important, binding decision: not eat animals because they are sentient beings who were not born to serve us as slaves, being abused and exploited.

Schafen, die schlachten beobachtenn

Then we come to the conclusion that the reason why we eat animals is not the lack of information and knowledge about the function of this system.

It is the indifference, the mutilation of our conscience, it is our system-controlled mental and moral disability that prevents us from recognizing animals als beings with the right to freedom, life, and joy, and finally drives us to cooperate with this fascist system of flesh mafia.
Fact that ultimately makes us collaborators in a political crime.

My best regards to all, Venus

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