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England: English Lord Pays to Move and Give Life Protection to a Lion Which Was the ‘Prize’ for Many Trophy Hunters.




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Lord Michael Anthony P. Ashcroft, Baron Ashcroft, KCMG, PC is a British–Belizean businessman and politician. He is a former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party.

Simba (pictured) was rescued from certain death in a hunting area on the edge of the Kalahari desert in South Africa

Above – Beautiful, Majestic Simba.


Simba’s sanctuary: Bred to be shot by trophy hunters, this magnificent lion was doomed until LORD ASHCROFT masterminded a dramatic rescue. Now, he has found a permanent home

By Lord Ashcroft For The Mail On Sunday

Looking regal and majestic, he lay on a wooden platform with his proud head and golden mane held high.

He appeared to be back to his rightful position as the ‘king of the jungle’. It was a poignant and emotional moment for me: the first time that I had ever set eyes on Simba.

Six months earlier, my investigative team had rescued him from certain death in a hunting area on the edge of the Kalahari desert in South Africa.

The lion is now happy again in his new home after being 'deeply traumatised' following his rescue. He now lives in a two-and-a-half-acre enclosure in a secret location

Back in April, maltreated, malnourished, drugged and abused, he was destined to become someone’s trophy in a ‘canned hunt’: one in which the lion is shot in a severely enclosed space with no chance of escape.

Simba was saved by my undercover investigative team, including ex-Special Forces operatives, just hours before I made a series of revelations exclusively in The Mail on Sunday about the horrors of ‘lion farming’.

This practice involves thousands of captive-bred lions being killed either for the bone trade, mainly for the Far East market, or as hunting trophies, often for the US and European market. 

A fully grown male lion with a large mane can command a price tag of more than £40,000.

Last week I travelled to a secret location in South Africa because Simba, after spending time in temporary lodgings, has finally been relocated to a new, spacious and permanent home.

All being well, Simba, who is believed to be about 11 years old, will live in peace and safety for the rest of his days. 

The whereabouts of his new home must remain secret because, even now, those participating in the despicable lion farming industry could try to harm or kill him.

The moment Briton Miles Wakefield shoots Simba with a tranquilliser dart in a fenced-off enclosure

Before his rescue – Simba is shot and injured by a trophy hunter.


Unsurprisingly, Simba was described as ‘deeply traumatised’ immediately after his rescue. However, he should now live for another ten years, possibly longer, and, hopefully, time will prove to be a great healer.

One of his new carers, who asked not to be identified, told me: ‘He is a real gentleman. Even in the few weeks he has been with us, there has been a massive difference in his behaviour.

The moment Briton Miles Wakefield shoots Simba with a tranquilliser dart in a fenced-off enclosure

‘When he arrived, he was hiding and growling. Now, little by little, he is more confident and allows us to be within 30 feet of him.

‘The great thing is that lions forgive and dare to trust again, and to love unconditionally. This is where humans can learn from animals.

‘Lion farming, on the other hand, touches the darkest side of humanity: it is pure ego, pure money, pure greed.’

Simba now lives alone in a two-and-a-half-acre fenced enclosure where he is fed raw meat, including beef and chicken. He has a raised area where he can lie in the sun, but he also has shade from trees.

I have made a substantial donation to ensure that Simba will be well looked after for the rest of his life.


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A fully grown male lion with a large mane can command a price tag of more than £40,000. Pictured: Miles Wakefield with the drugged Simba

A pathetically sad human trophy hunter can pay £40,000 to kill a fully grown male lion like Simba



Somalia: Criminals are plundering the sea




Two million Somalis are threatened by famine, and instead of helping, they also take their fish. From the blog

Fisch2 Somalias fischerjpg

China is the world’s largest consumer, but also the largest producer of fish.
To satisfy the growing popular demand for fish and continue exporting seafood abroad, giant fishing vessels from China are now fishing in international waters, illegally. With dire consequences, because with its huge fleet, China is contributing to the overfishing of the oceans. Every third fish comes from Chinese production, a study found.

lia chinesisches Schiff

But since China has already cleared its oceans, China is fishing on the coasts of Africa, and the fish caught are being sold in Europe, the US and the Middle East.
Paradox, Somalia is one of the poorest and most fragile countries in the world. As part of the special initiatives “Fighting causes of flight” gets Somalia from Germany development aid.
Not only that, within the framework of the special initiative “ONE WORLD without hunger” the fish consumption in the port Kismayo is also promoted with development aid, in order to improve the local food supply.

Somali government awards fishing rights to China – after Somalia received $ 200 million from China

The government of Somalia has agreed at the end of December 2018 a loan of $ 200 million for the reconstruction of the port of Mogadishu. The Bank has sole fishing rights on the Somali coast and remains involved in the port until full payment of the loan.

There are some of Africa’s richest fishing grounds in Somali waters, but not for the hungry in Somalia.
This is where the world’s largest offshore fishing fleets fish.
Fish, for the people of the US, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
And not only China has fished waters of Somalia empty, but also Europe. The consequences of this overfishing must now pay the Africans. A plunder by giant fishing vessels in West African waters is responsible for the hunger. Many of these ships are more than 100 meters long, which means that they are true floating fish factories, including European ships. In an area of ​​100 km2, 17 foreign giant fishing vessels basically catch all life from the sea.

For every pound of salmon, for example, that China produces underwater in factory farming, they need two to three pounds of raw fish to feed the salmon. And it is exactly this fish that fishes China in other waters.

fischer. chinajpg

Paradoxically – not only Europe has promised Somalia help to defeat the hunger there, but also China. But if they want to help people in Somalia, why take their fish?

Two million Somalis are currently threatened by famine.

Two years after the ongoing drought in 2016/2017, livelihoods have been destroyed and nearly a million Somalis displaced. In Somalia, the rain is out and the drought is destroying crops and livestock. The UN fears the deaths of many people.

Because Somali fishermen no longer catch fish, they earn their living through piracy.

In recent years, much has been reported about the pirates in Somalia, who were hijacking container ships, plundering, and even kidnapping sailors to extort ransom.
After the anti-piracy operations under the leadership of the EU, NATO and the USA, in which also armed forces frigates are involved, protect the ships from Somalia, it has become calmer. But one wonders how it is then possible that large fleets fishing the coast off Somalia illegally empty?


China is bringing more fish from the world’s oceans than the next five countries. For years, Somali fishermen have complained that foreign fishing fleets in their waters have been poaching with destructive methods, destroying their livelihoods.

Somali shores are being cleared for fish to come to Europe. On the other hand, millions of euros in development aid are being paid.

Imagine the quantities of fish that are taken away from the locals day after day. That must be beyond the imagination of a human being. There are around 20 mega-ships in operation in this small area that can hold thousands of tons of fish!


In 2016, Argentina’s Coast Guard sank a Chinese ship under suspicion of fishing in Argentine waters.
The ship was greeted by radio (in Spanish and English) and both visual and audible signals were sent to make contact.

“The Chinese ship, however, switched off its fishing lights and fled towards international waters without responding to repeated calls over different frequencies, “said the Coast Guard (in Spanish).

On several occasions, the ship underwent maneuvers that would force a collision with the Coast Guard, endangering not only its own [= Chinese] crew but also Coast Guard personnel. Therefore, the Coast Guard was assigned to shoot parts of the ship.
All 32 crew members were rescued, it said.
But in March 2019 there was another incident in Argentina.

A 2017 study published in Fish and Fisheries found that China trades more for non-human consumption than any other country in the world.
This catch is normally converted into fishmeal and fish oil, which is used to feed fish in aquaculture.

Sustainability is not on the Chinese agenda. China does not ask, China simply takes, and illegal too!


My comment: For years one reads, the oceans are empty fished, overfished 80% of the stocks. And what is the UN really writing? “world capture fisheries production has been stable in the past decade” !!
And the EU is also plundering fish stocks off the coast of Africa. By purchasing the fishing quotas of other states, the problem of overfishing is exported beyond EU borders.

China’s population now accounts for one-third of global fish consumption – partly because the growing middle class can afford the former delicacies more and more often.
To satisfy this hunger, approximately 200,000 Chinese fishing boats are estimated to be sailing the oceans. They account for more than half of global fishing.

Every fifth fish comes from illegal fishing, an economic scandal with catastrophic ecological consequences. Organized is the mafia of the oceans in a global network that is active on all oceans. Many species are threatened by extinction. And the little fishermen of Somalia are losing their livelihood.
“First the sea dies, then we die,” says Paul Watson.

If we want to stop the exploitation of the oceans,  we should not support the crime of fish mafia and delete fish, like all other meat,  from our menu.

My best regards to all, Venus


eye to eye


rot hirschpg

A hunter was impaled in the US state of Arkansas by a deer. The man had killed the animal shortly before – at least he meant that.

A hunter was impaled in the US state of Arkansas by a deer. The man had killed the animal shortly before – at least he meant that.
Alexander had shot an adult stag during a hunting trip in Yellville. After watching the animal stop moving, the hunter approached to make sure he had killed the stag. Apparently the animal was not dead: When Alexander touched it, the animal got up and attacked the man.
The hunter was able to call his wife even after the attack. This alarmed the rescue service. Badly injured, Alexander was taken to the hospital.
The 66-year-old Thomas Alexander died a few hours later in the hospital.

Jäger am Tisch mit Hirschköpfe
But where is the brutal” – deer?

“While such an attack is rare, it’s not uncommon,” says a spokesperson for the Arkansas Conservation Agency.

The death of Thomas Alexander is the first fatal hunting accident (!!!) in Arkansas this year, it says.

Last year, three hunters lost their lives during the hunting season – one fell from his high seat and another shot himself.

Another hunter was mistaken on the hunt with a stag and shot.

A government spokesman said, “The animal is on the run. We have not found it yet.

Here an original message of the step-son of Thomas Alexander, Greg Alexander,  published in Facebook:

“As many know, my father Tom Alexander passed away on Tuesday after being mauled by a deer, which he had assumed dead after he shot it. He has hunted and killed many deer and was a very experienced outdoorsman. He always followed and respected hunting laws, and took safety extremely serious. This was just a 1 in a million type of thing that ended tragically. I don’t blame the animal and I know dad wouldn’t either.

He was not only an amazing father, he was my best friend. We hunted, fished, watched football and planned to start a little cow farm when he retired early next year. This man was one of a kind. He was always positive even when he would call and rant about politics or complain about a football call that didn’t go the Chiefs way.

He spent his time thinking up ways to make you laugh and was always the life of the party. He would give to you even when you wronged him, he didn’t have a mean bone in his body. I can’t remember a time as a kid that he missed a day of work, so dedicated to his craft. He was an engineer, surveyor, carpenter, welder, plumber, farmer and knew how to do or fix just about anything.

I am blessed to be his son, but will miss my best friend. I have had so much support from friends, family, wildlife officers (who are now friends) I thank you all for that. I want to especially thank my step mother Valerie Alexander for caring for him so well for many years, loving him to pieces and supporting him in just about anything he wanted to do”.


My comment: We can only guess that the step-son’s lobbying work for Thomas Alexander on Facebook is an attempt to curb the shitstorm that is booming on Facebook.
Most killers in the forest are good fathers, good neighbors and good colleagues.
The mafia bosses, arms dealers, drug dealers are also very caring fathers. They go to church and take care of their family.
This does not stop them from killing innocent animals or people.

A victim defends himself, what could be more just than actively defending one’s life?  And we wish the brave avenger all the best and that he never falls into the hands of a psychopath again.

hirsch will jäger erlegenpg

My best regards to all, Venus