USA: Petition (Environmental) – Protect the Iconic Joshua Tree from Extinction.



I have had some great times in the Southwest USA in the past – and I love desert and mountains; and Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Nevada and Utah are places which are environmentally very special places which must be preserved and not mined in any way  – wild places especially for wild animals, the variations in wildlife and pure scenic beauty. The Joshua tree is part of that iconic set, and in no way must it be allowed to become extinct. I ask you please to support this petition. Thanks – Mark.

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Target: Charlton H. Bonham, Director, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Goal: Protect the famous Joshua tree from extinction.

The desert’s majestic Joshua trees may be extinct in as little as 50 years if they are not protected from climate change and development. Sign the petition to demand action by California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Droughts and wildfires spurred by climate change will be responsible for the destruction of roughly 80 percent of California’s Joshua trees. These iconic plants have had the strength to brave California’s scorching deserts for over two million years. Now, it is mankind that has sentenced them to their fate. Young trees, unable to store sufficient water, are extremely vulnerable. This means that as old trees die off due to wildfires and development, very few new trees will replace them.

Despite their significance, little action has been taken to protect the Joshua tree. Sign the petition to demand that the state of California intervene and enact regulations that will protect the Joshua tree and its habitat.


Dear Mr. Bonham,

The Joshua tree is one of the most symbolic plants of California. For millions of years, it has survived your state’s deserts. However, climate change, drought, and wildfires are set to kill off the plant species by the year 2070. The situation facing the Joshua tree is dire. Only your organization can help.

I demand that you enact immediate protections that will prevent further destruction to the Joshua tree population. Help this plant thrive for another million years.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: David Lamfrom


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