German government once again betrays the animals


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On October 23, the agricultural committee of the German parliament voted against an application that certain species of wild animals in the circus should be banned.

Among other things, this petition called for a ban on monkeys, elephants, bears, giraffes, rhinos, big cats and hippos in circuses for animal welfare reasons.

Zirkus Akrobatik mit Leopardpg

Meanwhile, it is no surprise that more than half of the members of the Agriculture Committee have a post in the German Farmers’ Union and generally reject animal welfare initiatives.

The former “social” SPD, which has been campaigning for a ban on wildlife for years – especially before elections – and often fooled citizens with “animal welfare policy aspirations”, voted against!

Thus, this party again showed that it is just not the animal welfare at heart and their election promises sanctimonious lip service.

The results in details:

CDU / CSU: Christian Democrats / Christian Social Union: Rejection
Socialists (SPD): rejection
Liberals: rejection
Green: approval
Left: approval
AfD (right party): abstention

Only the Greens and the Left voted in favor of the motion.


My comment: Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Iran … have a general ban on wildlife in circus.
In Europe, all EU countries have a general ban on wild animals in the circus.

Only Germany not!
There are many countries that, although poor, have long since banned animal cruelty in the ring.

Yet, Germany now proves that this is the poorer country in terms of morale and competence, the government and its lackeys show themselves to be a corrupt and ridiculous circus lobby that decides to preserve animal cruelty, even though it has no direct profit from it.

“This socialism (SPD) is like a Judas without silver pieces,” Kurt Tucholsky said about the socialist party Germany.
He was right! the socialist party of Germany is the sold bride of politics!

Best regards, Venus


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