Yom Kippur: a bloodbath in the name of religion


This week saw the annual event of Kaporos take place in cities around the world. Kaporos is a customary atonement ritual practiced by some Jews on the eve of Yom Kippur.




Each year thousands of chickens are sent onto city streets from factory farms. Many of these individuals are kept confined in small crates without food or water for as long as 4 days before the ceremony.

Jom-Kippur-Huhn100 yom kipur pg

During the event a chicken around is swung around a person’s head three times while saying a prayer to transfer their sins to the bird, before giving the chicken to a butcher, who then slaughters it.

jom kipurg

This event happens on the streets of cities and towns, and it is estimated that up to 50,000 chickens are killed in Brooklyn alone. Despite claims that the corpses are given to the poor, many are often found in trash bags in the days following the event.

hühner im Müllpg

When the chickens who survive the transport arrive at their destination, the ritual participants swing their legs and wings through the air, then cut their throats and place them in traffic cones as they bleed to death.

In the following video you can clearly see how participants of this “festival” tear off the heads of the chickens and then stuff them – still conscious – into garbage bags.

Why should they have to suffer for our sins? No matter the tradition, the custom or the culture, there is no excuse for the treatment and exploitation these individuals face.

Those who wish to celebrate Kaporos in the coming years can still do so, swapping the sentient being for money, as done by many Jews who disagree with the practice.

Anonymous for the Voiceless


My comment: Here I also see another illogical and immoral business with God, namely: I sacrifice the innocent so that my guilt will be forgiven!

Well-known deal at all geographic locations! On this basis has always and every religion worked.

Without blind,  stupid and fanatical God’s servants no religion would have survived!

Innocents in the name of God are always tortured, murdered and massacred by people who preach love to God and their fellow human beings.

“You can only have peace if you give it”, Ebner-Eschenbach has said.
That is the reason, why any religion will have never peace.

My best regards to all, Venus



4 thoughts on “Yom Kippur: a bloodbath in the name of religion”

  1. Are you vegan or an animal activist? Yes, Kaporos is cruel but this article is antisemitic, especially if you are not an animal rights activist and not even a vegan/. Kaporios happen every day behind slaughterhouses and other industries. Yom Kippur is not about Kaporos, only a tiny percentage of Jews pratique Kaporos. In the USA most Jews are reformed which means Kaporos is not observed at all. D you have any idea how many turkeys are tortured for thanksgiving and Christmas? Have you watched footage inside a slaughterhouse? Have you watched Dominion This article lacks nuances and facts and is spreading hate towards jews? on youtube or any other film that exposed the horror of animal exploitation for food and clothing? I have seen it in person.
    Please review your values, if anyone cares so much about chickens’ lives they would stop eating eggs, their flashes that other animals as well.
    Regards. Iara F. Foschino
    Jewish Vegan Animal Rights activist,


    1. First of all, the next time you sign, please do not include any religion or race in front of your “Animal Rights Activist” title.
      Because we are against discrimination, and therefore we do not want to know whether the writer who saves animals does it under Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Orthodox, or Muslim beliefs.

      Apparently you confused the text that I took over from Anonymous for the Voiceless (link given) with my personal comment about it.
      It can be intentional, it can be a mistake, or it is not right.
      Because in my comment it is clear that …
      “Well-known deal at all geographic locations! On this basis has always and every religion worked.
      Without blind, stupid and fanatical God’s servants no religion would have survived! ”

      From the content of your comment, you don’t seem to be informed about our topics.
      Especially in the last few months I had (almost) exclusively reported about the criminals in GERMAN slaughterhouses who were undercovered by the SOKO Tierschutz Organization.
      And my comments about it are sharp and not influenced by my nationality
      You didn’t read that either.
      If you had read our articles carefully, you would also get an answer to the question of whether we are vegan or not.
      Our blog even has a “page” with vegan recipes.

      The word “anti-Semitism” has meanwhile got an inflationary value and therefore does not work.
      Because not everything that the Jews don’t like is anti-Semitism.


  2. I can sign however I feel like it is best., This just reinforces your antisemitism and the only reason for posting the event on Kapros is hateful feelings towards Jews and not much concern for chickens.


    1. Every time a supposed or real Jew has no more arguments to the point, he/she comes up with the accusation of anti-Semitism.
      Please don’t abuse your religion/race or whatever, rather think and argue objectively.
      We stick to the animals, we don’t give a f*ck about religions.
      Venus Reichenbach


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