EU: approves subsidies for bullfighting mafia


Pro-Brexit supporters burn an EU flag during a UKIP demonstration in central London
Liberation NOW ++ Bullfighting continues to be subsidized by the EU ++

On 23 October 2019, the European Parliament voted on whether bullfighting in southern Europe should continue to be subsidized from the EU’s agricultural budget.

blutender Stierpg

Against the removal of the subsidies were from the German delegates CDU, CSU (Christian Social Union), Free Democratic Party and Free Voters Confederation.

69% of the Socialist Party of Germany opposed the cancellation. However, since 19% were not even present, just over 80% of the SPD votes cast were against it (!!!)

And the members of Alliance 90 / The Greens and the Left were not far away from their colleagues. Although all the MPs present voted in favor of the abolition of subsidies, 14% of the Greens and 40% of the left were absent.

All parties are committed to animal welfare on the flag and show again and again that this is just a well-sounding lip service. The so highly praising animal protection law in this country is not worth the paper it stands on.

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The “production” of animal consumer goods is associated with immense suffering, and EU-MEPs know it. We breed them – we lock them in – we do experiments with them – we make circus shows with them – we make money with them – we kill them.
It is therefore not surprising that “our” politicians are also true to their line abroad and give their voice for suffering and death. Shame on you!

Stier voll von Pfeilen

In this case, we can see very clearly that the corruption of our politicians can be worse than we can imagine.
Voting Behavior:…/…/PV-9-2019-10-23-RCV_FR.pdf


My comment:  According to estimates by animal welfare organizations, the annual turnover of the bullfighting industry in Spain is between 1 and 2.5 billion euros.

200,000 jobs are created in Spain, through the brutal execution of 40,000 bulls.
The occupational groups that benefit from this massacre are many:
Promoters of the events, simple bullring workers, to the butchers, who subsequently smash the victim and sell it as meat.
The breeding of the bulls and everything related to them must also be taken into account.
They all want to participate in the big pot of the bullfighting industry.
In addition, bullfighting is a tourist attraction, such as paella and flamenco.

The Spanish audience expects good bullfighting in particular. One sits, eats hamburgers and makes videos with cell phone, while down in the arena a living being is brutally massacred.
Of the tourists, Americans and Japanese are the predominant share of bullfighting visitors.

In 2013, the Spanish government protected bullfighting and since then this bloody massacre has been considered “immaterial culture good” in Spain.
That was one of Spain’s biggest cultural shame, wich civilized people only repels and disgusts.
And also has led to enormous economic corruption.
Because of the EU agricultural subsidies, € 130 million is distributed annually to the bull breeders. Under the code name “Agricultural Subsidies” !!!
30 million come from Germany.

Stier und glotzende Arschlöcher

It’s about a dirty, with our money-subsidized bullfight mafia, but it’s also supported by a bunch of idiots, brain-sick visitors who enjoy watching a bull being tortured and murdered bit by bit.

My best regards to all, Venus

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