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India: Amazing Rescues From Animal Aid Unlimited – August 2020. We Hope Video Links Work !

Dear Mark,

Happy Rakhi, to our brothers and sisters in animal protection and to our animal brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan is an important holiday here in India celebrating protection of someone you love. It expresses the bondbetween brothers and sisters, whether related by blood, or by love. Thank you, because you have expressed the real meaning of Rakhi every time you’ve helped someone vulnerable, of any species, colour, age or kind.

Orlando’s unbearable neck pain is gone!

Whoever says animals can’t speak hasn’t met Orlando. His sorrowful cries told a group of strangers that he was in excruciating pain and needed help. His worrying eyes expressed his confusion when we brought him to the examination table. And his adoring smile announced as clear as a bell that he loved his care-giver, Dhapu. Meet Orlando, whose injuries were invisible, so he told us all about them.

Animals can speak. They say “I hurt.” They say “I feel better now.”

And they say Thank You. Please donate.

Abandoned and disabled: getting Pumba back on his feet.

This sweet boy was abandoned when his guardians no longer wanted him. He may have lost his ability to walk because he was not allowed to move around. He had no strength at all. We call him Pumba, and he is one of the most adorable individuals you’ll ever meet. Watch the beautiful efforts of staff and volunteers to get Pumba back on his feet.

If you’re in India, he is available for adoption to a loving family who promises never to chain him again, and to give this very social boy at least 2 hours every day to exercise and play with dog and human friends.

And wherever you live, adopt a rescue dog.

Click here to adopt:

Surgery saved Janvi from an enormous tumour

Time was running out for this very lady-like older street dog. An enormous and rapidly-growing abdominal tumor was within weeks –maybe days–of becoming fatal. Janvi’s abundant peacefulness is a deep part of her nature. The trust she gave tells of the kindness she’s received from her human neighbours who were so glad to welcome her back after surgery.

With help, even a big problem can disappear. Please donate

Be Baby Boy’s True Love!

Sponsor Baby Boy or one of his friends today!

Baby Boy is the ambassador of the cow nation. Gentle as a kitten, he loves cuddles, kisses, and belly rubs! He was rescued in 2012 after his leg was run over and broken by a vehicle. His leg healed with time but it left him with a serious limp. When you come to Animal Aid he’ll be one of the first “people” you meet!

With your help we will give these sweethearts protection,

shelter and love for the rest of their lives.

WAV Comment – click below to see all the amazing team who help and care so much for all the animals.

Celebrate the staff: Our Medical Team!

Every morning they gather to determine the strategy for handling special cases and the day’s particular challenges. Our paravets treat animals non-stop every day from 8 in the morning until midnight, and their expertise has saved thousands of animals. Thank you Mangilal, Shravan, Pradeep, Arjun, Ravi, Himmat, Raju, Bharat, Pavan, Dr Vaibhav, and Dr Anca.

Meet the rest of the team:

Adoption means love

There is nothing better than giving an animal a second chance at a new and loving home. ❤

Slogan über adoption

It is “not just an animal” with whom you share your life, it is a heart that beats, a being that feels with you and will be grateful forever.
It is a life that wants to live.

Open your house to a friend who stays true to you for life.
Adopt an animal, never buy!

My best regards to all, Venus

India: Watch the Life Saving Work of Our Friends at ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ – and Celebrate – Better Still, Donate !




AAU June


Dear Mark,

Two of the happiest dogs alive, Rocky and Ranis video below is a heart-warming look at the lives of two orphaned puppies whose mama died in childbirth. Nurtured and adored by foster parents, they survived dangerous viruses, which orphans like these are especially vulnerable to because they’re too young to vaccinate and don’t have the natural protective immunity that comes only with their mother’s milk (cow’s milk does not provide this, and can be harmful for puppies and species other than cows.)

When they were old enough to eat on their own, they were adopted by a tremendous village family with children, elderly neighbors and a steady stream of friends.

Wherever you are in the world, when it’s time to bring a new best friend into your home, adopt a rescued dog from a shelter. Or better yet, two!



Joy’s extraordinary recovery after her lower lip was terribly injured



When we got the call that a puppy was covered in blood we had no idea how bad it could be. Her entire lip was missing. As soon as we examined her we realized that she would need urgent surgery but we didn’t know if she could fully recover from such a horrible injury.

We’ve called this little hero Joy.

And Joy is alive and well and–extraordinary. Please donate



Tiggy’s ravaging wounds and astoundingly FAST recovery

 Multiple wounds tore open Tiggy’s neck, shoulders and ear. We rescued him as he sat trembling and woozy with pain. We hurriedly gave the beautiful little victim pain medicine, hydration, bandaging and food, but the best part of his rescue was holding him close. Within days, Tiggy’s incredibly playfulness and boundless affection took over.



There’s nothing better than a happy ending. Please donate


Puppy love! There’s simply nothin’ like it!

 Rocky and Rani were orphaned when their poor mama died in childbirth. The sweethearts were immediately fostered by two devoted Animal Aid staff who cheerfully went through the midnight feedings stage, the “is this poop looking normal to you?” stage, and then to the fantastic open-road of their great health and multiple growth spurts.



With glossy coats, bright white smiles and absolute trust of humans, this pair was lovingly adopted by Animal Aid care-giver Mangi bai and her family, and their growing up has continued with play, love, and then more play.


Life should be, at times, hilarious.

Wherever you live, adopt a shelter dog. And if you live in India, click here to meet the beautiful dogs ready for adoption at Animal Aid.


Sponsor Barbara or one of her friends today!

As Barbara and 80 other sheep were being herded across a highway by an old shepherd in 2017, a truck rounded a blind corner and slammed into them, killing all but 8 souls. Barbara was one of the survivors. Badly injured with an open fracture, the shepherd could no longer care for her and brought her to Animal Aid. Shy and frightened at first, Barbara has blossomed into one of the world’s biggest sweethearts and if you sponsor Barbara, we think you’ll feel her magic. She’s way too big to curl up in your lap, but she tries to!

Click here to sponsor – or any other animal: 


Celebrate the staff: Bhavna




Bhavna’s eyes twinkle like ferry lights in a party. Since 2017 she has served with dignity, kindness and efficiency as front-of-hospital cleaning supervisor. Bhavna keeps offices inviting and tidy, cooks the meals for the dogs, and whether she’s defrosting the fridge or moving a heavy portable kennel, she always keeps us smiling.


Regards to you all and thanks for your comments and ‘thumbs up’; sorry but it impossible to write to all involved, but thank you, it means a lot to Venus and I  – Mark.

Dr. Medicine Slavica Mazak Bešlić – A Dear Animal Campaigner Friend Lost Today.



Today, 17/7/20 I have been sent a very sad message from friends and welfare people, Branka and Pavel, who operate ARKA in Serbia.  The message reads:


Dear Mark,

We are so sorry to inform you that Slavica (EPAR) died Yesterday morning at 3h30’.

Recently, apart of her main illness, she fell and broke thigh bone. She had to go to the hospital for the surgery, unfortunately she didn’t recover.

She really loved animals and did so much for them, we’ll miss her very much.

Regards, Branka and Pavel


Slavica first made contact with me back in 2004; and after deciding on a campaign route; ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ was formed.


Slavica and I were in almost daily contact re the situation for animals in Serbia.  She was in Serbia; and I was in England; so communication (language) to get the correct message out on SAV was not an easy thing in those early days.  It was very much a case of info coming in check – draft and send to Slavica for the ok.  Only once that we were both happy with the content did we publish our data.

Two very large campaigns we worked on was to try and prevent the construction of a ski lift facility at Stara Planina – here are some links:


Destruction photos and more:


This was not about stray animals, but an environmental issue we fought:


We battled with the EU about environmental issues at Stara; again, they did not want to take action regarding the endangered species (wildlife) lists we had provided.

In the end it was not good news – corruption won; but we did help with some other victories:


And also the work with ‘Respect for Animals’, here in Nottingham UK, to achieve the fur farming ban, which came into force at the start of 2019.  Read more:


Respect for Animals – against all fur :



serb sheep 3


Another issue we very much got involved with was regarding the export of live sheep to Israel.  The Serbian government denied that there was any involvement with Serbia and the exported sheep; so much so that attempted to make threats against all who were involved and exposing the business.  With help and advice and input from Salavica, I chased up the issue at the EU – see more here:


You have to remember that the Serbian government made many threats to animal activists; and that included closing down Slavica’s stray dog shelter.  But all was not lost, in the end the Serbian government were forced (under activists pressure) to come clean and tell the EU that the exported sheep DID originate and get exported from Serbia.  This was confirmed in a letter from the EU to Mark, which you can read below:

So you see, if you know you are right with what you say, you have to take chances and fight the fight; all the way.  This issue of sheep exports was a big win for us; especially Slavica, who was so very involved, despite the government threats to close down her shelter.


More reading on this:


We also worked together re the animals at Palic Zoo in Serbia; and especially relating to a brown bear which was kept in a very confined environment.  Here we worked with the Born Free group in London who had set up reports on animal zoos across the EU.  See it here:



See the pictures and our info about Palic Zoo here:



Slavica was a fantastic person to know; and an even better campaigner.  I am proud to have been able to call her a good friend and to have been involved with her fighting to improve the welfare of animals in Serbia..  As well as her dedication to animals rights, Slavica was also a medical doctor.  Slavica worked as the senior / manager of the department for tumours at the city hospital in Subotica (Serbia) for over 15 years.


She undertook numerous operations associated with tumours in gynecology, such as the Wertheim – Meigs technique.

She operated her own private gynecology facility known as “Ginekos”, within Subotica city, Serbia.

Slavica has always supported animal welfare / rights and allocated the vast majority of the finances from her gynecology speciality into funding the construction and operations of stray dog and cat shelters, and she often had to endure personal attack, criticism and negative experiences from many of the local authorities around the Subotica area.

Slavica endured personal criticism of her work for the animals by others working within administration departments of Belgrade City authority.

With massive input from Slavica; and using SAV as an information tool; we also managed to get the illegal hell hole (VUK) zoo at Novi Pazar closed down.  You can see the conditions in which the animals were illegally kept in the following:


From SAV ‘About Us’ –



Dr. Medicine Slavica Mazak Bešlić

– Subotica, Serbian Republic


Slavica is the President of the organisation EPAR, which is based in Subotica, Serbia.  In 2010, Slavica stopped running the animal shelter part of EPAR, which was called Friend – EPAR.  The animal shelter section of EPAR has now been taken over by a lady named Adriana.  Friend – EPAR shelter was the biggest No Kill shelter in Serbia; and this policy is now continuing through Adriana.

Adriana has now given a new name to the shelter that she works with; the old Friend – EPAR shelter.  This shelter is now called (shelter) ALEX.

Slavica continues to run EPAR as an organisation, but this is now specifically dedicated to more legal matters such as campaigning for the implementation of existing national legislation; bringing charges against those who are illegally doing cruelty to animals, and charges against hunters, environmental destruction work etc.


Important – the links below show many photographs of the old Friend – EPAR shelter. 

Here below are some old photograph links to what was originally Friend – EPAR shelter, and which is now called ALEX:

Slavica is a medical doctor with specialist practice in gynecology and obstetrics, and a superspecialist for untrasound techniques in gynecology.

Slavica worked as the senior / manager of the department for tumors at the city hospital in Subotica (Serbia) for over 15 years.

She has undertaken numerous operations associated with tumors in gynecology, such as the Wertheim – Meigs technique.

She now operates her own private gynecology facility known as “Ginekos”, still within Subotica city.

Slavica has always supported animal welfare / rights. She allocates the vast majority of the finances from her gynecology speciality into funding the construction and operations of stray dog and cat shelters, and has often had to endure personal attack, criticism and negative experiences from many of the local authorities around the Subotica area.

Slavica has endured personal criticism of her work for the animals by others working within administration departments of Belgrade City authority.

Slavica shares her home with animals that she has rescued from the local streets as strays.


Slavica was a great personal friend and an even better campaigner friend for all the animals.  She lived her life to the full in so many ways and tried to make Serbia a better place for animals.

I close by saying if there were a lot more ‘Slavica’s’ in the world, then it would be a much better place.












Romania: Welcome To Our Romanian Visitor and Campaigner Friends.




WAV Comment –


Rom wild 1


rom wild 3


Romania is still one of the beautiful, wild places in Europe.  It has a lot of citizens who support the policy of keeping the wild for the wild and letting nature and the animals that live within exist as they should, without persecution from man.


rom wild 2

rom wild 4


But like all nations; Romania also has a dark side when it comes to animals; especially issues relating to stray dogs, and also live exports of sheep.

As some of you will be aware, we at WAV last year tracked and reported on a consignment of live sheep throughout the journey between Romania and Iran.

It was not only this shipment that has caused us concern. We were also informed at the time that Romania was planning on exporting around 200,000 live sheep to the middle east every month for the next 6 months or so.

“It is clear that sheep have suffered terribly throughout this entire journey, and that’s before we even mention the routine abuse and fully conscious slaughter they are subjected to when they arrive at their destinations,” said Gabriel Paun. “These sheep come from the green meadows and high mountains of the Romanian countryside, and the contrast in how they are treated in the live export trade is unimaginable.”

The Netherlands (Dutch) MEP Anja Hazekamp called on the European Commission to launch an infringement procedure against Romania, after the country authorised the mass transport of 70.000 sheep from the Port of Midia to the Persian Gulf while temperatures rose above 45 °C.




Tiertransport 222221-pg



Midia, Romania – Nov 2019

A live export vessel loaded with live sheep for export overturned within hours of leaving the Romanian port of Midia   The Romanian government called off the rescue efforts to save over 14,600 sheep trapped inside a capsized live export ship — despite claims that sounds can be heard indicating that animals are still alive.

In the end, despite many thousands of sheep drowning in the capsize; some (very few) of the survivors which were rescued were eventually provided with sanctuary. 






Welcome tour Romanian visitors today – we have noticed a lot of attendance to the site from Romania over the last few days; and we very much welcome you coming to pay us a visit.. 

So here following we are giving most of our past Romanian links with the hope they will be of use to our visitors if they are working on campaign issues.  We ask them to especially work on the issues of stray dogs and cats; and also on the live export business which involves so many tens of thousands of live sheep.


In memory of all the suffering animals in Romania – past and present.


Regards Mark and Venus (WAV).


Past links:  Different Issues, but lots of information and videos / photographs






China: 25/6/20 – Yulin Report From Humane Society International. Some Positives ?




Dear Mark,

On June 21st, Yulin’s annual dog meat festival began. While progress for animals has been made across China in response to issues brought to light due to the COVID-19 pandemic, brutal events like this continue, and we need to keep fighting until they end permanently.

This year, we were able to rescue a group of puppies from a terrible fate.

Just ahead of the festival, our Chinese partners rescued these animals from a market stall selling live dogs. They are now being cared for by our partner shelter in China, where they’ll receive veterinary care, socialization and love before the search to find loving forever homes.



Animal lovers from around the world also sent a powerful message to Guangxi leaders through a petition with over 220,000 signatures calling for an end to the festival and the dog and cat meat trade

What activists witnessed ahead of the festival indicates a shift in Yulin for animals.

Most dog meat stalls and shops around the city were consolidated into one central area called the Nanchao market on the outskirts of Yulin. Centralizing dog meat trade activity could be the authorities’ attempt to make it easier to monitor and manage.
The government has also been cracking down on trans-provincial animal transport, meaning that it is more difficult to truck in large numbers of dogs than in year’s past.

Lives were saved this year. Momentum is building in China to confront the dog and cat meat trade, and while Yulin’s horrific festival won’t end overnight, the tide is turning.

Thank you so much for everything that you do for animals.


Kelly O’Meara
Vice President, Companion Animals & Engagement
Humane Society International

P.S. You can donate right now toward this lifesaving work. Together, we can put an end to cruelty like this.





“Kit-bull:” a Pixar film about a tragic reality

A cat and a pit bull make friends and flee from an evil dog owner. The Pixar film “Kit-bull” is cute, dramatic – and unfortunately realistic.

Actually, filmmaker Rosana Sullivan wanted to tell the story of an unusual friendship. She herself is rather shy, much like the little cat, who in “Kit-bull” first looks at a large pit bull fearfully, then even scratches out of sheer panic – and finally makes friends with him.

The message is clear: it is worth looking beyond apparent differences because even a grim-looking dog is actually a playful and friendly animal.


In the end, “Kit-bull” shows something else: The kitten encourages the pit bull to flee together from its owner, who chains the dog outside and injures him badly.

This tethering is, unfortunately, a reality, especially in the USA, and in Germany, too, certain dog breeds, in particular, are often kept by people who see them as a fighting tool rather than a living being – which is why we have been requesting a dog license for a long time.

The family that ultimately takes in the dog and cat would probably get it easily because it gently approaches the animals and treats them lovingly.

A happy ending that reminds that animal husbandry is a responsible task – and that you should never buy an animal because there are enough that are eagerly awaiting adoption.


And I mean...Those who adopt animals from the shelters correct one frequent crime that takes place every day and in every country in the world.
When one abandons their own animals on the street because one wants it that way, this is a crime that is never punished enough, nowhere!

On the street, they are beaten, poisoned, hung up, and live a miserable life sick, hungry, and always in fear.

And that’s why we will never tire of reminding that in all animal shelters around the world millions of abandoned victims are waiting for a warm and loving home, for people who want to save these victims and make friends for life.

One of them is definitely the right one for you!

streuner Hund im Kartonpg

My best regards to all, Venus

China: Despite the Promises and New Regulations; ‘Yulin’ Dog Meat ‘Festival’ Still Continues.



The Promises – but different in reality


WAV Comment:

We reported very recently that we were unsure if the Yulin 2020 ‘festival’ would take place


Our other posts:


Well all reports as of today (22/6/20) show that despite all the new legislation and alleged new rules imposed concerning the sale of dog meat and dog meat consumption; the Yulin festival IS STILL CONTINUING.



All we can do at this time is supply you with a few media links relating to this:


We will update more when we have news;

Regards Mark

South Korea: Korean – June Newsletter.

South Kores

Korean – June Newsletter

Loads of news and actions to take – please support.


Despite the fact that dog and cat meat consumption is an everyday occurrence and is being carried out all over South Korea, it is NOT LEGAL in that country.

Their Government does nothing to stop this illegal practice and they seem happy to ignore it; many Korean citizens are just as apathetic and must also be held accountable.
This is the 21st Century, and it is high time that all South Koreans, leaders and general public alike, stand up and take responsibility to enforce their own country’s laws. South Korea and South Koreans cannot continue to ignore these brutal and unethical trades, so let us campaign to urge each of South Korea’s cities to enforce their laws and to put an immediate end to these illegal dog and cat meat trades.

Below are the most populous cities in South Korea.

Please sign our petitions and send postal letters to these cities calling for an end to these illegal trades. Postal addresses for the Mayors are shown in the petition.

You can use our petition as sample letter (just copy and paste) or use your own words.

Please note: We will be adding more petitions so please check back with us often. Thank you!


Please note: We will be adding more petitions so please check back with us often. Thank you!