India: More Great Rescues From AAU – Can You Imagine ‘Alfie’ Recovered Fully ? – Well He Did !!

Above – Erika and Jim are the 2 people on the right of the picture.

WAV Comment – you all know we communicate with Erika at AAU (India) on a weekly basis.

Well here are a few more rescue stories which we have been sent; showing the good side of wonderful human beings.

You can also adopt and buy from the shop by clicking on the links given below.  Also, try to donate if you can – all this amazing work by great people is only undertaken with great donations from supporters.

Regards Mark

The blind animals at Animal Aid are unique in their incredible capacity to adapt.One perfect example is ourshelter dog Rimjim, who walks confidently through groups of cows and donkeys, commanding respect through occasional woofs but mostly proclaiming his space with his sheer charisma.

Animal Aid is the permanent sanctuary to more than 15 blind animals: a donkey, a water buffalo, and many dogs, who have the freedom they need to exercise the whole of themselveswithout any unnecessary constraint, with flexibility and incredible cheerfulness.

Alfie’s astounding recovery will stretch your grasp of the possible

This desperate boy looked impossible to save. Maggots had burrowed into the top of his head: when maggots proliferate like this, they can do enormous damage within just hours. We were worried he wouldn’t survive as he seemed to be using his utmost energy just to stand.

But something gave usa glimmer of hope. We learned that Alfie was one of the souls on earth with an enormous capacity to give and receive love. Without this unique gift, even with vigilant medical treatment, he might not have survived.

But Alfie, well, Alfie’s someone special.

Give a glimmer of hope to someone in need. Please donate today.

Tigger’s pain replaced with non-stop joy

We found Tigger lying consumed in pain, curled up, and hardly able to open his eyes because of the severe mange afflicting his entire body.

We treated him with an anti-parasite injection, medicated baths, antibiotics, pain-killers, good food and comfort. And when his mange was gone, his suffering was replaced with nonstop joy.

Meet striped tiger-boy Tigger today!

Bring comfort to someone who is hurting. Please donate today.

Sponsor the beautiful Leoni!

In 2013 we received a distressed call on our helpline from a foreign traveler who found an emaciated young dog collapsed on the side of the road. The dog’s location was far outside our service area, so the traveler wonderfully offered to bring the little dog, who couldn’t stand or walk, with her by bus back to Udaipur. She had suffered a spine injury and her hind legs were paralysed. But with rest, food, play and love, the little dog put on weight, developed wonderful upper body strength, moved around with easeand delighted everyone who has met her.

And for the years that have followed,

Princess Leoni has shown us every hour of every day that love is unlimited. Leoni IS love.

Click here to sponsor Leoni:

Leoni | Animal Aid Unlimited

Jewelllery – Shop Now; go to:

Animal Aid Unlimited Shop

Watch all our other past links to AAU posts and videos at:

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