Day: June 19, 2021


HELP US BUILD BIDELIAS BARN!, organized by Wenda Shehata


It’s a few weeks since Bidelia was murdered and her tiny calf, Shriya became an orphan. Bidelia was found with her head and horns trapped under a cattle gate – her neck had been broken. Shriya, who was born blind, was traumatized and alone, trying to suckle from her dead mothers body.

This is Eilin ( Shriya), Bidelias beautiful calf.
She is home with us now so we can care for her round the clock.

We housed the Irish cows in a rented barn close to the Sanctuary as we simply didn’t have enough housing here to accommodate everyone whom we were asked to save from slaughter last Winter. Nothing beats the security and comfort of being at Hugletts Wood. That we have learned, first -hand at the cost of sweet Bidelias life.  Still reeling from the horror of it all, we have decided the safest move for us all is to improve the facilities we have here and bring everyone home, where they can be protected and cared for 24/7, as has been the case since 1995. We need to raise and renew an already massive roof, re-build and re-clad walls and utilize every inch we have available to ensure we have enough shelter for everyone, come Winter.

We urgently need to start work, to get everything finished and ready in time.  We can do the work ourselves, as we usually do but after the most challenging of Winters, where our feed bills trebled and the haulage costs of bringing fodder from the North (as there was nothing available in East Sussex), have wiped us out financially, we simply cannot fund it.

 Your help is needed to cover the cost of the basic materials, which will total £15,500, ( £15,506.90), with discounts applied.

Whatever you can donate will be much appreciated.

Together we can make this happen and ensure the memory of Bidelia lives on in the barn that will bear her name.

While we carry out the work, we plan to house the 20 cows in the other two barns so that they are no longer away from here whilst their usual residents are out grazing. This is only temporary, and we must be finished in time for Winter 2021.

Thank you for your support. It is never taken for granted and very much appreciated.


Wenda & Matthew

England: Veggie and Vegan Places In England, Uk, Europe From ‘Happy Cow’.

WAV Comment – If you are here in England and need a bit of Veggie / Vegan food; then check out this fantastic listing from Happy Cow.  In addition, there is also a European lsting with over 58,000 listings – all European nations and a list of places to eat.  We reproduce this from the data on the Happy Cow site – Vegan Restaurants in England (

Just for the record, Rochester in Kent is fairly near to me.  ‘Food Glorious Food’ Vegan Restaurants in Rochester, England (  is the restaurant there.  Rochester was home to author Charles Dickens, hence the name; and Rochester is small but is also a city, complete with cathederal.  It hasw a strking castle which we have enjoyed visiting many times.  I show you a few pictures here.

Rochester has a ‘Dickens Festival’ each year, where folk dress up as Dickensian characters and walk through the high stret of the city – see lots of pictures at:

Here is my bit for Kent tourism ! – music could be better but …………………………

It’s a pretty cool county;

Regards Mark

Love this wonky shop on Rochester’s historic high street. at Food Glorious Food "44" in Rochester
‘Food Glorious Food’ Rochester.
Jacket Spuds In the Oven.

Rochester Castle | Norman Connections | Discover Norman History
Rochesster Castle



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Austria, Salzburg: cowardly politicians and powerful horse cabs

Report from Association against animal factories, VGT Austria

Slap in the face – Salzburg Fiakers prevent heat-free!

After our years of campaigns and dozens of actions and a great outcry in the population, the Salzburg municipal council passed a heat-free regulation for Salzburg from 30 degrees from summer 2021 in autumn 2020.

In December 2020, a heat-free rule from 30 degrees was unanimously passed in the Salzburg municipal council.
The value should be measured directly in the city center. The application was introduced by the Salzburg citizens’ list and will come into force in summer 2021.

😮 Now the decision turns out to be a zero number, the mayor refers to the small print: It was only decided to negotiate an amendment to the contract, “we could not force the horse cabs (“Fiaker”) to do anything” (!!!)

And despite the decision, they continue to extend at a sweaty 30 degrees plus. Anyone who forces his horses to do this pointless activity in such heat cannot claim to like horses.

This Fiaker horse died while driving at the Burgring in downtown Vienna- Image: Marcello Farabegoli

VGT campaigner Georg Prinz said:
“It is no longer possible to work with these “fiakers”. We therefore expressly request the city of Salzburg not to extend the contract with the horse cabs from 2023 onwards. “

Next Tuesday, June 22nd, we will again hold a rally in Salzburg from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. directly at the Fiaker Stand place Residenzplatz, where signatures will also be collected for a new petition on the Fiaker ban in Salzburg.
Please sign the petition and share it to many possible ones

And I mean…These animals are only able to endure the noise and traffic of the city through the use of blinkers and often also ear plugs.
The long standing at the Fiaker meeting places with horses – which are in the natural so constantly in motion – is a great torture for their tendons and joints, let alone pulling the load on asphalt ground.
Many of these workhorses suffer from hoof diseases and joint problems, which will become massive with increasing age.

And even in their free time – if we can still speak of ‘free time’ with carriage horses- the horses usually lead a lonely and completely unsuitable life.
They work 365 days a year, their official working hours in winter are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (at the 6-week Christmas market you can often see them until 8 p.m.), and in summer from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Fiaker: Chronologie unserer Aktivitäten

One thing is for sure: for carriage horses this traditional ‘customs’ means, and not only from the point of view of animal rights activists, a life-long torture!
At ‘Salzburg Info’ we read on the internet: “Today the “fiaker horses” are used exclusively for tourism and fun.”
Instead of fiaker horses  it would be more realistic to say “slaves”.
Because only slaves serve.

And that with the “fun”, that’s probably always been the language of the rulers and the slave owners

My best regards to all, Venus

Jordanian: electric vehicles should replace the horse-drawn carriages- Great!

The Jordanian government has made a groundbreaking decision: The regional authority for development and tourism for the Petra region has decided that 20 environmentally friendly electric vehicles should replace the horse-drawn carriages that previously used to drive tourist groups through the famous rock city.

We at PETA Germany and our international partner organizations welcome this animal-friendly step.

The Seven+ Wonders of the World: Petra | Diary of a Navel Gazer

Electric vehicles are to replace tourist horse-drawn carriages

The decision of the Jordanian government is a groundbreaking step, which we hope will only be the first of many: In the future, electric vehicles will replace the tourist horse-drawn carriage rides through the archaeological park of the city of Petra.

In the past, tourists outraged by animal suffering had repeatedly turned to PETA.

Video recordings from PETA Asia show animal suffering and abuse: In addition to horses, donkeys and camels are also forced – often violently – to transport heavy loads and people over stony surfaces and slippery steps.

Due to public pressure, the electric vehicles will at least alleviate the suffering of the horses exploited in Petra.

Going to Petra? 5 Terrible Reasons Why Animals Suffer in the 'Lost City' | PETA

“In the future, horses will no longer have to suffer from being forced to pull heavy people behind them – the new vehicles will take care of that and we hope that there will be further developments of this kind soon.” (Jason Baker, PETA Asia)

In October 2020, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism announced that it would ban tourist camel riding and horse-drawn carriages at the Giza pyramids.

We hope that these important decisions are only the first steps leading to exclusively animal-free transportation.

petra animal abuse Donkeys and mules have to transport people up and down hundreds of steps

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