Day: June 8, 2021

USA: Howl Like Hell ! – Be A Voice For Idaho’s Wolves – Take Action Here – Project Coyote Action Alert.

Dear Mark,

Now that the heinous legislation SB 1211 allowing the slaughter of 90 percent of Idaho’s 1,500 wolves has become law effective July 1, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is seeking public comment on regulations to align with SB 1211 and allow wolves to be killed with traps, snares, dogs, and in dens along with pups.

What we are witnessing is a return to an old form of brutal wolf hatred and it is clear that Idaho is on a warpath to eradicate wolves by any means. We must speak out against this hatred. Even if you don’t live in Idaho, you can still speak up. This action will take less than a minute and the deadline is June 13, so please take action NOW!

Tell Idaho Fish and Game You Stand with Wolves!

1. Go to this ID Fish and Game page and scroll to the bottom.

a. Indicate whether you are a resident

b. Select NO for the second question.

c. Complete the contact information (all fields are required).

TAKE ACTION NOW red Rubber Stamp over a white background.

2. Email the Director of Idaho Fish and Game, Ed Schriever, and the Commission, using the talking points below and copying the following emails:,,,,,,,,

3. Sign our Petition and share this action alert and infographic with friends and family and on social media!

Talking points to craft your message (and please personalize):

The majority of Idahoans and Americans support wolf recovery at levels where wolves can fulfill their ecological functions. Almost no one supports wasting tax dollars to recover wolves, just to exterminate them again.

Thank you for acting TODAY to protect Idaho’s wolves and their ecosystems!

For Wild Nature,

Camilla Fox
Founder & Executive Director
Michelle Lute, PhD
National Carnivore Conservation Manager

Howl like hell – make the difference;

Regards Mark

Plenary vote on an end to cage farming in the EU on June 10th

On June 10th, the European Parliament will vote on the European citizens’ initiative “End The Cage Age”.

Report: Animal Equality Germany

After the hearing in the European Parliament on April 15th, at which the European citizens’ initiative “End The Cage Age” had the opportunity to argue in front of the committees for a ban on cage management, it is now the turn of the European Parliament to get out of the cage and to debate the future of agriculture in the EU.

The MEPs will vote on whether cages for animals in agriculture should be banned in the EU in the future.

Hundreds of millions of animals are currently living a dreary existence in narrow, barren cages in the EU.

Sau mit Ferkeln im Kastenstand.
The plenary session and the subsequent vote are scheduled for June 10th.
Our aim is, of course, for Parliament to vote in favor of banning cages.
That is why we will again specifically urge the German members of the European Parliament, who have not yet expressed their support for the campaign, to vote for an end to cage management until the plenary session.

Please support us on Twitter by retweeting our tweets or posting your own tweets – today through Wednesday, at 12:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.!

But there is also a petition from the “Albert Schweitzer Foundation”.
It goes to German MPs, but anyone can sign it.

Schwein in Kastenstand.

Animal Equality Germany

And I mean…We are asking for a ban on the use of cages in animal farming.

In detail, we are asking for legislation prohibiting the use of:
• cages for laying hens, pullets, broiler breeders, layer breeders, quail, ducks and geese;
• farrowing crates for sows;
• sow stalls for sows, where not already prohibited
• individual calf pens, where not already prohibited

Even single boxes for calves should no longer be allowed in the EU.

The first stape is done, because…

….in April there was a sign of hope from Brussels for an end to cage farming; it was an overwhelming approval from the MEPs who spoke out in favor of abolishing cage farming in the EU and called on the EU executive to quickly submit a proposal for it.

The Commission has to officially respond to the ECI within the next three months.

We know from the past how closely the EU Commission supports industrial animal husbandry.
We have made the experience that the EU has totally failed in animal transport.
That is why we always must have a plan B when we negotiate with the EU Commission.
Because unfortunately she has the last word in this debate.

My best regards to all, Venus

UK: New Animal Welfare Bill Launched With Positives For Animals. What Leaving the EU Can Do.

New Animal Welfare Bill launched to protect pets, livestock and wild animals – Defra in the media (

New Animal Welfare Bill launched to protect pets, livestock and wild animals

There is positive coverage today following the launch of our Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill to improve welfare standards across Great Britain. The story was covered by the MirrorEvening Standard and Daily Express. The UK’s Chief Veterinary Officer Christine Middlemiss was also interviewed by the Daily Mail about our new measures to tackle puppy smuggling.

The UK has long history of leading the way on animal welfare and now that we have left the EU, the Government is committed to improving our already world-leading standards by delivering a series of ambitious reforms, outlined in the Action Plan for Animal Welfare.

The Bill will raise animal welfare standards in five key areas:

  • Puppy smuggling: The Government will introduce new powers to tackle the unethical trade of puppy smuggling by reducing the number of pets (dogs, cats and ferrets) that can travel under pet travel rules. It will also include powers for the Government to bring in further restrictions on the movement of pets on welfare grounds, for example by increasing the minimum age of imported puppies and restricting the import of pregnant dogs and dogs with mutilations such as cropped ears and tails.
  • Live exports: Live animals can endure excessively long journeys during export, causing distress and injury. EU rules prevented any changes to these journeys, but the UK Government is now free to pursue plans which would see a ban on the export of live animals for slaughter and fattening. We will become the first European country to end this practice.
  • Banning keeping primates as pets: Primates are highly intelligent animals with complex needs and require specialist care. The Government will deliver on its manifesto commitment to introduce a ban on keeping them as pets, ensuring that all primates being kept privately in England are being kept at zoo-level standards and that those unable to meet the standards are phased out.
  • Livestock worrying: The Bill will give new powers to the police to provide greater protection to livestock from dangerous and out of control dogs. The Bill will also extend this protection to other species such as llamas, ostriches and game birds.
  • Zoos: The Zoo Licensing Act will be amended to improve zoo regulations and ensure that zoos are doing more to contribute to conservation.

Environment Secretary George Eustice said:

The Kept Animals Bill will bring in some of the world’s highest and strongest protections for pets, livestock and kept wild animals.

As an independent nation outside the EU we are now able to go further than ever on animal welfare by banning the export of live animal exports for slaughter and fattening, prohibiting keeping primates as pets and bringing in new powers to tackle puppy smuggling.

This builds on the launch of our Action Plan for Animal Welfare and Animal Sentience Bill last month as part of our work to build on our status as a world leader on animal welfare.

The Bill is the second piece of legislation introduced in the last month aimed at driving better standards of animal welfare, after the Government’s decision to formally recognise animals as sentient beings in domestic law through the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill. The Government will also announce a series of further reforms this year related to microchipping, pet theft, farm animal welfare and tackling wildlife crime.

Follow Defra on Twitter, and sign up for email alerts here.

Regards Mark

Happy Animals Make for Tastier Meat—or at Least We Like to Think They Do

Australia: Breaking 8/6 – Big Win In the Court For Greenpeace.

Wow. This is big. We won.  

Together, we defeated Australia’s biggest climate polluter in the courts!  

I’ve just stepped out of the Federal Court in Sydney where the Honourable Justice Burley has handed down his landmark ruling on the AGL v Greenpeace legal battle – in our favour!   Sitting there in the court listening to the Judge clearly lay out why our campaign materials targeting AGL were fair and legal, I felt overwhelmingly proud and optimistic about the impact we can have together when we take on big challenges.  

And there is no bigger challenge than taking on a $5.1 billion climate-polluting giant.   Today is an incredible and important outcome. We’ll double down on the main game again tomorrow – forcing AGL to ditch their filthy coal-burning power stations for renewables.

But for now, take a moment to soak in the win and share the good news – because this moment is for you.  
This judgement is a victory for free speech, for people power, and for people like us who want to stand up to big polluting corporations to keep them accountable.   It sets a powerful precedent about how the fair dealing exception in the copyright act is applied. The court found that “copyright protects the owner’s interest in the artistic work, it does not provide a mechanism for protecting a copyright owner’s reputation…it is not the use of the AGL logo in the campaign that causes damage, but rather the…message” – that AGL is Australia’s biggest climate polluter.  
It sets a powerful precedent that will help protect charities, advocacy organisations, comedians and the general public from expensive and crippling litigation from big polluting corporations.   We just couldn’t have done this without you. And I know that together, we can win this bigger fight for action on climate change. Together, we can force AGL to become the genuine renewable energy leader they spruik themselves to be.  

Even if we lost our court battle today, we would have won.  

AGL’s decision to flex its legal might has had one major consequence. Across the world, over 900 news stories have been published about the case. And almost every one of them includes some variation of the phrase “AGL, Australia’s biggest climate polluter.”   For a company so desperate to hide behind its false green credentials, it’s hard to see this as anything other than an enormous own goal.  

Right now, our campaign is in an incredible place. The momentum is all ours. Meanwhile, AGL is in turmoil.    AGL’s CEO abruptly resigned just weeks ago. Thanks to the flood of cheap renewable energy, power prices have plummeted, sending the share price and value of the big coal players like AGL through the floor.   Major and respected international bodies like the United Nations and the International Energy Agency are calling for AGL’s coal-burning power stations to be shut down by 2030.  

And now they’ve just lost a major court battle, drawing even more attention to their terrible climate record in the process.   Something has to give.

The conditions are ripe for positive change. I know that together, we can do this.   Let’s make the most of this amazing court win and turn it into a major victory for the climate and future generations.  

Thank you!     Glenn, on behalf of the team at Greenpeace Australia Pacific

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