Day: June 9, 2021

EU: Animal Ice Sculptures Left Melting Outside European Parliament To Link Animal Ag And Climate Crisis.

‘Change your plate, not the climate. Animal agriculture is melting the ice caps. Go vegan’

Animal Ice Sculptures Left Melting Outside European Parliament To Link Animal Ag And Climate Crisis

Go Vegan: Animals Melt Outside European Parliament | Plant Based News ‘The climate crisis requires urgent action’ Credit: PETA France

Animal-shaped ice sculptures have been left outside the European Parliament, highlighting the link between animal agriculture and the climate crisis

A pig, cow, and chicken sculpture were constructed in front of the parliamentary headquarters – located in Strasbourg, France. 

‘Go vegan’

They slowly melted over a banner that read: “Change your plate, not the climate. Animal agriculture is melting the ice caps. Go vegan.”

Moreover, the demonstration was spearheaded by vegan charity PETA, ahead of World Environment Day (June 5).

European Parliament

It follows a letter sent by the organization’s French affiliate to European Parliament President David Sassoli. It calls on him to ensure the Parliament serves exclusively vegan meals as well as ‘send a responsible and compassionate message to the whole world’.

“As you know, the climate crisis requires urgent action,” the letter reads.

“The science is clear on this topic: animal-derived products – including chicken, fish, cheese, and eggs – have a much bigger environmental footprint than plant-based foods. 

“The United Nations has considered animal agriculture to be one of the main causes of issues such as deforestation, pollution, dead zones in the oceans, habitat loss, species extinction, and melting ice caps.

“[This] is why it has warned that a change in diet is needed to prevent the worst effects of the climate crisis.”

The letter then says representatives must ‘lead by example’. It argues switching to a vegan menu is ‘not only easy but also cuts food-related carbon emissions by 73 percent’.

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China: herd of wild Asian elephants in Yunnan takes a break

A wild Asian elephant herd left the Xishuangbanna National Nature Reserve in southwest China’s Yunnan Province and started marching north in mid-March.

After passing through several counties and occasionally wandering into villages and towns, they have stopped and taken a rest in a suburban area of Kunming City.

The number of elephants in the herd has changed as the their journey progressed. The latest tally is 14, after one male left the group.

What has made these endangered animals leave their habitat and march north remains uncertain. According to some experts, the reason is probably that the environmental protection process in the area has provided a good habitat for the Asian elephants, which enables them to breed more.

The march might be a dispersion of the population, with conditions allowing the group of elephants to leave and look for new habitats.

Image shows wild elephants wandering in YunanThe journey has comprised a mixture of farms, tracks and asphalt and has continued night and day

Local authorities in the places that the elephants visited have all carried out comprehensive response plans to ensure the safety of both humans and the elephants.

In both Yuxi City and Kunming City, contingency plans have been launched with equipment including unmanned aircraft that were used to continuously monitor the elephants’ activities and emergency mucking trucks that were sent to block surrounding roads into the village.
People were quickly organized to evacuate where necessary and food was also used to guide elephants away from urban areas.

Asian elephants are under first-class state protection in China and are listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species.
The population of wild Asian elephants has been increasing in China, from 180 in 1980s to about 300 now.

The migration of the wild elephants in China has already stepped into international spotlight.

Media outlets including TV Asahi, the BBC and the New York Times reported the animals’ ongoing journey, analyzing the possible reasons behind the migration.

Efforts to turn them around have failed, and scientists may have to try and find them a suitable place to live nearby.

We wish the travelers a lot of strength and good luck in their new home

My best regards to all, Venus

USA: Cruel ‘goldfish grab’ in Ohio banned?

Despite a public outcry, the city of Springdale, Ohio’s Parks and Recreation Department has reportedly scheduled another “Goldfish Swim” on August 8, in which 1,000 goldfish will be dumped into a swimming pool with children who will be instructed to scramble to catch them with their bare hands.

During this chaotic event, approximately 1,000 goldfish will be poured into a community swimming pool, where children 12 and under “must catch them with their bare hands, no nets, no buckets or help from Mom and Dad” in the hope of taking them home.

Being dumped into a pool filled with frantic children grabbing at them would obviously be a horrific ordeal for these tiny animals, who view nearly everything as a predator—and exposure to even trace amounts of chlorine can cause them to experience respiratory distress.
Furthermore, because fish can transmit bacteria such as E. coli, such events pose a risk to the children, too.
These animals need your help now!*

Using the form below, please urge Springdale’s Parks and Recreation Department and its mayor and city council to cancel this cruel event permanently—then, forward this alert to everyone you know. (Petition)

And I mean…More than 4,700 people have signed a petition to stop the event saying it is “obvious” animal abuse.

Unfortunately PETA very rarely or not at all dates their posts. The article I posted was also undated.
I did a little research on the topic and found the following news:

Julia Davenport, USA: THEY HAVEN’T SCHEDULED ONE FOR 2020!!!

I’ve scrolled through the city’s events calendar several times and looked at several months, and I didn’t see a Goldfish Swim scheduled for any of the upcoming months all the way out to February.
They have other aquatic events for the next several weeks for various ages, but no Goldfish Swim.


And PETA itself posted this last message.
However, as I said: no date!

*UPDATE: Ohio City Officials Cancel Cruel ‘Goldfish Grab’!
The city of Upper Arlington, Ohio, made the decision to cancel its plans to host a “goldfish grab” event in which dozens of goldfish would have been dumped into a swimming pool and chased by scrambling children who would attempt to scoop them up with nets.
We’re extending a big “thank you” to the city and to all of you for speaking up for animals!

Maybe they gave up. Fingers crossed!

(Anyone who wants can still sign the petition, it is still active, and that is the reason why I decided to post the topic anyway).

My best regards to all, Venus

Our reader Mary Finelli sent us the following message:

Mary Finelli says:
June 9, 2021 at 10:39 pm

Venus, very unfortunately – and infuriatingly, this animal abuse event is scheduled to happen this year, as noted in the city’s current newsletter (see p.7): % 20-% 20final.pdf

See also

Mary Finelli
Fish feel

We thank her very much.
After this information it makes sense to sign the petition.
Please do that!

Regards Venus

England: Supermarkets Suspend Farm Where Workers Kicked Pigs and Dying Animals Left to Rot Among Living.

WAV Comment:  Typical example of why the world is going meat free; people don’t want the abuses; so they vote with their food purchases – so much from supermarkets about ‘taking animal welfare seriously’. We say: Then get out there and make sure the abuses do NOT happen; typical supermarket yukspeak – simple solution.

If these hell holes for animals go bust – then fine by us.

Watch the video here:

Supermarkets suspend farm where workers kicked pigs and dying animals left to rot | The Independent

Supermarkets suspend farm where workers kicked pigs and dying animals left to rot among living

Exclusive: Morrisons admits scenes ‘appalling and shameful’ and joins Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury in dropping supplier

Four supermarkets have suspended a pig-farming company after The Independent showed them footage revealing horrific neglect and abuse, including dying pigs left among the living and workers kicking animals too crippled to stand.

Pigs even turned to cannibalism and sick animals were left without treatment to suffer in squalid conditions at Willerby Wold Piggeries in North Yorkshire.

Morrisons admitted the scenes were “appalling and shameful” and said it was urgently investigating.

Asda said its supplier had dropped the farm, and Tesco and Sainsbury, who said they bought meat from the company only occasionally, also said they were breaking off from it.

One vet said it was some of the worst footage she had ever seen, with workers displaying “a monstrous disregard” for the animals – but that it was not unique among UK pig farms.

Red Tractor, the scheme that says it certifies only meat from animals that have been well cared for, dropped the farm’s membership after The Independent revealed the footage, and the farm said it was working with “veterinary advisers to address concerns”.

Morrisons was at the centre of a campaign this week targeted at investors in the supermarket, over its animal welfare standards. Activists claimed the chain sells “Frankenchickens”, living lives of misery.

Undercover investigators who filmed inside Willerby Wold’s sheds 12 times earlier this year captured footage of pigs with bulging hernias, blood on their bodies or painful, infected wounds.

Many animals are seen in the videos covered in flies and others are left shaking from disease.

Some were so sick their intestines were outside their bodies, the footage shows, although The Independent is not publishing such scenes.

The footage was handed to the Surge animal rights group, which said it identified 15 potential breaches of animal welfare laws.

Dying and dead pigs were left among the living, all kept on filthy floors with excrement on, the witnesses said.

Some that were lame and too ill to get up were gnawed at by their pen mates out of frustration.

The footage shows one animal that cannot stand forced to drag itself along the ground when a worker kicked it.

Alice Brough, a former pig vet who used to carry out welfare checks for Red Tractor’s endorsement scheme, said: “This is among some of the most harrowing footage I have seen captured in the UK.

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England: EU Must Stop Paying For Adverts For Animal Products. CIWF London.

From Compassion In World Farming (CIWF), London:


EU must stop paying for ads for animal products | Compassion in World Farming (


The EU gives millions of euros each year for marketing campaigns with the purpose of increasing our consumption of animal products made in the EU.

This poor use of public funds unfortunately hampers efforts to reform our food systems and tackle issues related to environmental degradation, animal welfare and human health. We are calling on the European Commission to revise this absurd policy, in line with its recent plans to reform food production and beat cancer.

The EU is now in the process of revising its advertising scheme for European agricultural products. The current scheme funds marketing campaigns that present a false image of how animals are raised and may mislead consumers about the health and the environmental impacts of animal products.

In one notorious example, the ‘Beefetarian’ marketing campaign, the EU awarded €3.6m to ‘incite the consumers not to have a stereotyped idea about red meat and to enable them to be again confident about their consumption decision.’

The funding that the EU allocates for advertising animal products is simply not aligned with the latest ambitions of EU strategies to tackle issues such as unhealthy diets, poor animal welfare, climate change, pollution of air, land and water and the associated decimation of biodiversity.

In February this year, the Commission published a new plan to fight cancer, which includes a commitment to encourage a ‘shift to a more plant-based diet, with less red and processed meat and other foods linked to cancer risk and more fruit and vegetables.’

Earlier, in May 2020, the Commission released its new food policy vision – the ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy, which recognised that our ‘food consumption patterns are unsustainable’, and that the EU average consumption of whole-grain cereals, fruit and vegetables, legumes and nuts ‘is insufficient.’

The EU rears and slaughters 9 billion terrestrial animals each year.[1] Insufficient legal protection of their welfare condemns billions of these sentient beings to short and brutal lives on factory farms and to suffering at slaughter. In addition, over half a billion fish spend a life of misery in underwater factory farms in the EU. Cruel methods of capture and slaughter are commonly used for farmed and wild fish.

To protect our health and our one and only planet, scientists are recommending that Europeans reduce their consumption of red meat and poultry by two thirds.

EU-funded ads should no longer incite an increased consumption of animal products. Instead, they should support plant-rich foods and thus facilitate a transition to healthier and more environmentally friendly diets. Fewer animals raised for food also means that we can more easily transition away from intensive methods of production, which cause animals tremendous suffering.

[1] Estimates based on FAO data.

Regards Mark


These puppies are the scraps of your #milk and are thrown away like garbage.
If you consume milk and dairy products then stop doing it, instead of playing the skit of those who suffer in front of these images, because you are the only real responsible for all this.

(Original text by Giustizia Animalista)

Questi cuccioli sono gli scarti del tuo #latte e vengono gettati come spazzatura.
Se consumi latte e derivati allora smetti di farlo, anziché recitare la scenetta di chi soffre davanti a queste immagini, perché sei l’unico vero responsabile di tutto questo.

And we thought that the fascist right to annihilate the weakers is over. But obviously not!

My best regards to all, Venus