England: Supermarkets Suspend Farm Where Workers Kicked Pigs and Dying Animals Left to Rot Among Living.

WAV Comment:  Typical example of why the world is going meat free; people don’t want the abuses; so they vote with their food purchases – so much from supermarkets about ‘taking animal welfare seriously’. We say: Then get out there and make sure the abuses do NOT happen; typical supermarket yukspeak – simple solution.

If these hell holes for animals go bust – then fine by us.

Watch the video here:

Supermarkets suspend farm where workers kicked pigs and dying animals left to rot | The Independent

Supermarkets suspend farm where workers kicked pigs and dying animals left to rot among living

Exclusive: Morrisons admits scenes ‘appalling and shameful’ and joins Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury in dropping supplier

Four supermarkets have suspended a pig-farming company after The Independent showed them footage revealing horrific neglect and abuse, including dying pigs left among the living and workers kicking animals too crippled to stand.

Pigs even turned to cannibalism and sick animals were left without treatment to suffer in squalid conditions at Willerby Wold Piggeries in North Yorkshire.

Morrisons admitted the scenes were “appalling and shameful” and said it was urgently investigating.

Asda said its supplier had dropped the farm, and Tesco and Sainsbury, who said they bought meat from the company only occasionally, also said they were breaking off from it.

One vet said it was some of the worst footage she had ever seen, with workers displaying “a monstrous disregard” for the animals – but that it was not unique among UK pig farms.

Red Tractor, the scheme that says it certifies only meat from animals that have been well cared for, dropped the farm’s membership after The Independent revealed the footage, and the farm said it was working with “veterinary advisers to address concerns”.

Morrisons was at the centre of a campaign this week targeted at investors in the supermarket, over its animal welfare standards. Activists claimed the chain sells “Frankenchickens”, living lives of misery.

Undercover investigators who filmed inside Willerby Wold’s sheds 12 times earlier this year captured footage of pigs with bulging hernias, blood on their bodies or painful, infected wounds.

Many animals are seen in the videos covered in flies and others are left shaking from disease.

Some were so sick their intestines were outside their bodies, the footage shows, although The Independent is not publishing such scenes.

The footage was handed to the Surge animal rights group, which said it identified 15 potential breaches of animal welfare laws.

Dying and dead pigs were left among the living, all kept on filthy floors with excrement on, the witnesses said.

Some that were lame and too ill to get up were gnawed at by their pen mates out of frustration.

The footage shows one animal that cannot stand forced to drag itself along the ground when a worker kicked it.

Alice Brough, a former pig vet who used to carry out welfare checks for Red Tractor’s endorsement scheme, said: “This is among some of the most harrowing footage I have seen captured in the UK.

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