Germany: ALF devastates murder facility

The supporters of the “Animal Liberation Front (ALF)” probably struck on the night from Friday to Saturday.
The perpetrators left a field of devastation in the Lower Saxony complex.

All metal parts such as slide valves and rotary bowls were stolen. The strangers also sawed wooden beams from roof structures and seating, which is why the police’s investigations will not only relate to property damage.

The perpetrators saw through the entire load-bearing wooden elements.

In addition, all foxes were released.

According to the sleeping facility operator, these hand-raised foxes have no chance of survival in nature.
According to the police, the total damage amounts to over 5,000 euros.
It is not the first time that attacks like this have occurred on full moon nights.
Not so long ago, another Lower Saxony sleeping facility was destroyed during a full moon.

The sleeping facility itself was also completely destroyed.

The sole purpose of these systems is to train hunting dogs for construction hunts in accordance with animal welfare standards.
Perhaps the self-proclaimed animal rights activists will understand at some point that such acts of sabotage cause animal suffering.
Incidentally, the affected hunters do not want to be named in this context.

Several threats against plant operators have been circulating on the Internet for some time.
It is announced that the hunters “must expect action in their private sphere”.

And I mean…A year ago we had informed about these murderous abilities of the German hunters in relation to fox hunting.

It is frightening what criminal practices human animals use torture and execute other animals for fun.
Hunting is and remains murder!

We express our unreserved solidarity to the ALF activists.

My best regards to all, Venus

2 thoughts on “Germany: ALF devastates murder facility”

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