How hunters murder foxes

Burrow hunting – one of the cruelest types of hunting!

In “civilized” Germany, with the supposedly best animal protection law in Europe, it is still legal.

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During this hunting method, a so-called ground or construction dog has the task of driving the fox out of its burrow.

BaujagdImage: Burrow hunting-Wild beim Wild


The fox has no chance: If it flees, it is shot or shot by the hunters waiting outside. If he stays under burrow, he has to face the dog.

Often there are bites, in which the dog and fox as well as any existing puppies are seriously injured or killed. If neither the dog nor the fox gives in, the hunters dig up the building.

Eventually, the fox is shot, slain, or shredded by hunting dogs.

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Hunters kill almost half a million foxes in Germany every year. In doing so, they resort to unscrupulous means: from live traps to homicide traps to burrow hunting.

There is no reason for the fox hunt – the animals only serve the hunters as a target for their cruel hobby.
Fox children are also affected in front of the hunters’ rifles: young foxes can and should be shot almost everywhere in Germany. Only in a few federal states do young foxes have a closed season.

Hund und tote Fuchswelpenjpg

Burrow hunting is undoubtedly one of the cruelest types of hunting.

According to two Swiss reports, building hunting represents legal cruelty to animals, which is why it has already been banned in the Canton of Thurgau, in Swiss, for example, and in the Canton of Geneva anyway, where the people voted in 1974 for a general ban on hunting of mammals and birds through a referendum.

Articles in specialist magazines and hunting forums show again and again how unscrupulous hunters think about killing foxes and their children. The cold-blooded planning of the killings reveals the real face of the fox hunt:

“Killing playing fox pups on the building or catching them with a young fox trap is probably the most effective hunting method.
The young foxes spend their time improving their mouse-catching skills and are therefore inattentive. Their curiosity, paired with youthful recklessness, makes the young puppies easy prey. ”

Füchsen Welpen

So it is in an article in the hunting newspaper “Pirsch”, which gives tips for “successfully” hunting fox children.
The childish curiosity and inattentiveness of the animal children, who are just a few months old, should be used to execute them with a headshot in an inattentive moment. It also says:

“If you lure the young red things up close, there is the possibility of getting several of them down.”

The hunter sends his hunting dog into the burrow to drive the foxes in front of the hunter’s gun. Relentless fights often occur between the fox mother and the hunting dog.

Cruel pictures, such as on the Instagram page of the hunting newspaper “Wild und Hund”, show the reality of these bloody operations:

Jagdhund im Bau


Since hunting for foxes in their natural habitat is prohibited in some German countries, the use of artificial structures is a common tool used by hunters to nevertheless lurk foxes in front of their homes and kill them.
These are made of plastic or concrete and are designed so that foxes consider them to be a free-standing building and move in and raise their young.

NJ_AP_16_2016 (AT)   Aufmacher alternativ (DIT)
Since the hunter knows the structure of the art structure, it is easier for him to kill the foxes living in it.
And a live trap is also installed over the exit of a burrow. However, a “live” trap does not mean that the fox children are not killed after they fall into the trap: they are executed by headshots.


In so-called grinding systems that are still legal in German, foxes are repeatedly exposed to the persecution of a dog in an artificial tunnel system and have to suffer under permanent fears.

No fox comes out alive.


Fox hunting must be banned!

Foxes are an important part of our nature, and there is no reasonable reason to hunt foxes. Scientists come to the conclusion that fox populations regulate themselves primarily through food availability and social structures.
The transmission of diseases is also an unsubstantiated concern for foxes.
Germany has been free from rabies since 2008 and the likelihood of catching a fox tapeworm is less than being struck by lightning.
The reasoning that foxes threaten the biodiversity in Germany is also baseless – because around 190,000 hares are killed by hunters every year.

We have to protect foxes instead of killing them! There are already positive examples: For example, no foxes have been killed in the Bavarian Forest National Park and Luxembourg for many years – without any problems.

Sign our petition to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the responsible ministries of all federal states today and ask them to finally ban the senseless fox hunting in Germany!


And I mean… In the burrow hunting, the hunters violate the applicable animal welfare law, which states in Article 4 (2):

“Nobody may unjustly cause pain, suffering or harm to an animal, make it afraid or otherwise disregard its dignity. It is forbidden to abuse, neglect, or unnecessarily overexert animals. ” This article of the law applies equally to all animals.

Hunters inflict the most torture and abuse on animals, especially by the way they are killed.

Even the closed seasons are unclearly regulated nationwide, and if they are not observed, no hunters will be punished.

How did the hunters get the right to execute animals in the forest?
By economically interested lobbyists and hunters in politics, i.e. precisely through these circles, who can incorporate the laws into the constitution and do so.

The hunters in Germany have a large lobby, holding many offices and higher posts, and do not let their privileges shake.

From certain political circles, sadism, barbarism, and brutality are pseudo-scientifically transfigured and thus presented as acceptable and necessary. Hunters are protected in such a way that they believe they do not have to justify their cruelty to animals.

Shooting defenseless animals in the forest as a passion is not a nature conservation activity, but a perversion like no other! There must be an end to this legal desire to kill.

Today’s hunters want to kill – they don’t do it for lack of food!
That’s why in our eyes, everyone who operates hunting as a sport is a murderer.


My best regards to all, Venus

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