Day: July 12, 2020

a touching story

streune warten auf ihren Herrno

With so many bad people out there, today I came across this scene.

At the hospital where I work, at 3 am, while a homeless person was being treated, his companions waited at the door. A simple person, without luxury, who depends on helping to overcome hunger, cold, pain, the world’s evils, has the best companions at his side, and the exchange is mutual. Exchange of love, affection, warmth, understanding. A person who confessed to us that he sometimes stops eating to feed them.

I don’t know what his life is like, why he is on the street, and I don’t even want to know and judge him, but I admire the respect and love he has for his pets. Seeing them like this, waiting at the door, just shows how well cared for and loved they are.

Oh if everyone were like this … If there was no malice, mistreatment …. 😍😍🐶🐕💕

(original text) Com tanta gente mal por aí, hoje me deparei com essa cena. No hospital em que trabalho, as 3h da madrugada, enquanto seu dono (morador de rua) estava sendo atendido, seus companheiros esperavam na porta.

Uma pessoa simples, sem luxo, que depende da ajuda para vencer a fome, o frio, as dores, as maldades do mundo, tem ao seu lado os melhores companheiros , e a troca é recíproca. Troca de amor, carinho, calor, compreensão,. Uma pessoa que nos confessou que deixa de comer para alimentá-los.

Não sei como é a vida dele, o porque está na rua, e nem quero saber e julga-lo, mas admiro o respeito e amor que ele tem pelos seus bichinhos. Ver eles assim, esperando na porta, só mostra o quanto eles são bem cuidados e amados. Ai se todos fossem assim…. Se não tivesse maldade, maus tratos…. 😍😍🐶🐕💕

Cris Mampri

Be loyal to the animals, they are worth it!

My best regards to all, Venus

6 things happening on farms that should be illegal but aren’t


People watch our investigative footage of industrial farms and are appalled at the cruelty they’ve witnessed. The images shown are something straight out of a nightmare, so surely the farmworkers shown in these videos will be arrested, right?

We’re here to clear some things up—unfortunately, much of what is documented in undercover investigations is not only completely legal but also standard practice.

realität schlachthof 1

Here are just a few examples:

1. DEPOPULATION: “Depopulation” or “culling” is the mass killing of animals on a farm. Methods considered acceptable by the American Veterinary Association include exceptionally painful or prolonged methods such as suffocating the animals with foam or gas, manually slamming baby animals against the ground, and turning off the ventilation system in the barns and allowing the animals packed inside to slowly die of overheating.

This has typically happened when animals are suspected of having a disease, like the bird flu, for example.

However, recently hundreds of thousands of animals have been killed en masse due to breakdowns in the supply chain because of COVID-19.

2. THUMPING: As mentioned above, slamming animals to the ground has been used to kill them for depopulation, but this is actually standard practice in the commercial meat industry. Workers sometimes kill piglets who are weak, sick, or not expected to reach market weight by slamming them into the ground, which is sometimes called “thumping.”

Some states have passed measures making this practice illegal, but in many areas, it’s not only legal but considered an acceptable form of “euthanasia.”

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