Day: July 1, 2020

France: A Poem From A French Activist. I could never forget you. I could never forgive them.

Flag of France, hand drawn watercolor illustration


La Ligue des Animaux

Hi all;

Today 1/7/20, we were contacted by an activist in France regarding a picture posted in an article recently by Venus.

Here is the photo.



They were very moved by the picture and the activist has written a beautiful poem as a result.

We publish it here; as we know she will not mind.


Regards Mark and Venus.


Here is the message and poem.  She kindly says:


Thank you very much for your information. You’re right, this photo is terrible. We sometimes write poems/speeches when we face certain kind of pic. This one is one of them.


It inspired me, this one I wrote  :


Do not look away, here is the real horror face of captivity.

There is no drop of blood, no cry of pain but my heart is torn apart by the distress of this little abandoned being.

Tight throat, shortness of breath, my tears flow for this innocent victim of merciless torturers.

I cry for this stolen life, broken, torn from the heat of the arms of his home, subdued by the chain.

I cry because head lowered, curled up, terrorized, clenched fist, he is waiting , trembling,  for the next humiliations without ever being able to refuse.

Is he hungry? Is he thirsty?  You know the answer…

Reduced as an object in the service of humans, how can we mistreat a being endowed with such sensitivity?

To all these jailers, thieves of freedom: you are nothing but miserable less than nothing without any dignity.

Your feeling of omnipotence towards your animal captives is none other than a reflection of your insignificance within society.

Wherever you are, my adorable prisoner friend, your image of suffering will never be able to leave me.

Each of my tears of rage will strengthen our relentless fight against captivity in whatever form!


I could never forget you. I could never forgive them.


Thanks for all your hard work and fight for those you can’t speak up.

With my best Regards,

An Activist – France.


La Ligue des Animaux




The zoo in Magdalena Peninsula must be closed immediately!

IMAGES of a seal that has been so neglected it has become covered in seaweed has led to calls for the zoo keeping it to be closed.
Animal rights activists want the small zoo in the Magdalena Peninsula, in Santander, Spain, closed immediately and have condemned it as a “throwback to the bad old days”.


Images of unhappy animals at the zoo have been circulating on Spanish social media sites and have led to a petition for its closure.
The animal rights group AnimaNaturalis says more than 6,000 have signed its letter of protest to Santander council.

Petition: (

The charity’s leader Aïda Gascón said that the seal covered in green algae “seems to be letting itself die” (!!!).
But opposition parties unsuccessfully tabled a motion before the city council demanding to shut the zoo.

A petition has been signed to close the zoo, in Santander zoo
The council which runs the zoo says the seal had not been mistreatedCredit: AnimaNaturalis

Local councilor Daniel Fernández: “Those pictures convey an image of inconceivable and disgraceful treatment of animals when we see things like the sea lion pen with no water.
“This would be unacceptable anywhere in the world, but it is even more surprising in a city that wants to position itself as a tourist attraction.”

The seals have had no water generally from the sea, they can only swim in standing water, the consistency of which is already greenish and obviously dirty.

But animal rights groups disagree

One woman even noticed that they were swimming a dead or sick seal on the water filled with grass and moss.

After the complaint, the Santander City Council assured that the dead animals had died naturally and that there were no animals that had been abused or lived under unfortunate conditions as they were all well looked after by veterinarians.

However, the videos leave their own and strangers speechless.

More than 27,000 people have signed an online petition on to close the Magdalena mini-zoo which was built in the 1980s.

Petition (and Video) please sign: (

Continue reading “The zoo in Magdalena Peninsula must be closed immediately!”

Worrying; Very !!



Hi Mark,

With the coronavirus, we’ve learned how fast a new organism can spread. Imagine genetically engineered mosquitoes designed to inherit their genes at a very fast pace, jeopardise the food chain, and wipe out their natural siblings by making them infertile. [1]

According to scientists, there is a risk the so-called “gene drive” could even spread from mosquitoes to butterflies, killing pollinators en masse, risking crops, plants and entire ecosystems. [2]

Nobody pushing this new technology has a solution that would successfully mitigate these risks, but even so, plans are proceeding to make gene drives a reality. 

Most of the funding to make this happen is being provided by the US military and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. [3]

With your help, we can start the process to put a moratorium on it. Next week, experts and government officials will come together to discuss this new and risky technology. Our partners have secured two seats at this private online meeting and will represent our voices.

If thousands of us sign the petition calling for a moratorium, what our partners say will count much more. Add your name to ensure we don’t release any genetically engineered organism without properly assessing its severe risks.


Sign the petition at:

The billionaire Bill Gates is excited about the potential of this new technology. [4] He hopes to get rid of mosquitos that pass on diseases, but until now no scientist has been able to assess the risk. [5] We don’t want to solve one problem only to create another bigger one. [6]

Imagine we eradicate one species of mosquitoes, but what happens to frogs, birds and fish feeding on mosquitoes and their eggs? How will the behaviour of other animals change when mosquitoes disappear? Deer may not hide in the mountains to protect themselves against their bites, instead staying in valleys and feeding differently.

The biggest imaginable risk is the collapse of whole ecosystems happening with the release of even a handful of gene drive mosquitoes. With what we know about gene drives now, their effects cannot be predicted, stopped, or reversed. We want to support the great system that is nature and understand it before we mess with it. A moratorium will give us the time to work out what we need to do next to protect nature and life.

The upcoming meeting of experts is to inform EU and global decision makers about the risks. This is the moment we need to be heard. Unfortunately, we don’t know yet who will participate and we cannot address them directly, but only two of us will join the meeting – and we need them to be powerful.


Sign the petition at:

Our signatures show people power from all over Europe. We have shown time and time again how, starting with a simple petition, we can achieve big wins: just a few weeks ago we shared how together we stopped barley, brewing, and ultimately all beer production from being patented. It started with a simple petition.

If we act now, we can have a moratorium before it’s too late.

David, Jörg (Lübeck), and the entire WeMove Europe team


PS: Before we release a new technology, we need to make sure we don’t risk destroying entire ecosystems by making the world an experimental laboratory. Please sign and share widely to put a moratorium on gene drives.


[2] There is evidence from insects that a bacterium called Wolbachia can transfer genes between different insect species. So, it is theoretically possible that Wolbachia genetic transfer could take place between mosquitoes and pollinating insects.
[3] “Total funding for gene drive development is currently estimated to exceed a quarter of a billion US dollars. The largest single government funder of gene drive research is the U.S. military (DARPA).”
[5] The first disease the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation wants to tackle is malaria. Malaria was once widespread in Europe as well and was eradicated.


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Canada: Trudea Invests In Plant Based; But He Still Allows the Murder of Baby Seals ! – Deep Down; Mr Money; NO Compassion.




WAV:  Positive, but Trudea also stopping the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of baby seals each year would be even more welcome.  Canada ‘Humane’ ? – not all the time the world sees it killing baby seals under the name of Trudeau.  Thus, there is no compassion in him with this policy; just the though of money making.  If killing more animals made more cash in a ‘strategy’; he would go that way.  Mr Money; nothing else.


seal 3


Pamela Anderson Offers To Be Justin Trudeau’s Vegan Mentor As He Invests Millions In Plant-Based Food


The world needs more sensible leaders like you, who are willing to embrace…clever food solutions’


JUN 30, 2020


‘I would be honored to be your mentor’ Anderson told Trudeau in a letter

Pamela Anderson has written to Justin Trudeau and offered to be his ‘vegan mentor’.

The letter follows reports that the Canadian prime minister has invested $95 million in a plant-based protein facility producing protein from peas and canola.

The money was invested in the Merit Functional Foods, by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, as a 10-year interest-free loan.

‘An opportunity’

Speaking about the investment, Trudeau said: “As people around the world start eating more plant-based food products, we have an opportunity to bring together innovation in Canada and Canadian crops, and a chance to create good, well-paying jobs…

“This facility will be a world leader in plant-based proteins and will create good jobs in a fast-growing field. And by using 100 percent Canadian inputs, we will also support the farmers who produce canola and yellow peas used in Merit’s products.”

‘Fiscally responsible move’

In response, veteran vegan and honorary director of animal rights charity PETA, Pamela Anderson has written to Trudeau to congratulate him on the move, and offer her help should he decide to drop animal products himself.

She wrote: “Your recent decision to invest another $100 million in our mushrooming plant-based industries fits that description – and that puts Canada on top when it comes to promoting a humane and healthy diet.

“Your fiscally responsible move not only creates good jobs for Canadians but also spares countless animals a terrible life and death. As COVID-19 has exposed serious health risks associated with factory farms and slaughterhouses, the world needs more sensible leaders like you, who are willing to embrace clean, compassionate, and clever food solutions.

“Were you to drop meat and dairy from your personal diet – which I so hope you will – I would be honored to be your mentor and to suggest some of the tasty, diverse vegan foods proudly produced in Canada.”



Botswana: 400 Elephants Dead In Months – But Not For Ivory Poaching. Waterhole Reasons ? -Possible.



It’s no secret that elephants have been dying in northern Botswana during the last few months and that samples taken from carcasses by government officials have yet to shed light on the cause of death.


Rather than add to the speculation already out there about the cause/s of death and why the sample results are not yet available, we contacted various trusted sources to compile this list of known details/observations


Botswana elephants dying




  • The first reported elephant deaths were in March 2020, with higher volumes reported from May onwards;
  • The death toll has now risen to approximately 400 elephants of both sexes and all ages;
  • Most carcasses are in the NG11 area, near the village of Seronga on the northern fringes of the Okavango Delta. Read this account of the impacts of elephants on people living in the area: Life with Elephants;
  • 30% of deaths occurred in the last two weeks and 70% about one month or more ago;
  • Tusks have not been removed from the dead elephants and carcasses show no sign of having been chopped to extract the ivory;
  • Some elephants died in an upright position, suggesting a sudden death;
  • 70% of the carcasses were seen near waterholes/pans;
  • There have been no reports of similar deaths in Namibia – a short distance north of NG11;
  • Live elephants near water sources were observed to be lethargic and disoriented, and some appeared to have little control over their legs. One was seen wandering in circles;
  • A dead horse was seen in one waterhole/pan;
  • No other species carcasses have been seen in the area, and vultures feasting on the elephant carcasses appear unaffected.


“we’re just a bunch of primates out of control”

schwein unter Stiefelpg

I think the problem is that we don’t really understand what we are.
In essence, we’re just a conceited, naked ape. But in our minds we’re some sort of “divine legend”, and we see ourselves as some sort of god.

That we can walk around the earth deciding who will live and who will die and what will be destroyed and what will be saved. But the fact is we’re just a bunch of primates out of control.”.

~ Paul Watson-Seashepherd ~

Our decision: rights for animals

My best regards to all, Venus