The blood business with the mares in Iceland – and Germany

On Thursday, the ARD magazine #PlusMinus (Germany’s first public national television channel) broadcast a program about blood collection from pregnant mares in Iceland.
Scenes of violence against them were unleashed in order to drain 5 liters of blood per “session”.

An outcry went through the social media landscape and many riders, who often celebrate their festivals with bratwurst, steak, schnitzel, etc., were also shocked!…/hormone-von-stuten-fuer…
As the ARD correctly reported, this torture has to do in particular with the production of cheap meat.
Thus, the pork consumers are also directly involved in this cruelty to animals and therefore partly to blame!

But why is this blood needed at all?
The hormone #PMSG (Pregnant Mare’s Serum Gonadotropin) – also called eCG (Equine Chorionic Gonadotropin) – is found in the blood of pregnant mares.

This is a stimulating sex hormone which, among other things, European piglet producers use to stimulate their sows to become pregnant at a controlled time.
In this way, a group can be influenced to ensure that many sows are ready to conceive at the same time and therefore give birth at relatively the same time.
In intensive livestock farming, this is of course more lucrative in terms of the workflow!

A synthetic alternative would be e.g. Peforelin, which, however, does not lead to superovulation, i.e. the increased number of piglets as a side effect of PMSG, as well as a shortening of puberty, which contributes to earlier willingness to conceive and thus to higher profits.

The use of PMSG or eCG as a drug is approved in Germany for therapeutic and animal breeding purposes (!!!)
Politicians must act here and ban the use immediately and without a transitional period!
According to the Federal Veterinary Association, 10-15% of sows in Germany are currently treated with hormones.

But back to #Iceland:
The abuse of the calm Icelandic horses caused particular outrage.
Particularly frightening: In Iceland, the blood buyer Isteka announced an increase in the delivery volume from 170 t to 600 t last year (as of December 2021).

Blood collection in South America has been known to everyone for years, it is not welcomed, but tolerated.
Even outraged riders are not dissuaded from consuming pork.

Now this perfidious form of hormone production has also been documented in Iceland.
And of course there is no obligation to declare on the packaging about the use of this preparation in Germany anyway…

After the “Island research” the German Animal Welfare Association points out that there is also a horse blood farm in Germany. At the Meura Stud in Thuringia, the hormone PMSG is obtained from the blood of pregnant mares for the pharmaceutical industry.

And I mean…Animal Welfare’s videos clearly show the frightened animals being propelled forward through metal passages with bludgeons to the head, until they end up in a tethered position where their blood is drained.

On the so-called blood farms, which are mainly found in South America but even in Europe, hundreds of mares are crammed together
These are artificially inseminated in order to take up to 10 liters of blood once or twice a week for the first 11 weeks of pregnancy!
This insane amount, which corresponds to about a quarter of a horse’s total blood volume, is withdrawn from the horse with huge cannulas within a few minutes.
About 30 percent of mares die from this process alone.

If the foal has not yet died from the extreme nutrient deprivation after the end of the 11 weeks, the workers on the blood farms abort it by hand.

The horse’s uterus is slit open with a knife without being anaesthetized, which often means not “only” the foal, but also the foal his mother also finds an agonizing death. The mare will be killed anyway as soon as she can no longer be inseminated quickly. There is no veterinary care.

The mare will be killed anyway as soon as she can no longer be inseminated quickly.

100 grams of the hormone bring in about $900,000.
It therefore makes sense for the authorities and traders to keep the brutal animal abuse used to obtain the hormone under lock and key.

And now in our own country!
According to the Animal Welfare Foundation’s “Island research”, the German Animal Welfare Association points out that there is also a horse blood farm in Germany.

At the Meura Stud in Thuringia, the hormone PMSG has apparently been illegally extracted from the blood of pregnant mares for the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years.

The taking of blood, which is to be regarded as an animal experiment requiring approval, has been illegal for years – this has now been proven by the German Animal Welfare Association.
The valid German guidelines for the protection of horses state unequivocally that no blood may be drawn from a mare that is in foal.
When asked, the owner of the Meura stud farm, Anke Sendig, openly admitted that she did not have any approval for taking blood, because “it is not necessary because it is a manufacturing process that is not subject to any approval requirements,” says Sendig.
Incidentally, the responsible veterinary office also confirmed this outrageously: “The legislator did not provide for this. Accordingly, it is neither necessary nor possible to grant a permit.”

But that violates the law when a county veterinary office unilaterally says it’s legal to rape horses and severely abuse pregnant mares.

Germany’s farm lobby has its own laws, some of which are self-written and controlled by farm dealers.

So the blood dealers of Meuka can breathe easy. They have little to fear because apparently in prosecuting crimes they dictate the state the law.

My best regards to all, Venus

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