Pig farmers in Germany are planning to exit!

According to a survey by the State Farmers’ Association Baden-Wuerttemberg (state in southern Germany) wants to phase out around 50 percent of pig farming.

The precarious situation on the pig market continues.
Due to the corona crisis, pig and piglet prices are at a historic low and livestock farmers are in the deep red. The State Farmers Association (LBV) Baden-Wuerttemberg has therefore carried out a survey among pig farmers.

The result is sobering: more than 50 percent of those surveyed are planning a partial or complete exit from pig farming. In addition to legal requirements and inefficiency, the reasons for this are also a lack of prospects.

“In this situation, further development of the companies is impossible,” explain the LBV Vice Presidents Klaus Mugele and Hans-Benno Wichert.
“All market participants and politicians must finally act now, otherwise pork from Baden-Wuerttemberg will soon be history.”

Even today, the degree of self-sufficiency in the country is only around 45 percent.

Pig farmers in Baden-Wuerttemberg disappointed with politics and trade

According to the survey, the pig farmers in Baden-Wuerttemberg are disappointed and sobered by the empty promises and marketing campaigns of the food retail trade, which ultimately do not bring any improvement, but only cause more pressure on the producers.
The respondents have accordingly lost all expectations of the trade.

“The meat industry and the other links in the chain must now develop new, integrated concepts on an equal footing with the producers,” explains Vice President Mugele.

“We have to become less dependent on price fluctuations on the international markets. To do this, the regional programs with a purchase guarantee must be expanded in the country so that livestock farmers can count on stable prices,” demands Mugele.

Pig farmers in Germany have no prospects: they are planning to exit

The survey of the State Farmers Association (LBV) comes to a similar result as the interest group of pig farmers in Germany (ISN).
According to an ISN (interest group of pig farmers in Germany) survey last summer, around half of the pig farmers intend to give up their farms in the next ten years.

60 percent of farmers who keep sows want to get out, and 40 percent of those who keep fatten it.
In contrast, there are only 6 percent sow farmers and 8 percent fatteners who can imagine expanding their production.


And I mean…Well… about 40 years ago executioners in France had to say goodbye to their careers.

That’s the way it is with some professions…they have an expiry date, depending on how a society develops…

My best regards to all, Venus

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