The mini bull Napoleon

This is what it’s like to be a mini bull at the sanctuary.

Short legs, big belly: the little bull Napoleon has a genetic defect. Now he has landed on a sanctuary.

Napoleon is just 80 centimeters high – and he won’t get much taller.
The approximately eight-month-old bull suffers from a genetic defect and is therefore no longer growing.

Now the young bull, a Dexter cow, has found shelter at a sanctuary in Upper Bavaria – where he found his equal: two small cattle already live there.

“But he made friends with the biggest cow named Laura, of all people“, says the owner of the farm, Lukas Becker.
Laura, saved from the butcher last year, “adopted” him.

Napoleon and Laura – Not centered

“Outwardly, he’s in top shape and pumperlgsund,”, says Becker about Napoleon. In small animals, however, it occasionally happens that the organs do not work properly.

In normal male animals, the shoulder height is about 112 centimeters on average. Since the animals are not as heavy as other cattle, they cause less damage when walked on and are well suited for nature conservation areas.

A malformation called chondrodysplasia occurs in some Dexter cattle.

A genetic defect causes the length growth of the bones to end prematurely because the cartilage ossifies early.
For Napoleon, the move to the sanctuary came about by accident, as reported by the Munich Animal Welfare Association.

One of the animal welfare inspectors knew the farmer where Napoleon was standing.
The club bought him. After a stopover he ended up in the sanctuary!

The sanctuary owner and his wife look after around a hundred animals. “I do it because I like animals,” says Becker.
He took over the farm from his grandfather; seven years ago the couple turned it into a sanctuary – as a hobby.
In the rest of life he is teacher.–napoleon-auf-gnadenhof–31597290.html

And I mean…It could have ended tragically for the little man.
Because Napoleon could not be used for farming.
So…where to go with the mini bull?

But now Napoleon no longer needs to be afraid that he will end up in the slaughterhouse as an unwanted product of the meat industry.
Now he has friends, grass, freedom; now he is experiencing the sunny side of his fate and is happily secure for the rest of his life.
We need more news like this.

My best regards to all, Venus

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