Lawsuit against Elon Musk’s Neuralink: 16 laboratory monkeys dead

A U.S. medical group has filed a lawsuit and federal complaint against UC Davis (University of California)  over sometimes-fatal monkey experiments at a lab funded by Elon Musk.

The animals had parts of their skulls removed in order to implant Neuralink electrodes in their brains.

Neuralink was founded in 2016 by Elon Musk.
His vision of the company’s goals is to use this start-up to develop high-bandwidth brain implants that could then communicate with phones and computers, for example.

In July 2021, the US broadcaster CNBC reported that the start-up Neuralink received 205 million US dollars from several investors.
These included Google Ventures, Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman.

OpenAI LP is a company engaged in research into artificial intelligence and is funded by Microsoft, among others, in addition to the fact that Musk is also investing money in OpenAI-CEO.
Google Ventures is part of the investment arm of Alphabet Inc., the company formed in October 2015 through a reorganization of Google.
Thiel was a former Facebook investor, PayPal co-inventor and is considered one of the most successful founders and investors in Silicon Valley.
This brings the total investment in the company to $363 million.

Several US media have now reported that Musk had paid more than $1.4 million to the US University of California, Davis (UC Davis) by 2020.
The money funded a research partnership that allows for the use of laboratory facilities where university scientists helped the company test its technology on macaque monkeys.

The nonprofit organization Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has now filed a clearly worded lawsuit and federal complaint against UC Davis over suspected lethal monkey experiments at the Musk-funded lab.

The website of the PCRM, a national non-profit organization with more than 17,000 medical members, reports that “Elon Musk and Neuralink experimented on rats, pigs and monkeys to develop a new brain-computer interface (a system , which enables the human brain to communicate directly with a computer)”.

However, studies have shown that the development “of these interfaces can be achieved using human-relevant, non-animal and non-invasive methods,” according to information from the PCRM.
Invasive means to interfere with an organ for diagnostic purposes.

The allegations against Musk and Neuralink are immense and would confirm frightening events.
The lawsuit is based on nearly 600 pages of existing documents that were only released after the Medical Committee filed a first lawsuit for access to public records in 2021.
In addition, the Medical Committee filed a second lawsuit in Yolo County Superior Court against the release of documents to compel the university to release videos and photos of the monkeys. According to the PCRM’s website, the lawsuit states:

“Most of the animals had parts of their skulls removed in order to implant electrodes in their brains as part of Neuralink’s development of a ‘brain-machine interface’.”

The US website Daily Beast wrote to Musk about the findings and allegations.
He replied that Neuralink was doing everything possible to take care of “our animals”.

According to Musk, Neuralink does not fund UC Davis because it is a government institution.
He then added in his reply email that “the truth and The Daily Beast don’t get along well,” according to the Daily Beast.

When Musk then received a copy of the Neuralink-University partnership agreement from the Daily Beast editorial board, which included $796,006 in initial funding in 2017, Musk responded in a slightly modified response:
“We don’t do any research at UC Davis — it’s an almost entirely federally funded facility. They provide us with a small number of macaque monkeys and we take very good care of them.”

However, the reality is very different. Further detailing the PCRM is that “the Medical Committee indicates in its complaint that…

“…Neuralink and UC Davis staff failed to provide adequate veterinary care to the dying monkeys, used an unapproved substance called ‘bioglue’ which killed the monkeys by destroying parts of their brains, and that they failed to provide for the psychological welfare of the monkeys designated for the experiment”.

Further, according to information in the Daily Beast article, the PCRM Medical Committee claims that “at least 23 macaque monkeys were used in research at UC Davis in the Neuralink-funded project” and that “many, if not all, of the monkeys have experienced extreme suffering as a result of inadequate animal care and highly invasive experimental head implants”.

“Some of the animals, the group claims, underwent up to 10 craniotomy (neurosurgical openings of the bony skull), were tied to chairs for up to five hours a day, or underwent ‘fatal surgery’.”

More details of animal torture are given on the PCRM website.
The monkeys used in the experiment were caged alone…

“They had steel posts screwed into their skulls, suffered ‘facial trauma’, seizures after brain implants, and recurrent infections at the implant sites.”

The medical board also claims that in some cases, “Neuralink and UC Davis killed the monkeys due to their declining health” before they could even be used in the planned experiment.

The university refused to release photos and videos, claiming that “the records belong to Neuralink, a private company that is not subject to California’s public records statute,” the PCRM said.
The Medical Committee argues that “work performed and materials produced in public facilities are governed by the California Public Records Act and must be disclosed.”

Deborah Dubow Press, Assistant Legal Counsel to the Physicians’ Committee, stated in a statement to the PCRM’s site:

“Photos and videos of animals housed in a public facility and undergoing experiments are public records.
Neuralink cannot rely on public funds, but it can evade public accountability.”

Musk is sticking to his plans.
According to Business Insider, the Tesla CEO announced in December 2021 that his company Neuralink plans to use its first brain-computer interface in human test subjects in 2022.
In an interview with The Wall Street Journal (paywall), also in December 2021, he broached the subject of Neuralink and monkeys with likely knowledge of what was going on at UC Davis.
Musk verbatim in the interview:

“So Neuralink…. Neuralink works well in monkeys. And of course we do a lot of testing.
And we simply confirm that it is very safe and reliable and that the Neuralink device is safe to remove. (…)
We hope to use this with our first humans, which are humans with severe spinal cord injuries. (…) next year, subject to FDA approval.

And I should say that our standards for implanting the device are significantly higher than FDA requirements.
Just as our standards for safety at Tesla are much higher than US government requirements.”

In the interview with the Wall Street Journal, Musk referred to a video that caused a sensation in April 2021.
It shows a monkey from the university lab controlling a video game using a Neuralink chip implanted in its brain:

Monkey only plays on the computer because he is very thirsty.

And I mean…Neuralink is owned by Elon Musk.
The company struck a deal with the University of California Davis in 2017 to develop the brain chip technology through testing in monkeys, given the university’s reputation for its primate research facility.

Neuralink and UC Davis ended their relationship in 2020 without ever providing any information as to why the relationship ended in November 2020.

Between 2017 and 2020, 15 out of 23 monkeys had to die for the animal experiments of Elon Musk’s brain chip and the company Neuralink.

The Neuralink implants are placed in the monkeys’ skulls with holes drilled into them.
The documents reveal that monkeys had their brains mutilated in shoddy experiments and were left to suffer and die.
They just mutilated and killed the animals!

It’s no secret why Elon Musk and the university want to keep photos and videos of this horrific abuse from the public.

One monkey even got a skin infection and had to be put down. Another was found without fingers or toes.
“Possibly through self-mutilation or other unspecified trauma,” the findings said.

A third monkey began throwing up uncontrollably shortly after the procedure. Days later he collapsed from exhaustion. His autopsy revealed that he died of cerebral hemorrhage.

The worst deal in this whole story is that the University of California transferred its publicly funded facilities to a billionaire to conduct deadly experiments on 23 monkeys and received $1.4 million from Neuralink for those experiments!!
Just sick.
It will certainly soon be possible to remotely control or influence people with it. Dictators and terrorists are happy.

My best regards to all, Venus

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