The end of the cruel fur industry is near! ??

Success for the Latvian animal welfare movement!
After years of illegally polluting the sewage,the second largest fur farm in Latvia is empty and at a standstill.

This company dumped manure into Latvian waters for 8 years and avoided liability. Animal Freedom has repeatedly urged the country to end it.


In March they documented the pollution around the farm and again brought this to the attention of the control authorities. Well, the fur farm is finally closed.

As on every fur farm, the conditions for the mink were catastrophic, as research from 2018 shows!
In addition, the Latvian parliament is discussing a complete ban on all fur farms that still exist.

Text: VgT (Association against animal factories ) Austria

For info: Fur farming is prohibited by law in Austria, Great Britain, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia.

The Swiss Animal Welfare Act stipulates that wild animals such as mink and foxes must be kept under zoo standards. These requirements are so high that there are no more fur farms in Switzerland.

A ban on fur farming came into force in the Czech Republic in 2019
In the Netherlands, the second largest mink producer in Europe, keeping chinchillas and foxes is already banned. The last mink farms should close in 2024, because of the corona virus the farms are already closing this year.

Fur farming in Belgium will end in 2023.
Farming of fur animals has been banned in Luxembourg since 2018.

Slovakia passed a law in 2019 banning fur farming from 2025.
Norway passed a law in 2018 banning fur farming from 2025.

In Germany, in March 2019, no more animals were kept on the last German fur farm in Rahden (NRW). Due to the high legal requirements that will apply from 2022, no more new animals will be used. The penultimate farm in Döhlen (Saxony) was closed in 2018.

In the EU, import and trade in seal skins, as well as dog and cat fur have been banned since 2019.
According to the European fur association Fur Europe, there were 4,350 fur farms in Europe in 2018, with a production of almost 38 million furs.

At the end of October 2021, the Irish government confirmed it again – the three remaining mink farms are to close by the end of the year, and the construction of new fur farms will also be prohibited.
This makes Latvia the 18th country in Europe where all fur farms will be closed.

The next step must therefore be that all countries in the European Union ban the keeping and killing of animals for the purpose of fur production, then the way is clear for an EU-wide ban on the trade and production of fur.

Nobody needs fur, only the animals who dress it.

My best regards to all, Venus

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