Vegan Strike Group disrupts a bullfight for the sixtieth time!

Report: Vegan Strike Group

Mourão Portugal, 5 february 2022, at 15:00
Activists from the International Vegan Strike Group have stood up against the suffering inflicted on horses and bulls in preparation for and during a bullfight in a Portugese bullfight arena.

The activists come from Portugal, France and the Netherlands.
This was the fourth time the Vegan Strike Group has shut down a bullfight in Portugal.

In 2016 and 2019 the animal rights organization already did this in the capital Lisbon and in 2018 in the touristic southern Albufeira.

Bullfighting is a very cruel form of animal cruelty. Every year, more than 250,000 bulls and cows are tortured and killed worldwide during bullfights and related events. Tens of thousands of bulls and other animals are also seriously mistreated at village festivals.

In Portugal, bulls are not killed in the bullring. While bleeding, they are transported to the slaughterhouse later.
Horses are also greatly exploited in the bullfighting sector.

They are used time and again in the arena and experience a lot of fear and stress. Again and again the horses see and smell the blood, fear and death of the bulls. Sometimes they themselves are so badly injured that they die from their injuries.

Bullfighting is under a magnifying glass. In Portugal, the richest and largest football club Benfica has stopped offering a discount on bullfighting in Lisbon if fans bought a football ticket.

In addition, the French branch of Mercedes-Benz has decided to distance itself from the bullfights. This is a very important step, because bullfighting has become increasingly dependent on subsidies and sponsorship from companies in order to survive.

It is therefore now the time to continue to exert pressure through (direct) actions.
Please continue to support the peaceful actions from the Vegan Strike Group in the bullfighting arenas by sharing their posts.

And I mean…With animal suffering so obvious, one wonders how some primitive people can claim to perceive culture while at the same time witnessing slaughter.

Is it really the case that the preservation of a cultural asset justifies the torment of living beings?
Should such a bloody tradition even be considered an intangible cultural asset of the 21st century, or should it already lie dormant in the past?

What would we lose in “culture” if bullfighting were completely banned worldwide?
We would be one step further towards civilization, because it is not contemporary to torture and kill animals for pleasure.

The only hope remains in the future.
Because surveys show: the younger the respondents, the less support for bullfighting.

So we can only wait until the last Hemingway dies so that torture is no longer equated with culture.

We send our full respect and solidarity to the courageous activists.

My best regards to all, Venus

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